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MagnaFlow Cat-Back Exhaust System - Stainless Steel - Gas

MagnaFlow Cat-Back Exhaust System - Stainless Steel - Gas

Item # MF15306
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MagnaFlow Exhaust Systems - MF15306
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This cat-back exhaust has technologically advanced, mandrel-bent tubing and a performance muffler, which allow exhaust to flow freely through the system. This improves engine performance, boosting horsepower and torque. Call 800-298-1624 to order MagnaFlow exhaust systems part number MF15306 or order online at Free expert support on all MagnaFlow products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for MagnaFlow Cat-Back Exhaust System - Stainless Steel - Gas. Exhaust Systems reviews from real customers.
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MagnaFlow Exhaust Systems - MF15306

  • Cat-Back Exhaust
  • 3-1/2 Inch
  • Gas
  • 2-1/2 Inch
  • Rear Exit - Dual - Curved - Passenger Side
  • MagnaFlow
  • Stainless Steel
  • Dual
  • 2

This cat-back exhaust has technologically advanced, mandrel-bent tubing and a performance muffler, which allow exhaust to flow freely through the system. This improves engine performance, boosting horsepower and torque.


  • Improves engine performance thereby increasing horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency
  • Mandrel-bent tubes allow for unrestricted airflow by maintaining the same diameter through every curve
    • Unrestricted airflow decreases back pressure ("exhaust turbulence")
  • Each performance muffler has a stainless steel, perforated core that runs straight through, end to end
    • Stainless steel wool layer insulates perforated core to absorb noise, shield against high exhaust temperatures, and prevent blowouts
    • No baffles, chambers, or louvers that restrict airflow
  • Boasts MagnaFlow's signature sound, which is deep and throaty on the throttle but quiet inside your vehicle
  • Made of 100-percent stainless steel to resist corrosion
  • Includes 2 tips, as well as clamps and hangers for installation
  • Custom fit for your vehicle
  • Made in the USA


  • Tubing diameter: 2-1/2"
  • Muffler dimensions: 5" tall x 11" wide x 22" long
  • Tip diameter: 3-1/2"
  • Number of tips included: 2
  • Exhaust system: dual
  • Exit position: dual passenger side rear
  • Lifetime warranty

The cat-back system is the portion of the exhaust system from the outlet of the catalytic converter back to the tailpipe. MagnaFlow systems boast mandrel bent tubes that allow for unrestricted airflow by maintaining the same diameter through every curve. This consistency in diameter decreases back pressure in order to boost power.

Each MagnaFlow performance muffler has a stainless steel, perforated core that runs through it - end to end - with no baffles, chambers, or louvers that restrict airflow. A stainless steel wool layer insulates the perforated core to absorb noise, shield against high exhaust temperatures, and prevent blowouts. Together, the mandrel-bent tubes and muffler in this system increase horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency.

MagnaFlow's signature sound is deep and throaty on the throttle while remaining quiet inside your vehicle. All system components are made with 100-percent stainless steel to resist corrosion. Clamps and hangers are included for installing onto the OEM exhaust system. MagnaFlow provides a lifetime warranty on all stainless steel exhaust systems.

15306 Magna Flow Catback Exhaust System - Stainless Steel - Gas

Installation Details MF15306 Installation instructions

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Video of MagnaFlow Cat-Back Exhaust System - Stainless Steel - Gas

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for MagnaFlow Cat-Back Exhaust System Installation - 2014 Toyota Tundra

Ryan: Hey everybody. Ryan here at etrailer. Today on our 2014 Toyota Tundra, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the MagnaFlow Cat-Back exhaust system. So when it comes to exhaust, the main thing everyone wants to know is how is it going to sound compared to the factory exhaust So what we're going to do is fire up the truck, let it idle, maybe bring it through the RPM range a little bit, see how it sounds with our factory exhaust, that way once we get our MagnaFlow system on, we can compare the two. So, what we can do now is just get inside the truck, we're going to take off and see how our factory exhaust sounds from in the cab. Now that we have our MagnaFlow system installed, it's a moment of truth.

So let's go ahead and fire it back up. That way we can compare it to factory exhaust.So inside of the cab, not really a huge difference. It is a little bit louder, especially when you open it up, you can kind of hear that aggressiveness, but not so loud that it's going to bother you or get old. However, outside of the truck, that's where you can really hear that MagnaFlow system. It's going to sound great and really give your truck that little bit of extra performance and sound that you're looking for.

So honestly, a really nice exhaust system. I think it looks great. Much better than the factory exhaust. It sounds awesome. Kind of has that happy medium, where it sounds nice and throaty, but it's not overkill.

And it also is going to increase that performance. Even just driving it around the parking lot, really the biggest difference I could feel was the throttle response. It was a lot more immediate and it just felt like the truck came to life a little bit sooner, which is always nice.Now, if you're looking for a little bit more to make it a little louder or give you a little more performance and a little better drivability, I would suggest a cold air intake. That's kind of the two basics, your exhaust and intake when it comes to upgrading as far as performance goes, and that's really a part that you kind of go wrong with. It'd be a really nice pair, a really nice matchup with your exhaust system.

So just to kind of compare our MagnaFlow next to our old factory exhaust, right away you can tell a really big difference. The MagnaFlow setup you can tell how well-built it is. Everything is really precise. All of the welds are nice and clean and solid all the way around. Even down to little things like our hanger. Really solid and easy to work with. And overall that's kind of how the whole kit is.It really is designed to fit well and be really user friendly. So now that we've seen our exhausts in action, let's take a closer look at it underneath the truck. So starting at the tailpipes, we're going to have twin pipes. They're going to be three and a half inches in diameter. So a little bit bigger, and they're going to be polished. And I think it really looks good, gives our truck and aggressive look. So moving forward, our exhaust system is going to be made from stainless steel. It's going to be super durable. It's going to last a really long time and we're not going to have to worry about any rust issues or anything like that in the future. And it's also mandrel bend. So what that means is the corners or the bends here, this one, for example, are going to be nice and smooth and maintain that same two and a half inch diameter.So the pipe isn't going to be choked up right here on all the benefits and that's really going to help not only enhance our trunk sound, but also the performance because we're not going to have those restrictions. Continuing up, it's going to come with the clamps you need. These are pretty heavy duty clamps. I like them. They're easy to use and you can run them down nice and tight. So you won't have to worry about any leaks or anything like that. And the pipes bend up and give us plenty of clearance here over our rear axle. And even in this case, our truck has a gooseneck hitch and our pipes give plenty of clearance there too. So just something to think about.But when they come over the axle and straightened out, they will go into the muffler. And the muffler here is where a lot of that magic happens. This is really going to give us that sound we're looking for and really help increase our performance. So the factory muffler, on the inlet side, two pipes came in and only one tail pipe came out. With the MagnaFlow, we're going to have two pipes that come out. So it's going to double the surface area that our exhaust has to travel through the pipes. So as opposed to one, two and a half inch pipe in the factory, now we have two. So really opens everything up, lets our engine breathe, and we can move a lot of air this way. And what's really nice too, this is a direct fit kit. So it utilizes the factory flanges and everything's bolted up really good.It was a really nice fit. Now one thing I do wish I included was some new gaskets here where our Cat-Back system pairs up with the factory system. Not really a huge deal. You can pick them up at your local parts store, but it would be nice to have them included. And another thing too, I do wish I maybe gave us some extra nuts and bolts because a lot of times what can happen, the factory bolts can break just because they're real rusty and you just can't use them. You can't get away with using them anymore. And that's actually what happened up here. So we used some different bolts, but like I said, not really a huge deal. Now as far as the installation goes, believe it or not, it's really not that bad. We've got quite a bit of room to work under here and with how well everything fit together, it really wasn't a huge hassle.But speaking of which, let's go ahead and put it on together now. To begin our installation, we're going to be underneath our truck. And I went ahead and just temporarily removed our spare tire. This gives us a little bit more room to work. What we're going to need to remove, our old exhaust system. So very first thing, right here we're going to have a rubber isolator hanger that's pulling our tailpipe up. So I sprayed it down with some soapy water and we're just going to take a pry bar and work that hanger off of our tailpipe.Then as we move forward, following our exhaust system towards the front of the truck, right behind our muffler here, we're going to have a clamp and we're going to loosen up. And once we remove this clamp, our last tail pipe section will be free. So keep that in mind when you're going to do this. You want to keep a hand on it or have a buddy help you hold it up. That way, it just doesn't come flying down. Now would that being said, this is a 12 millimeter bolt. I do suggest spraying these bolts down with a little bit of lubricant. If they're rusty, it just helps them come out easier. We've got that bolt removed. We should be able to kind of work that clamp down. And hopefully we're able to move our exhaust around to break that free.We'll work it out. Then we'll carefully remove this portion by sliding it over our rear exit. So now continuing towards the front of our truck on our exhaust, here we're going to have a flange where our exhaust bolts to the other side. And each end of it there's going to be a 14 millimeter bolt. Now I do suggest really spraying these down good with some penetrating oil, maybe getting a wire brush and really cleaning everything up because these do tend to get rusty and. But we're going to pull those two bolts out. I'm going to do it by hand because as I mentioned, everything can get rusty and sometimes if you use a power tool, it can just break those bolts off. So kind of depends on your situation, how rusty everything is, but I like to play it safe and just remove them by hand.We're also going to have another flange right here on the passenger's side of the truck. So what I'm going to do, again is spray everything down, try to take a wire brush, knock some of that rust off. And I'm simply going to repeat the same process that we used on the other one. So, once I get it cleaned up, I'll pull those two bolts out. So once you have the other two bolts out of your flange, you can see that it's going to be disconnected and loose. And once we're at that point, we can remove the remaining portion of our exhaust. So closer to the front of the truck, we're going to have two rubber hangers, one here and one here, again, spray them down with some soapy water, some penetrating oil, take a pry bar, work it off, do this one as well. And you're definitely going to want to make sure you support this. That way when you take this off, this front part don't come falling downAnd here towards the back of the truck, we're going to have one more hanger. So we'll pry that off. And I have a friend kind of helping me hold this because this is the last thing keeping the exhaust up. So once we have it removed, we can carefully lower it down and send it off to the side. Now we can install our inlet pipes. And those pipes are going to be the ones that have the flanges on them here. Now, before we put them on, I do suggest you cleaning off this surface here. If it's kind of rusty like ours was, just use some sandpaper, a bristle brush, anything like that just to kind of knock that stuff down. And I also suggest replacing the donut gasket here. The kit doesn't come with them so this is something you'll have to go to your vocal parts store and grab these.inaudible 00:12:48 I would highly recommend it while we're down here doing this. So with that being said, we're going to take the corresponding inlet pipe, and what I think I'm going to do is just put it on the hanger first, that way it'll kind of hold itself up while I'm working with it. inaudible 00:13:12 kind of slide on. So I'm going to take my gasket, lineup the inlet pipe, and take our bolts and get these started. And I'm just going to get these going hand-tight for now. We're going to leave all the hardware hand-tight until the very end. That way if you need to make any adjustments or anything like that, we can do it much easier. So for our longer passenger side inlet pipe, it'll be the same thing. Rehang it here on the rubber isolator hanger. We'll get it going here. Put on your gasket. Now I want to mention this one we're not going to reuse the factory hardware, and that's because when I was removing these bolts actually broke. So when they broke, they just came right out, leaving a empty hole.And if that happens to you, not a huge deal. You simply just get some new nuts and bolts. So I'm just using a bolt and a washer inaudible 00:14:37 our bolt through there. That side is good as well. And then just on the other side, again, I'm just going to use a washer and a nylon lock nut. That way we don't have to worry about it inaudible 00:14:56 in the future. So now what's going to attach to the end of our inlet pipes is our actual muffler. Before we put that muffler on, we want to take the included clamps and I'm just going to slide them over the inlet pipes. I think that'll give us enough room to get our muffler on and get the clamps back over.And when you're doing this pay attention to how you're putting these on. You want them to be the easiest to get to whenever you need to tighten the nuts down and so on. So I think by putting them in this orientation it'll be clean and easy to get to as well. Now with that being said, we can grab our muffler, take the hanger, get that going. So now that that's kind of supporting itself, we come back here and slide the end of our muffler over the inlet. So, push it back as far as it can go. Once you feel it stop, what we're going to do is take our clamps, put them about halfway between this inaudible 00:16:25 here and I'll come back with a socket and tighten our clamps up. And again, don't forget just to snug these down hand-tight for now.Now we can take our tailpipe extensions and slide these on the end of our muffler. You're going to want the shorter tail pipe extension to be on the driver's side. So that's what I have here. So we're going to open over to the axle. Before you slide over the muffler, take one of the clamps, just put it on. And this is pretty much the same as the last connection we just did. We're just going to work that pipe on all the way until it stops. Same thing for the passenger side extension. This is the longer one of the two. Grab that, put on our clamp, inaudible 00:17:37 position, then I'll just come back and get those hand-tight.And then we can grab our tailpipe section. I want to slide those clamps over it and we're just going to line it up just like the others. So this one, you may have to do one at a time here and work them in simultaneously. And once I have it in there, it'll put it back on the hanger, that way it'll kind of support itself and we can get everything lined up right now. And once I have it on there, kind of hold it in place and run our clamps down. So the reason we left all those clamps hanging loose is so we could adjust our tailpipe here. So we want it to look the best and the most professional. So what I think I'm going to do is get it about right here in this location. I think that looks really good. It gives us enough clearance underneath our body here.And I'm going to grab a friend and have him hold it in this position, and while he's keeping it steady, I want to come back and snug down our clamps. And now we can tighten everything down, starting from the front, working our way back. And finally, we can come back with a torque wrench and tighten down all the hardware to the amount specified in the instructions. Now that we have everything torqued down, what you're going to want to do is hop in the truck and start it. And we want to make sure we don't have any leaks. So the way you check for leaks is while the truck is running. Not only can you listen, but you can feel around all the connection points. And so if there's going to be a leak, you're going to feel some air coming out of there. But sometimes it can be a little tricky, so one trick you can do is to take a dollar bill or a piece of paper or something, and if you hold it close to the exhaust, if it's a leaking, you'll get some movement in that paper.So you've got a visual there too, to kind of let you know that you indeed have leaks. So if you do have a leak, what you're going to have to do is just tighten your bolts back down, make sure everything is sealed up again and check again. So once you verify you don't have any leaks, you're good to go and ready to go out and have some fun with your new exhaust. And don't forget to reinstall your spare tire if you did indeed lower it. And in our case, you put it up. And just for those of you that are curious, we do actually have a decent amount of clearance here between the spare tire and our exhaust. And that'll finish up our look at and our installation of the MagnaFlow Cat-Back exhaust system on our 2014 Toyota Tundra.

Customer Reviews

MagnaFlow Cat-Back Exhaust System - Stainless Steel - Gas - MF15306

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (21 Customer Reviews)

This cat-back exhaust has technologically advanced, mandrel-bent tubing and a performance muffler, which allow exhaust to flow freely through the system. This improves engine performance, boosting horsepower and torque.

- MF15327

Review from a similar Catback Exhaust in Exhaust Systems

Installation was easy, perfect fit, sounds great and engine roars! Thanks etrailer for the great customer service and MagnaFlow for a great product!

- MF15665

Review from a similar Catback Exhaust in Exhaust Systems

Have to say that I was a bit skeptical at first, as I don't know anyone that has installed this particular kit. After installation, I am pleased to report that it has exceeded my high expectations. Kit came complete with everything needed to install (less the flange bolts). Initial sound was excellent...not too loud that it bothers the kids while they're sleeping in the car, but deep and loud enough to turn some heads. Excellent experience dealing with Etrailer as well. Will not hesitate to do business with them in the future. Thanks again for the super fast shipping and excellent customer service!

So during highway driving the drone is at a minimum? I have kids too and we take a lot of family trips. My concern is the drone. thanks,
-- comment by: B. K - 08/16/2014

Response to B. Kallan~ Highway noise is quite bearable, unless youre knee deep in your pedal. Going uphill it will be much louder, as it will with any acceleration. Constant highway speeds will result in a nice, mellow sound. Hope this helps!
-- comment by: Dave - 08/18/2014

- MF19019

Review from a similar Catback Exhaust in Exhaust Systems

Hardest part of installation was getting the truck high enough off the ground to get the factory exhaust over the axle. The new system was relatively easy and fit perfect. The spare tire does not fit underneath with this kit installed. I put a Tire Buddy in the bed to hold the full sized spare. The heavy duty factory receiver hitch is not in the way. System has a mellow purr that should be street legal everywhere yet is semi-aggressive. No blatting or popping. Chrome tips seem to always get black with soot and need to be cleaned often. This is a premium system and should last the life of your truck. It is well supported and doesn't vibrate. I highly recommend it. If Chevy had this as an option they would sell lots more trucks.

- MF15718

Review from a similar Catback Exhaust in Exhaust Systems

Great customer care and service from Chris and the Etrailer employee's. Got back to me to let me know of a item was back ordered from a manufacturer, didn't try to over sell me on products, asked what I'd like to do. Helped me make changes to my purchase that I needed right away. Two days later they now have my business shopping loyalty from here on out. I can't thank you guys enough.

- MF15357

Review from a similar Catback Exhaust in Exhaust Systems

My Magnaflow cat back exhaust system on my 2016 VW GTI gave me more of the sound I wanted for my little sports car, and it looks so much better than the stock exhaust system. Meaning: the stock muffler, which shows horizontally at the rear of the vehicle, looks like an afterthought, just a metal can. The muffler on the Magnaflow is hidden in a pocket near the center of the undercarriage, so it doesn't show at all. What is visible at the rear are the dual stainless steel pipes. In addition, the exhaust tips on the Magnaflow are larger in diameter to accommodate the larger diameter pipes, and therefore look more aggressive. I am very satisfied with the setup.

All is very well. No problems of any kind. Still enjoying the sound and the look.
Bob - 04/18/2019

- MF15318

Review from a similar Catback Exhaust in Exhaust Systems

Bought the magnaflow exhaust for my 2015 GMC. Everyone says how great it sounds. Price was good and easy to install.

Sounds great, with added preformanc. Couldnt be happier.
Ken z - 07/08/2017

- MF16636

Review from a similar Catback Exhaust in Exhaust Systems

The exhaust system fit perfectly, sounds great, and looks stylish. The exhaust tone is not overly loud, yet sounds much more powerful than the stock system did.

The exhaust system has been awesome
Ron L - 01/15/2021

- MF16564

Review from a similar Catback Exhaust in Exhaust Systems

Very good performance and sounds installed myself in driveway in under 45 minutes. service was great from e-trailer.

Love the sound and performance With exhaust and Volant cold air intake and Superchips programmer we get 20-22 miles per gallon on the hwy.
John P - 07/23/2017

- MF16669

Review from a similar Catback Exhaust in Exhaust Systems

Not a great fit on my 2009 This kit sounds and looks great, but the three bolt cat flange didnt fit my truck, it required machining to spread the holes further apart, just a heads up my honda ridgeline was built in june of 2009 and the install took 5 hrs because of this issue, however when finished it sounds and looks great.

- MF15857

Review from a similar Catback Exhaust in Exhaust Systems

nice and growly sounding, helpful tip spay some wd 40 on ends before fitting together, helps to slide the parts together easier.

- MF15356

Review from a similar Catback Exhaust in Exhaust Systems

I believe it is the best exhaust on the market for this application. only thing is the exhaust tip needs bent down more as it touches the body and will melt plastic.

- MF15811

Review from a similar Catback Exhaust in Exhaust Systems

I am well pleased with the system itself. This was actually a replacement under the warranty, and the previous system lasted seven years, here in the rust belt. Only complaint was the necessity of returning to manufacturer for inspection prior to receiving replacement. That meant my truck was down for about a month.

- MF16627

Review from a similar Catback Exhaust in Exhaust Systems

Nice addition, not too loud and yet good rumble. Easy installation and would recommend it.

- MF16520

Review from a similar Catback Exhaust in Exhaust Systems

Not a direct Fit Sounds good but had to modify rear brackets and drill holes in the frame to install on 09 F150 crew cab..not impressed with fitment or installation time..modification time caused loss of profit..

- MF16830

Review from a similar Catback Exhaust in Exhaust Systems

Product nice. Fit could be better for trans am. Tail pipes don't show. Had to make extensions. Works ok now

- MF15333

Review from a similar Catback Exhaust in Exhaust Systems

Excellent exhaust note through out the entire RPM range! Highly recommended this cat back system.

- MF16726

Review from a similar Catback Exhaust in Exhaust Systems

The MagnaFlow exhaust looks and sounds awesome. Not only that but the stainless steel construction and lifetime warranty gives me peace of mind.

- MF16625

Review from a similar Catback Exhaust in Exhaust Systems

Easy install, perfect fit on my 07 Tacoma. After computer reset, several miles, truck runs Awsome. Great seat of pants torque increase, combined with my Injen cold are intake truck is way quick and has much throatier note.

- MF16537

Review from a similar Catback Exhaust in Exhaust Systems

I am so disappointed with this product ..i spend almost a grand and the sound of the exhaust is not good at all... I wish i can return this ...

- MF15327

Review from a similar Catback Exhaust in Exhaust Systems

Easy to install sounds great I love the product it looks good too I'll try to get pictures up later

- MF16656

Review from a similar Catback Exhaust in Exhaust Systems


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