Carrying Cargo on a Hitch Mount Carrier and Roof Carrier on a 2014 Honda CR-V


2015 CR-V, 4 people gear NE to Nestor Falls, Canada about 13 hours in August. Too much gear with 4 people! Using the Curt 17x46 Hitch Cargo Carrier C18145, how high can that be stacked/loaded? Assuming appropriate tie-downs, can you stack, say, one layer of bags with maybe some boxes on top? Or just 1 level? We will have probably 1 large cooler, 2-3 roughly 15x24x15 boxes of food and such, several tackle boxes and fishing poles - incl some that are 66 1-piece poles - plus 4 bags which could be anything from gym bags to the smaller of those rolling bags like you see on airports. Cant put back seats down due to 4 people. Are top carriers better or worse? Need good advice!

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Technically, the sky's the limit when putting things on a trailer hitch mounted cargo carrier as long as you are within the capacity of the carrier and vehicle. But realistically I do not recommend stacking cargo so high that it blocks your view through the rear window on your 2015 Honda CR-V.

Also you would need to stay within the capacity of the hitch and vehicle. Check the owners manual for your CR-V because I am fairly certain that the tongue weight capacity is only 150 pounds despite what the hitches are rated for. You always go by the lowest rated component.

That is why I recommend going with a light weight aluminum carrier such as # MT70422 which weighs just 23 pounds. So if the vehicle tongue weight capacity is 150 pounds that would leave you with 127 pounds of capacity left over.

So basically, stay within the vehicle tongue weight capacity and I would not stack cargo higher than the bottom of the rear glass. The aluminum carrier listed above will only fit a 2 inch receiver opening such as # 75742.

You may find that you would benefit from carrying items on a hitch mounted cargo AND the roof. But it doesn't have to be a huge expense. To carry some things on the roof you can use a cargo bag, such as # RL100S30, which will fit vehicles with or without a roof rack. If you have a bare roof I recommend using car clips, # RL100600, so you don't have to run the straps through the interior of the vehicle.

Another handy accessory is protective pad # RL100650. It not only protects the vehicle roof but also helps to keep the bag from moving around on the roof while traveling. Be sure to consult the vehicle owner's manual and/or Honda for the roof weight capacity prior to loading.

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Michael H

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