Troubleshooting a Hitch Ball that is not Securing When Lowering a Trailer Coupler


When connecting the hitch to the ball it is necessary to move the coupler into the locked position as it is being lowered. If lowered to contact the ball before moving the handle assembly the rotating lock hits the bottom shoulder of the ball and will not rotate under the ball to lock. It is then necessary to raise the hitch enough to allow it to clear and then close the handle and lower hitch simultaneously. The reverse procedure is necessary to release it. I have had a lot of hitches and trailers in my 71 years and none required this much effort and precision to open and close. Is it faulty, mis-adjusted or just a pain to operate? All parts are only 1 1/2 years old so it is not worn out. I was also wondering if the ball # SC23-C might be the one required to make it operate properly. Thank you


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There could be a couple reasons this could be happening. One being the hitch ball could be over-sized but I seem to think tightening the lock nut under the wedge will eliminate the need for you to manipulate your hitch ball into the secured position. To tighten the lock nut, make sure hitch ball is removed, and then push the wedge into the coupler and tighten the lock nut as needed. You may do this a few times until you get to your specifications.

You could certainly get the hitch ball # SC23-C you referenced, as that will take care of that problem too.

I added a informative article about trailer couplers for you too.

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