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SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs - Front Axle

SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs - Front Axle

Item # SSF-111-60
Our Price: $413.99
Vehicle Suspension

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4,000-lb Capacity. Upgrade your vehicle's front suspension with these maintenance-free helper springs. Sturdy microcellular urethane springs cushion bumps and help support a heavy load to level your ride and minimize sway. No-drill installation. Great Prices for the best vehicle suspension from SuperSprings Intl. SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs - Front Axle part number SSF-111-60 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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SuperSprings Intl Vehicle Suspension - SSF-111-60

  • Jounce-Style Springs
  • Front Axle Suspension Enhancement
  • Heavy Duty
  • SuperSprings Intl

4,000-lb Capacity. Upgrade your vehicle's front suspension with these maintenance-free helper springs. Sturdy microcellular urethane springs cushion bumps and help support a heavy load to level your ride and minimize sway. No-drill installation.


  • Helper springs upgrade your vehicle's front suspension for improved driver control and comfort
    • Support heavy front-end loads to keep your vehicle level
    • Help to absorb bumps and shocks
    • Minimize sway
  • Progressive load control - springs compress according to the weight of your cargo
    • Lighter loads - springs compress easily at first for soft engagement and a less bumpy ride
    • Heavier loads - springs compress by as much as 80 percent for support
  • Springs work independently from each other to compensate for off-center loads and reduce body roll during sharp turns
  • Durable, extra-high-density microcellular urethane
    • Works in temperatures from -25 F to 200 F
    • Resists damage caused by oils, road salts, and UV rays
  • Minimal lateral expansion - springs compress vertically instead of to the sides so they aren't easily damaged when operating in tight spaces
  • Maintenance-free - no tubing to run or air pressure to monitor like with air springs
  • Simple, no-drill installation
  • 2 Jounce-style springs included
  • Made in the USA


  • Weight capacity (at 50-percent compression): 4,000 lbs
    • SumoSprings will not increase your vehicle's weight-carrying capacity
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 30-Day satisfaction guarantee

Front Suspension Support

A heavy front load, such as a snowplow or a winch, can cause front-end sag as your factory suspension compresses under the weight of the load. This means that the front axle is trying to support not only the extra load but also the weight of your vehicle. And because there is less weight on your rear axle, your rear tires make less contact with the road, which causes problems with traction, steering, and braking. SumoSprings upgrade your vehicle's factory suspension to level your vehicle, improve driving performance, and keep your ride comfortable.

Installed spring when it is not compressed

SumoSprings provide progressive load control - the more you load them, the stiffer they become. With a lighter load, the springs will compress easily for soft engagement and a less bumpy ride. The closed-cell urethane material allows for smooth contact between the springs and your vehicle. And the springs act like a shock absorber to dampen road vibration.

Installed spring when it is compressed

The springs can also compress by as much as 80 percent to support a heavy front load and to help your factory suspension bear up under the load. This evens out the weight, which levels your vehicle and ensures that your rear tires are making better contact with the road. A level ride means that you have improved driving control, ensures safe headlight aim, and helps to minimize sway. The springs also support your factory suspension, which helps prevent sagging and reduces bottoming out.

The springs work independently from one another to support each side of your vehicle. This action helps to reduce body roll when you make a sharp turn. This also helps compensate for an off-center load.

Durable, Custom-Fit Springs

These microcellular urethane springs are tough. They resist abrasion, oil, salt, and UV rays that can more quickly wear out other springs, and they perform well in temperatures ranging from -25 F to 200 F (-33 C to 93 C).

SumoSprings compress vertically with minimum expansion to the sides, so they won't be damaged by nearby mechanical parts and they fit safely into tighter spots. And unlike air springs, SumoSprings require no maintenance or adjustment.

The helper springs are custom designed to fit your vehicle, and they install easily - no drilling required.

SSF-111-60 SuperSprings Sumo Springs Solo Front Vehicle Suspension Kit for Trucks

Installation Details SSF-111-60 Installation instructions

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Video of SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs - Front Axle

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Video Transcript for SuperSprings Vehicle Suspension - Front Axle Suspension Enhancement - SSF-111-60 Review

Speaker 1: Today, we're taking a look at the Sumo Spring solo custom helper springs for the front axle. Now, this is a custom fit design, so to ensure that this is a fit for your vehicle, you can use the Vehicle Fit Guide which is located at, these helper springs are designed to upgrade your vehicle's front suspension for improved driver control and overall comfort. They also do a great job at supporting heavy front end loads to help keep your vehicle level. They absorb bumps and road shocks, and they really help minimize the amount of sway that you experience in the front of the vehicle. They feature progressive load control. So, these springs will compress according to the weight of your cargo.

For lighter loads, the springs compress by as much as 80% for maximum support, and they work independently from one another to compensate for those off center loads and reduce body roll during sharp turns.They're constructed of a durable extra high density micro cellular urethane designed to work in temperatures ranging from negative 25 degrees Fahrenheit to positive 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and it resists damage that's typically caused by oils, road salts, and UV rays.Now, with these installed, they feature minimal lateral expansion. So, that means that these springs compress vertically instead of off to the side, so they aren't easily damaged when operating in tight spaces. My favorite feature is that they're maintenance free. There's no tubing to run or air pressure to monitor like with air springs. You install them and you forget about them.

With this part number, you'll get everything laid out here on the table. You get your springs, you get all the necessary brackets and hardware, and you get a tube of Thread Locker.Simple, no drill installation. The brackets are made from durable steel and feature a nice powder coated finish on them. The hardware's plated to resist rust and corrosion as well. Parts made in the U.S.A.

Weight capacity at 50% compression is 4,000 pounds. Just keep in mind the Sumo Springs will not increase your vehicle's weight carrying capacity, so be careful not to exceed that. That's going to do it for today's look at the Sumo Spring solo custom helper springs for the front axle.

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Customer Reviews

SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs - Front Axle - SSF-111-60

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (2182 Customer Reviews)

4,000-lb Capacity. Upgrade your vehicle's front suspension with these maintenance-free helper springs. Sturdy microcellular urethane springs cushion bumps and help support a heavy load to level your ride and minimize sway. No-drill installation.

2009 Ford F-450 Super Duty

Parts were extremely easy to install, instructions were satisfactory. Shipping took alot longer than expected but etrailer kept me informed at least. The Sumo front bumpstops work ok, didn't dampen as much as I had hoped for the price but they smooth out the harshness somewhat from rolling empty in an F450. Maybe with rear bags it would be better. Overall I would say I am satisfied with my purchase. Install is a piece of cake, took longer to find my jackstands than to put them in. Kinda spendy at $xx.xx though.


Work great, truly help RV roll…


Raised the front end a made it more sta ble


Thank you

2020 Ford F-450 Super Duty

2009 Ford F-350, 450, and 550 Cab and Chassis


I installed Sumo Springs on our 06 Xterra right after we bought our Casita 17' trailer. The back of the X squatted a bit more than I liked. I had also noticed before some tendency to bottom out if the car was full of people and stuff. These ingenious devices are a perfect solution for me! They are about 3/4" clear of being engaged with the axle when unloaded, so the ride is not overly affected, but progressively take up some of the weight when the back end starts coming down with load. It now sits very nicely with the trailer connected, no weight distributing hitch and stuff in the back, and no more bottoming. We've put a good number of miles on the X in the last year, towing and not towing, and they are still doing the job.

I should note, the back of my Xterra is lifted about an inch with AAL springs. If that were not the case, the Sumo Springs would be engaged all the time. That will vary with vehicle.

I will also note that they are non-adjustable, unlike airbags. I kinda like that, I didn't want to mess with adjusting air pressure and such. But once they do start kicking in as one or both wheels travel, they do stiffen it up quite a bit. I mean, there's no way around that; you can't take load without stiffening the suspension. As such I think they inhibit upward axle articulation a bit when 4-wheeling, but for us that's not a big deal. Since they do not connect to the axle, they don't affect downward articulation at all.

The pics are shortly after installation, one with the car unloaded, and two with trailer and gear loaded up.


These Sumo Springs were easy to install, even for a 70 year old guy. I tow a 7,000lb camper and even tho I have a nice WDH I still had som sag on my Tundra. These helped level it out when towing and got rid of “some” of the bounce. They were really a godsend when I overloaded the bed with about 2,000lbs of pavers. That weight squished the Sumos significantly but the truck drove and rode great. Better and less expensive than air bags.


The SumoSprings Solo came to the RV Resort today. I installed them on my Titan SV today in less than an hour. Only drove 10 miles with them and they are what I was looking for. In my opinion it was a needed upgrade and thumbs up!


While these worked great for the first few months and helped level the load, they have now become deformed and squished out of shape permanently. We have a slide in camper that is on the truck for only for trips otherwise the truck is unloaded and off the bumps. I did not expect them to deform so much, and so easily after only a year of use.


Gave it 5 because of ease of install - note they use SAE threads 9/16, truck frame and oem is metric 15mm wrench. Makes no difference but don't use oem nuts on spring. I installed all shims supplied and this left about 3/4" gap so hoing its the best for my needs. Easy to reduce if needed.


I have had these on my Jeep Gladiator for over a year now and I still like them. Sumo Springs really help with sag when towing my Scamp camper trailer and when the truck bed is loaded with stuff. When it is cold outside they are stiffer and I can feel when they hit the stops on hard bumps. Sumo Springs are a very easy overload spring option with factory lift.


Very impressed. Stopped the Tacoma lean. Also helped with the trailer. I do use a distribution hitch I bought from etrailer. Just bought the sumo spring for other applications. Those little bitty factory bumps where junk. These help with lean, and off road hard bounce.They are great.


These do not fit a 2006 ram 2500. As you can see in the
Photo the bolt holes are WAY off. It also does not sit over the axle tube. My only option at this point to use them is to make a 2nd bracket to bolt the helper too. Very disappointed.


First off, these won't fix worn out suspension components, they are designed to improve ride quality by reducing sag/porpoising, especially on heavier vehicles.
Our 2010 Roadtrek 210P (75k miles) is a great rv but essentially a big heavy tub going down the road. Has the tendency to lean and wallow front to back. New shocks and all suspension is good, as mentioned make sure that stuff is all in good shape.
Pics show the oem stops vs the SS stops. Big difference - you may assume ride gets harsh but not the case. The oem stops were very tired and didn't do much. The preload on the new SS stops is just about perfect - any weight changes are very progressive which takes the harshness out of the ride. I didn't really see any change to ride height either.
Road manners are improved, there's a bit more resistance to lean, but the main difference is that the front end doesn't try to change height as readily with the back end.
Not a big deal to install. Youbdont need to pull the wheels, just turn them side to side to get to the stops. Pop out the old stops and clean the retaining cups with a wire brush and some brake clean. I used syl-glyde on the new stops to help get them into place. I also used a crowbar under the stop to push it into the cup while making sure the 4 tabs captured the top of the stop. Final step was to lower the van and give it a drive, then check to ensure the fit was good. The key here is to clean the cup first and use a bit of lube on the new stop.

Very pleased and I'll be installing SS on the back end soon. Yup, they're pricey but they are good quality with a limited lifetime warranty.


These springs are amazing! They helped tremendously pulling my landscape trailer with all my mowers. I picked up a tractor impliment that I would normally bring a trailer for, but decided to put these springs to the test. Couldn't believe how good my truck rode and handled with 780lbs at the rear of my bed! These springs have exceeded all expectations.
I will say that I initially put the spacer, but found it effected my ride to much so I pulled it. Afterwards it rides like stock.


Just installed the Sumosprings on my 2022 Tacoma,easy install, took about a hour.Truck rides the same with no load on it and will see how it does next time I tow the trailer.Shipping was fast and well packed.


I had to loosen the stabilizer bar in order to install the springs. The stabilizer bar is very tight to the springs. I will be able to see after some driving how much stabilzer bar rubs on the springs. The install was on a 2022 Sprinter 2500.


It made a big difference in how the steering feels at lower speeds on rough roads.


These sumo springs work great on my 2016 Toyota 4Runner. When towing a 3.5k lbs load, the rear sag was significant and negatively impacted the handling. Now with these Sumo springs the rear sags only about 1" when the trailer is hooked up.


These have done a great job of keeping our Ram 1500 level while pulling a trailer and having a load in the bed. No more scraping the hitch while going through dips or over bumps! The ride still feels solid.


I would recommend these if you have an F150. They squat quite a bit from the factory so you have to use something to stiffen up the rear leaf springs. They were easy to install.


We pull an off-road teardrop camper with our 2013 Toyota Tacoma and were looking for a little help with the rear end sag when we have that hitched plus putting some weight in the back of the truck (firewood, water, etc). Our Tacoma is lifted (2.5") but the lift kept the stock springs with an added Deaver leaf to help with the notoriously soft Toyota springs. However, with the shell and ~300 pounds of weight in the back, it still sagged, especially with another 250 lbs of tongue weight from the trailer. The Sumos have eliminated that sag, even with bigger loads in the bed, eliminated body roll (also notoriously bad with Tacomas) and didn't destroy the ride for day to day driving. There might be a slight bit more stiffness when hitting speed bumps, but definitely not bad at all. If anything, I would say it IMPROVED the ride and handling.

The springs themselves were simple to install, less than half an hour start to finish. Some reviews have said they were bumping the frame after installing but we had about 1/2" gap on both sides. The only "specialty" tool would be a torque wrench capable of 90 lbs to get it to spec.

We considered Firestone air bags but after talking with the reps at e-trailer, we decided on these and couldn't be happier. Reasonably priced (half the price of air bags), no maintenance, great customer service...can't argue with anything at all.

by: 01/31/2021

2015 Frontier Crew cab Desert Runner (purchased the yellow Sumo Springs). Easiest install ever! 18mm deep socket and long breaker bar for breaking nuts loose. Removed factory bumpstop, install sumo bracket and retighten U bolts to 58 foot pounds. After installing both brackets, lifted back of truck up 4 inches to install sumo spring with blue lock tight on bracket bolt, tighten sumo spring onto bracket and lowered truck off the jack. Overall it raised the back of my truck bed 1 inch. Ride is stiffer with no bed roll in the turns. Loaded my 24 foot travel trailer with load leveler- equalizer bars and gained 3 inches (less “squat”.) Truck is level now vs nose high (without the sumo springs). Definitely an upgrade that was needed in 2015 when I first bought the truck!!!


I would have give it a 5star but the bolts are 1/4” I think it should be at least minimum of 3/8” or1/2” bolts to hold the sumo springs. I like them toed the camper handles very well. Wishi got these a long time ago worth getting. With out camper can tell that it’s there but rides ok. I wanted the same ride it not quite. I ask what the how high they are said 5” with bracket but it’s actually 6” with bracket see picture. I would recommend getting the sumo springs ssr-610-47.

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