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Taylor Made Eclipse Fishing Boat Cover - 12' to 14' Long Boats - 75" Beam

Taylor Made Eclipse Fishing Boat Cover - 12' to 14' Long Boats - 75" Beam

Item # 36970901
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Perfect for humid coastal areas, this extra-durable, trailerable boat cover provides maximum protection for your aluminum fishing boat. Breathable, UV-resistant polyester with built-in vents prevents mildew. Reflective material limits heat buildup. 1-800-940-8924 to order Taylor Made boat covers part number 36970901 or order online at Free expert support on all Taylor Made products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Taylor Made Eclipse Fishing Boat Cover - 12' to 14' Long Boats - 75" Beam. Boat Covers reviews from real customers.
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Taylor Made Boat Covers - 36970901

  • Fishing Boat Cover
  • 12 Foot Boats
  • 13 Foot Boats
  • 14 Foot Boats
  • 75 Inch Beam Width
  • Vented
  • Taylor Made

Perfect for humid coastal areas, this extra-durable, trailerable boat cover provides maximum protection for your aluminum fishing boat. Breathable, UV-resistant polyester with built-in vents prevents mildew. Reflective material limits heat buildup.


  • Extra-durable boat cover protects your fishing boat while it's stored away during the off-season
    • Keeps your boat in top condition, even in humid coastal climates
  • Trailerable cover is designed to stand up to the rigors of towing
    • Won't loosely flap in the wind or rub against your boat's hull
    • Great for short drives to the ocean or lake
  • Lightweight, breathable, acrylic-coated polyester resists mildew and UV damage
  • 4-Ply folded seams and double-folded hems keep moisture from seeping in
    • Strong seams won't rip when stretched over your gunwale
  • 600-Denier reflective shell blocks out excess heat
  • Sewn-in vents allow air to circulate to keep your boat cool and dry
  • Elastic cord in hem keeps cover tightly secured on your boat
    • Won't leave marks on your boat's aluminum hull
  • Easy to clean - use mild soap or detergent and rinse with a garden hose
  • Adjustable support pole props up cover in center to keep water from pooling
  • (10) 1" Wide tie-downs securely attach cover to your trailer
  • Storage bag included


  • Application: 12' - 14' long fishing boats
    • Maximum beam width: up to 75"
  • 5-Year limited warranty

Maximum Protection for Your Aluminum Fishing Boat

When you're taking your aluminum boat out of storage for your next fishing trip, you'll want it to be primed and ready for the water. Covering your boat is a no-brainer to keep it protected during the off-season and ready to go when the summer hits. But if you plan on fishing in warm coastal areas, a regular boat cover might not be enough. That hotter temperature can make it difficult to keep your boat cool, and when combined with moist coastal air, it can be a free-for-all for mold and mildew. Under these conditions, your boat will need some extra protection.

Boat cover fabric

The Taylor Made Eclipse boat cover will give you that extra protection your fishing boat needs. The cover has a reflective, 600-denier shell that shields your boat from excessive heat, while the water-repellent fabric keeps moisture from seeping through the cover and allowing mildew to grow.

Boat cover air vents

For extra defense against mildew, the Eclipse has air vents sewn into the fabric. These built-in vents allow air to circulate in and out of the cover, expelling the warm air to keep your boat cool, dry, and mildew-free.

Finally, the adjustable support pole props up the cover, allowing it to shed water and debris.

When all of these features combine, you get a strong and durable cover that can handle even the toughest conditions, keeping your boat primed and ready for your next big fishing expedition.

Boat cover diagram

To ensure a proper fit for the cover, measure the length and beam width of your boat.

  1. Length: Measure in a straight line from the tip of the bow to the stern. Include any rear deck extensions (platforms). Do not include bow spirits, rudders, outboard motors, motor brackets, handles, or other fittings and attachments. Do not measure up and over the windshield.
  2. Beam width: Measure the boat's flat width at its widest point, usually near mid-ship.

70901 TaylorMade Eclipse Boat Cover Kit for 12' to 14' Fishing Boats - Up to 75" Beam

Video of Taylor Made Eclipse Fishing Boat Cover - 12' to 14' Long Boats - 75" Beam

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Taylor Made Eclipse Fish and Ski Boat Cover Review

Today, we are taking a look at the Taylor Made boat cover. There are a lot of different boats out there whether it's a fishing boat a V hull boat, pontoon boat, or a cuddy boat. There's a lot of them. Here's how you measure your boat to make sure the cover's gonna fit. First measurement, we're gonna measure from the very, very front of our boat all the way to the back leaving out the outboard motor, and then when it comes to the second measurement it's gonna be the width, and that's just gonna be from one side of your boat to the other. So when you are measuring the width, you just wanna go from this little point here to the other side.

This, when we measured it from the back, leaving out the motor, was about 18 foot. The cover we picked was one that would fit anywhere from 16 to 19. That's why the cover has a little bit of excess to cover the motor. But we have specialty covers just for the motor. So just think about that.

You might have a little bit of excess, but bigger the better. You'd rather go bigger than have something that's a little too short. There's a whole bunch of stuff we wanna protect our boat from, whether you're just storing it for a weekend or maybe just over the whole entire winter. The cover is very lightweight, breathable, it's made of an acrylic coated polyester which is gonna resist against mildew and UV damage. But also your seats and your carpet and stuff is also gonna be nice and protected.

Where I park this boat is under a bunch of trees. Even if it's not the fall, with leaves and stuff, there's always twigs and stuff like that, and then water gets in there, it all rushes down to the back and then it just gets kind of gross. So this is definitely something I need for my boat short term and long term storage. On the short drives or maybe on just a windy day when it's parked, we do have these vents right here, so that air is gonna flow through freely. So it's going to just make sure it doesn't stay so nasty and musty on the inside of your boat.

So it doesn't smell so bad whenever you take the cover off. What makes this cover fit so well is the elastic cord. Once we have it on here, you pull it tight and it really hugs the bottom of your boat. And then the one inch wide straps go down to your trailer or to your boat to fully secure. Once it's fully on, it's pretty tight and you don't really have to worry about the water weighing it down, especially if you get it super tight. When we're stretching this cover to fit we don't have to worry about the seams ripping apart 'cause they are double stitched, so they're extra strong. The adjustable pole in the middle is gonna prevent any water from pulling up. So just imagine this is the water it's gonna make its way off the boat, so it doesn't sit down in the boat, and that's what we're really looking for. You always see some of those boat covers that just have a massive puddle of water on the inside. That's nothing you really wanna mess with. Sometimes it even gets in the boat whenever you're taking it off, but this is gonna prevent it from doing that, it's nice and tight. But if it does start to maybe show some mold or any kind of dirt or whatever, you can just take this off with a little bit of light soap and just hose it off and it'll be brand new for next time. First things first, we just wanna make sure all the sharp edges on the boat are gonna be either covered or padded. The sharpest thing on my boat is gonna be the propeller. So cover up all your sharp edges and you could pick some of these up on our website, whether it's a two fin like mine or a three fin, we have covers for those. So now that that's done, let's grab the cover. One thing I always do right when I get it out of the box, just notice how it's all folded up, 'cause it's so difficult to get it all folded up exactly how it was from the factory. This is probably the prettiest it'll be. But if we take note of how it's completely wrapped up that'll kind of help us later. So it's folded over once, twice and then we have the black side on one end. So just take note you'll thank me once you uncover. So we're gonna go ahead and get this thing completely unfolded. Get it spread out. You have an extra set of hands, that's definitely gonna help. Grabbed him, so we're gonna drape this thing over, the best we can. Try not to get it snagged up on anything. Just work your way around. We wanna make sure that this black portion is gonna be all the way around, but I did notice that we're gonna have a little draw string on this side and that's gonna go towards the front of the boat. You can kind of see how it's a little stretchy. And then when you go to the back, notice how we have a different little stitching on the end right here. This is gonna be the motor side. I'm gonna put a cover on my motor. So you can either have it just go over your boat, or if the cover is long enough, you can have it cover the motor as well. But we do have motor covers. So if you wanna have two individuals, might as well just do that, but ours seems to be pretty long. So let's get a nice and even on all of the sides. If your boat cover's not fitting the best, maybe you have it swapped around another way to make sure that you're putting the front on the front. There is a tag that says front or bow. So check that out, make sure you're putting it in the right orientation. If you are by yourself, just put the cover on the front of your boat and kind of have it all rolled up and just roll it out. It'll take a little bit longer 'cause you have to kind of go back and forth, but this is something you can do by yourself. The cover ended up being long enough to cover my motor and back. By the rear end of your boat, you're gonna have these strings right here and this is gonna go along the whole entire bottom. So now that all the little black sides of our cover is around the bottom section of our boat, we're gonna take these and pull it. This is gonna help take a lot of that tension out throughout the whole cover to really suck it up against the bottom of our boat. You wanna give it a good tug, and then once we get to this end, we can make some sort of loop just to make sure it's not really gonna go anywhere. I like to do a slip knot to where it's not gonna get too knotted up. Just like that. There we go. And now for our pole, what we're gonna do, we're gonna take the bigger of the two sections, like this. This part we're gonna have a little cover to go over top of it. This is just gonna be much less abrasive than the other side, which this has a little rubber piece on it so it's not gonna slip. You wanna pull this out, twist it and then it's good. So it is gonna be adjustable. We're gonna reach underneath here typically in the lowest part of our cover, just so the water doesn't pull up. And if it rains, this is gonna allow that rain to kind of filter out. I like to have it somewhat low, put it in there, lift it up as high as we need it to, and then lock it in. With the kit you're gonna get ten eight foot straps and one side is gonna have a little loop in it right here. So what you wanna do since this boat isn't too tall off the trailer, we're gonna have a lot of excess if we go directly down to the trailer. So I'm gonna go in a little bit right around here, and what you wanna do is take it, loop it around, and you're gonna bring it to one of these over here. We're gonna go through and back. I wanna make sure it's gonna have tension. So it doesn't. We did it wrong. If you wanna loop that through. So it holds itself. And then click this in, give us a little bit of tension there, and then get these nice and tight. There's gonna be a bunch of them, so use all the straps. This is a very important piece, especially if we're gonna be driving with the cover on. I have all the straps on there. I didn't tighten them all down fully, but now what you wanna do is take the bottom section and pull this down as you're starting to tighten this up. And we can do that for the remainder of it. I just want that bottom little section to be held into place by little straps. And once you have everything figured out you know where these straps are gonna go, what you can do with all this excess instead of just tying it up somewhere, you can cut it. And then, you just take a little lighter to it and just so the ends don't start fraying. Of the ten straps, one's gonna be a little unique. It's gonna have a loop on one end, but on the other end it's gonna have one of these pieces. So what I did was I linked two of them together. And as you can see there's another one right here and hooked that to the front. And I used that to go back to the supporting beam on the back of our trailer to really pull that front end down. And now that everything's done, it looks great. It's nice and tight. I don't think any of the water's gonna pull up. This thing's in place and nice and solid. So I'm definitely gonna say this is the boat cover I'm gonna use for this boat. And that's just it. If you're just transporting or leaving the boat somewhere for a week, a month or over the winter the Taylor Made boat cover is gonna keep it protected so it's nice and clean for next season..

Customer Reviews

Taylor Made Eclipse Fishing Boat Cover - 12' to 14' Long Boats - 75" Beam - 36970901

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (10 Customer Reviews)

Perfect for humid coastal areas, this extra-durable, trailerable boat cover provides maximum protection for your aluminum fishing boat. Breathable, UV-resistant polyester with built-in vents prevents mildew. Reflective material limits heat buildup.


The boat cover seemed well made my problem was with this website. When buying covers be sure you get the exact size! There pics aren't what the cover will actually fit, should have known better. Not great marketing. On the Taylor Made box they have a super simple explication of what letter cover you need with accurate pics. Nothing list here about that. Sent back and had to pay for shipping, what a waste. Bought correct one from another company. offers a 110% match offer but details are sketchy even after emailing them for more info and didn’t want to risk buying it and not getting the great price somewhere else.

Etrailer Expert

Sierra K.


Unfortunately, we do not have custom fit boat covers. This cover is universal and says it fits boats 12 to 14 feet long with a 75 inch beam. You can read about our price pledge here:


Very good quality. This is our second cover, as the last one finally ripped in the wind (5 years old). Very pleased with fit of cover and all the accompanying accessories (straps, pole and carrying bag).


Great cover.Thanks to your expert advise, I picked an oversize cover and it met my needs perfectly.



great quality and rapid service, and easy and smart web page! thanks







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