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Optronics Trailer Lights - Tail Lights - RVSTL0060 Review

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Review of Optronics Trailer Lights RVSTL0060

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Optronics ONE LED RV tail light. This is for the passenger side of your RV. This is a rectangular RV tail light that's going to serve three functions, such as your stop light, tail light, and turn signal light. The ONE series is a unique design. It's going to provide bright light using fewer diodes when compared to other LED lights and systems. It's going to feature durable surface-mount technology.

That's SMT construction when it comes to the construction of the LED circuit board. That is going to better withstand shock and vibration. It's going to allow for improved heat distribution. Now it is an LED system. LEDs are going to make great replacements for incandescent lights. They are going to last much longer.

They are going to burn brighter. They are much more efficient. You don't have to worry about replacing bulbs and you don't have to worry about brittle filaments. This unit is going to feature a white ABS plastic base with a red acrylic lens that can easily be replaced if needed. To remove the lens, I find it easiest to just get a flat head screwdriver, place it in this area here, push it down, and then simply just pry the lens from the housing and it allows it to remove. It's a really easy design when it comes to replacing the lens if you ever need to for any certain reason.

To put the lens back on, just line up the nibs with those connection slots, and simply push it back down until it engages for a secure tight fit around the housing. Again, this is designed to be a surface-mount installation. It's going to mount on the surface of the RV. Hardware is not included. It's going to contain four mounting holes. To gain access to those, you will need to have the lens removed.

It's also going to have a three-wire desire, white wire for ground, black wire for the tail light, and green wire for your stop and turn signal. The unit is also Department of Transportation compliant, so it meets FMVSS 108 and CMVSS 108 requirements when it comes to automotive lighting. Again, this is designed for the passenger side. We are going to take a few measurements real quick. Starting with the overall length, measuring from edge to edge, that's going to give a measurement of about 8-5/8 inches long, the overall height is going to measure 3-3/16 inches tall, and then the overall depth is going to give us a measurement of about 2-1/4 inches deep. The mount holes on the unit center on center going this direction are going to be separated by 1-7/8 inches, and then going across this direction measuring center on center, these are going to be separated by what looks to be 7-3/8 inches. When it comes to the power draw, at 12.8 volts, the stop light is 0.34 amps, turn signal is 0.01 amps, and tail light is 0.094 amps. Optronics is going to put a lifetime warranty on the LEDs. I am going to go ahead and hook it up to our external power source, and that way you can see what it looks like with power running to it. We will also be able to turn off our overhead lights so you can see it in a low light setting. Again, white wire is our ground, black wire is for the tail lights and running lights, and then green wire is going to be for our stop and turn signal. As you can see here, it sends out a really nice consistent signal. This is the running light function of this light. If we apply the brakes, you can see how that illuminates for a stronger signal output. It's going to do the same thing when we active our turn signal. That's going to do it for today's look at the Optronics ONE LED RV tail light for the passenger side.

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