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Get all the room you need inside your car by putting your bikes, cargo or kayak on your rooftop. Thule, Yakima, Rhino Rack, Rola and Malone roof racks are built to the highest quality specifications to accommodate all your cargo needs.

Thule, Yakima and Rhino Rack offer roof bike racks in the traditional fork mount style or in the easy to load, wheel mount style.

Cargo baskets from Rola, Rhino Rack, Yakima and Thule offer a great looking way to get your cargo out of your vehicle and safely carry it on your trip. Roof cargo bags and roof boxes can also be used if you would like some waterproof or water resistant protection for your cargo.

If you need to carry bulky skis, snowboards, kayak or a canoe, putting it on the roof is a great option to unclutter your vehicle and keep the gear safe. We offer Yakima and Thule ski racks and watersport carriers that are sturdy and safe for all your cargo needs.

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We offer custom fit roof racks from Thule, Yakima, Rhino Rack, Rola, Inno and Whispbar that will be a perfect fit for your vehicle. Just enter your year make and model above. We also offer a full line of roof rack accessories, including roof bike racks, roof cargo baskets, roof cargo boxes, kayak and canoe carriers, roof bags, ski racks and snowboard racks. If you need to do some roof rack repairs, we also carry replacement parts for all the roof and cargo racks.

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Mini Clubman Roof Rack Videos

Thule Traverse Roof Rack Installation - 2010 Mini Clubman

Today, on this 2010 MINI Clubman, we're going to be installing the Thule Traverse Roof Rack, with part numbers THLB50, which are the bars, part number TH480, which is the foot pack, and part number THKIT1680, which is going to be your fit kit. The Thule Traverse Roof Rack is a perfect solution if you want to carry bike racks, cargo baskets, water sport carriers, or even ski and snowboard carriers. The Thule load bars are nice and sturdy, with a weight capacity of 165 pounds, although you do want to check with your owner's manual, to make sure that your car can withstand that weight. The bars themselves are galvanized steel, with a rubber coating around it, so it will not rust or corrode, and it will add 00:00:38 for a little bit of padding for your bike racks or other accessories. The Thule Traverse Roof Rack can also lock to your roof. You have this portion here, which can be knocked out and be replaced with a lock core, which you can purchase separately. Now that we've gone over some of the features of the roof rack, let's show you how it installs. Now, you will have to make some modifications to your vehicle, and that just means, taking some measurements of making cuts into this rubber strip here just above the window.

Mini Clubman Roof Bike Racks Videos

Swagman Upright Roof Bike Racks Review - 2010 Mini Clubman

Today on this 2010 Mini Clubman, we're going to be test fitting the Swagman Upright Roof Bike Carrier, part number S64720. As you can see, we already have a bike installed on the rack. Let's go ahead, take a closer look and show off some of its features. As you can see, it has three points of contact with your bike, to keep it held in place. You have this gripping clamp here, around the frame, as well as two straps here with cam buckles. Let's go ahead and take that off. The cam buckle straps, just push down on the lever here, like so.

Mini Clubman Roof Cargo Carrier Videos

Thule Roof Cargo Carrier Review - 2010 Mini Clubman

Today in this 2010 MINI Clubman, we're going to be test fitting the Thule Sidekick Roof Mounted Cargo Box, part number TH682. This has eight cubic feet of space to store your items. A weight capacity is going to be determined by the roof rack that you set it on, and the restrictions by your actual vehicle itself. This does lock so right now you can't get it open. Go ahead and unlock it, both sides, pop it open, and as you can see we have three spots here where it's already clamped down. We'll go ahead and get the final clamp and put it in place.

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Mini Clubman Roof Bike Racks Questions and Answers

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