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Optronics LED Off-Road Light Bar - 1,550 Lumens - Mixed Beam - Double Row - 9" Long - 12V/24V

Optronics LED Off-Road Light Bar - 1,550 Lumens - Mixed Beam - Double Row - 9" Long - 12V/24V

Item # UCL23CB
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LED light bar with durable aluminum housing produces a bright white light. The combination spot beam and flood beam lets you see at a distance, as well as off to both sides. Hardware, brackets, and wiring harness included. 12 Diodes. Fastest Shipping and Great prices for Optronics LED Off-Road Light Bar - 1,550 Lumens - Mixed Beam - Double Row - 9" Long - 12V/24V. Read our customer reviews of Optronics off road lights. Call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service or order your off road lights part number UCL23CB by Optronics online at
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Optronics Off Road Lights - UCL23CB

  • Straight Light Bar
  • Light Bar
  • 12 Inch or Shorter
  • Mixed Beam
  • LED Light
  • Optronics
  • Black
  • Aluminum

LED light bar with durable aluminum housing produces a bright white light. The combination spot beam and flood beam lets you see at a distance, as well as off to both sides. Hardware, brackets, and wiring harness included. 12 Diodes.


  • LED light bar delivers a bright mixed beam ideal for off-road driving
    • Flood beam is great for seeing out in front of you and off to both sides
    • Spot beam is great for seeing at distance
  • High-quality light output from 2 rows of 6 LEDs
    • LEDs have a 200,000-hour life span
  • Durable surface-mount technology (SMT) construction of LED circuit board
    • Better withstands shock and vibration
    • Allows for improved heat distribution
  • Channeled fins on housing let heat quickly dissipate to optimize LED performance
  • Durable, water-resistant construction
    • Black powder coated die-cast aluminum housing is rustproof
    • Tough polycarbonate lens is impact resistant
    • IP65 rated for protection against dust and moisture
  • Compatible with 12V DC and 24V DC systems
  • Easy installation
    • Universal mounting feet provide a sturdy base
    • Rubber padding on feet help prevent scratches on mounting surface
    • 16" Long, 16-gauge power lead and ground wire
    • Mounting hardware and Allen key included


  • Overall dimensions: 10-1/2" long x 4-3/4" tall x 3-1/2" thick
    • Light bar dimensions: 7-1/4" long x 3" tall x 3-1/2" thick
  • Light output:
    • Effective lumen output: 1,550 lumens
    • Raw lumen output: 2,520 lumens
  • Diodes: 12
  • Wattage: 72 watts
  • Power draw:
    • At 12.8V DC: 3 amps
    • At 24V DC: 1.5 amps
  • Lead wire length: 16"
  • Input voltage: 12V - 24V DC
  • Lifetime warranty on LEDs

Oprtronics UCL23CB LED Light Bar Diagram

Raw Lumens vs. Effective Lumens

Lumens are used to measure the amount of usable light that is put out by a light source. Raw lumens represent the number of lumens that the manufacturer claims the LEDs are capable of producing. It does not include the light's drive method or the amount of light lost from the lens or reflector. Effective lumens take these factors into account and represent the number of lumens that are actually produced by the complete light assembly, not just the amount of light that the diodes are capable of producing. This light has a 2,520 raw lumen capacity and produces 1,550 effective lumens.

UCL23CB Optronics 12V/24V Off Road LED Light Bar - Weatherproof - 75 Watts - 12 Diodes - 2,520 Raw Lumens - Mixed Beam - 2 Row - 9" Long

California residents: click here

Video of Optronics LED Off-Road Light Bar - 1,550 Lumens - Mixed Beam - Double Row - 9" Long - 12V/24V

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Optronics LED Off-Road Light Bar Installation

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at showing you how to install the Optronics LED Off-Road Light Bar. This is a 9-inch bar with mixed beam double row lights. Part number is UCL23CB.Here you can see what a difference it can make in lighting up your trailer and making sure you can see what you're doing.Now these LED light bars are designed typically for use on vehicles when you're off road. But more and more common we're seeing them used in a lot of other situations.With the shorter 7 1/4 that we've got here it makes a perfect situation inside of an enclosed trailer like what we've got.Now the LED lights give us a nice, clean, pure, bright light. If you've seen LED as compared to a regular incandescent-style bulb there's certainly a big difference there and that's something a lot of people are after.Also, with the LED-type lights, they have a much longer lifespan. We don't have to change out the bulbs all the time.

And they draw less power. These lights are all gonna be ran off of a 12 volt from the vehicle. So we don't wanna overload that system and draw a bunch of unnecessary power through there.Also, being in this enclosed space, these generate less heat than what you get out of an incandescent bulb. So when you're in here working on something or if you've got something you need to do you don't have to worry about the heat build up quite as bad.Now before we turn the light on we can take a look at our reflectors. It gives us a really good mix of light.

So whether you're putting this on a vehicle or gonna use it in a space like this the four that we have on the outside you can see that reflector has multi different angles to it. That helps to spread that light out over a very nice, large area.So that's gonna be our flood style beam. It's gonna flood the area with light. And then the four that we have there in the center, those have a really high polish reflector. That allows that light to be concentrated and projected forward, giving us that spot beam that we're also looking for.Now, of course you're not always gonna be mounting a light like this inside of an enclosed area.

A lot of times we're gonna see these on the front of Jeeps, trucks, cars, you name it. So they've gone and taken a few measures to help protect it. We've got the polycarbonate lens so if you do get rocks or stuff that hit it and bounce off you're not really gonna have to worry about the chipping and the cracking that you might get on the glass.The entire housing is aluminum. That's gonna help to not only dissipate any of the heat that's generated through the fins but also resist corrosion and things like that. Then of course it's touched off with a nice black powder coat finish.

And it does have the IP65 rating for dust and moisture resistance.Here you can see the fins on the back that help to get rid of any heat that is generated by allowing it just like a radiator to cool much more efficiently.The light's also been designed to work with 12- or 24-volt battery systems, so regardless of which one you're operating on, the light's gonna work fine for you.Now the LED lights draw, like we said, a lot less power than the old incandescents used to. But if you are gonna be running it to an on-board 12-volt battery source, pick up a relay kit to put in line and make sure your switch lasts a very long time. You won't have to constantly replace it.Now, overall, with comparing this with other LED light bars that are out there, I definitely this is gonna be one of the better of the bunch. It's not quite to the level of what you see at the Vision X, which is the very highest level possible of LEDs available. But it does effectively transfer the lumens and light up an area very, very well. It's a cost-effective solution to get a lot of light out in front of your vehicle or get a lot of light in your work area. It puts out about 1550 effective lumens, which is very, very bright as compared to a lot of other lighting systems that we've been used to in the past.The overall dimensions with brackets included will be about 10 1/2 inches wide, about 4 3/4 of an inch tall and about 3 1/2 inches deep. Now, our installation's gonna be inside of an enclosed trailer. The basic principle behind it is gonna be exactly the same regardless of where you want to mount the light. You've got a ground and a power and you're gonna have two attachment points. It's really pretty straightforward.We're mounting it right up here. This is gonna be. We're actually gonna mount a pair: one on this side and one on the other side. So this is gonna allow us to see what's going on inside of the trailer. The customer wants to upgrade it. I think it's a really good idea.We need to find our halfway point for mounted, you know. Figure out where you want it to mount. I'm just gonna split the two sides here and kinda center it up. Kind of get this good look quality. And then on our brackets we want to get those holes marked.Now we're gonna grab a center punch. It'll allow us to mark the center of each noose. And we'll get the two holes drilled out. Now, be careful considering we've got a little wiring back behind ours. So you gotta be really careful that you don't damage that or drill through that.If you're using the mounting hardware provided you'll wanna use a quarter-inch drill bit.See, on the end of the light here where our bracket goes on we've got one of the shorter bolts. The flat washer. Once we get those secure we're gonna use the longer bolts. Put the flat washer on those. Now, they're a little bit longer than this when you get them to work with many different thicknesses of material. But keep in mind you can trim those off to a length that'll be appropriate for you.So now we're gonna place that bolt through the bracket and then the bottom of it. So we've got our rubber isolator. That just helps to kind of protect it from being bounced around too much. I'm gonna give it something to kind of dampen it as we head down the road.You get one side started at a time. And then they do provide the Allen key for you to allow you to tighten that down.I'm gonna do the same thing on our other side. Once we get started we'll snug down our bolts, make sure our isolators are pretty even and tucked in behind properly. I'm gonna get started to tighten them down.Now, of course, at some point we're gonna have to hold that nut on the back to keep it from spinning. And when you do you'll wanna use a 3/8 wrench for it.Great. Now, like we said before, black is gonna go to your source of ground, red needs to go to your 12-volt. Our ground source is both, well, both power and ground are ran right up here in the top. So we're gonna make our connections.Start with my ground. We're gonna use a couple of heat-shrink butt connectors to get this connection made. Part number is DW05745. I'm gonna twist those together and slide our butt connector over. I'm doing it this way rather than using, like, a quick-connector. It's gonna give me a lot better connection. You won't have to worry about coming loose or anything like that down the road.Once that's in place we'll crimp it down. Strip back the other side. It's of course gonna go to the other side of the butt connector.Red needs to go to your 12-volt.But we'll just use a heat source to shrink those down. Yeah, you can use a heat gun for this, you can use a mini torch, you can use a lighter. The trick is is that you just don't wanna overheat them. Just give it a little bit of heat. It starts to turn clear and you can see how it starts to shrink down. Once it gets fully shrank it looks like the wire gets bigger. Then you'll notice a little clear gel on the end of it. That's gonna indicate you've got a good connection made there and we won't have to worry about any corrosion issues. Just like that.All right, now we'll get our wires tucked back in. Tidy up the wires from our light there. Now we'll be ready to test it out.And that's gonna complete our look at the Optronics LED 9-inch Off-Road Light Bar, part number UCL23CB.

Customer Reviews

Optronics LED Off-Road Light Bar - 1,550 Lumens - Mixed Beam - Double Row - 9" Long - 12V/24V - UCL23CB

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (63 Customer Reviews)

LED light bar with durable aluminum housing produces a bright white light. The combination spot beam and flood beam lets you see at a distance, as well as off to both sides. Hardware, brackets, and wiring harness included. 12 Diodes.


Mounted on Polaris ATV. Great light for around the farm or on the trails.


Installed this on a golf cart for additional lighting. It’s been a year and it has been an excellent addition. Easy to install and all necessary hardware was included.


Used lights for backup lights for my car hauler trailer!
Easy to mount and very bright!
Great product!!!


A good product, would be better if it was submersible.


Bright lights!



They are durable and mainly used for winter time snow plowing moving. No issues and nice and bright. I have these on my Kubota B1260 roll bar.


Great price, quick delivery and the lights look very good on the truck!




Mounted on tractor with loader. Excellent option for night time work. Lights up work area well.


Does it's job and lights up the road and sides to keep you out of the ditches on rainy and foggy nights. A "must have" for me!


Great light bar for the price. Perfect size for my golf cart and UTV. Very bright. Easy to install and wire.


Never worked, and unfortunately I didn’t install it until well after the return policy had expired. Too bad, it could have been perfect for my needs


Very nice package, Very easy to install,It took a little extra time for me. I added a remote control switch to it that I can turn on and off from hundreds of feet away.
I also didn’t want to drill holes in my bumper so I found these rare earth magnets that I attach the brackets to.
With the magnets on the bumper, I couldn’t even pull it off but I did put a wire tie around one of the cooling fins around my grill Just as a safety precaution, primarily for bumpy roads.


Easy to install. It lights the area behind my trailer very well. Great purchase.


This light works great. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars, is it didn't come with a switch to make it work. Used it on my Gator.


I really like this light bar. Very bright and works really well when I am moving snow early in the morning or at night


We have purchased this product before with great results. These are being used on big equipment trucks.
The sales representative we spoke with Lori B. Was excellent she even did research for us to find this item, because we had ordered it two years ago and we could not find the information on it, she found it and also sent us the invoice on it. Your system was down and she called us back when it came back up. She has sent us a follow up email to make sure the product is what we needed. Now that’s customer service with a smile!


It seems to get water inside the housing and on the backside of the lens if I wash my vehicle. I thought it was sealed. It still works but only time will tell if it'll hold up


Works great to see hogs on both sides of the highway ride way. But if someone is coming from the other direction turn off along way off,


These lights are doing just what we wanted. Use them quite often on accident scenes




Great light bar like having the turn si gnals!


Excellent light! We use it as a backup light on our 938M because the stock halogens constantly burn out. This thing has great coverage and looks plenty durable enough with cast mounts (instead of bent sheet metal) for a very rough environment like a transfer station.


The Optronics light bar is a good quality light bar at a good price and definitely recommended to anyone wanting a light bar for their vehicle and/or UTV/ATV. etrailer is a great company to do business with. Everyone at etrailer was helpful especially Chris, and they are dedicated to customer service. It was also easy to track the order on their website. Thanks


Bright and wide beam. Perfect for my t ractor.

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    Unless you go with an incadecent or halogen light like the Optronics Utility Work Light item # TL46TS, they're all going to be pretty similar to the Optronics LED Off-Road Light Bar item # UCL23CB you referenced. This one has 15,500 lumens and is one of our most popular accessory lights. For the price you can't beat it and it comes with its own mounting hardware. If you find the light is too bright you can always add some tinting film over the lens to soften the brightness. The LED Work...
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  • How to Power An LED Light Bar with a 7-Way Trailer Connector
    For starters, we do not carry the Nilight 6.5" Led Light Bar so I would not be able to provide installation instructions. You would need to contact the manufacturer for this and follow the instructions they list. However, according to my research this light draws around 36 watts which equates to around 3 amps so you could in theory use this with the Hopkins 12-Volt Power Inverter Adapter part # HM11147650. The comparable light we offer is the Optronics LED Off-Road Light Bar part # UCL23CB...
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  • Can I Wire an Optronics LED Off-Road Light Bar to a 4 Way Connector?
    You could connect the Optronics LED Off-Road Light Bar # UCL23CB to a 4 way connector like the 4-Pole Trailer End Connector # 18004 in order to allow you to receive power when it is plugged into the 4 way connector on your 2019 Jeep Cherokee, but there is no running light circuit on a 4 way connector so you'd likely need to use the tail light circuit in order to accomplish this. With that being said, this really isn't going to be the best way to accomplish this. You would be much better...
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