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UWS Deep Truck Bed Toolbox - Crossover Style - Low Profile Series - 12.4 cu ft - Gloss Black

UWS Deep Truck Bed Toolbox - Crossover Style - Low Profile Series - 12.4 cu ft - Gloss Black

Item # UWS00376
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Truck Tool Box

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70" long x 19" tall x 20" deep; deep; 12.4 cubic feet; 2" height above bed rails; deep box with foam filled lid and paddle lift handles; low-profile top; aluminum construction - black finish Great Prices for the best truck tool box from UWS. UWS Deep Truck Bed Toolbox - Crossover Style - Low Profile Series - 12.4 cu ft - Gloss Black part number UWS00376 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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UWS Truck Tool Box - UWS00376

  • Crossover Tool Box
  • 69 Inch Long
  • Black
  • Aluminum
  • 19 Inch Wide
  • Lid Style - Low Profile
  • 17-1/2 Inch Tall
  • UWS
  • Large Capacity

70" long x 19" tall x 20" deep; deep; 12.4 cubic feet; 2" height above bed rails; deep box with foam filled lid and paddle lift handles; low-profile top; aluminum construction - black finish


  • Crossover, saddle-style toolbox hangs from truck bed rails behind the cab
  • Low-profile design makes it easy to see out the back window
  • Aluminum construction with fully welded seams - guaranteed not to rust
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel latches on both sides, with lock on driver's side
  • Black powder coating
    • Best base finish for painting color to match the truck
    • Connecting rod enclosure - prevents box contents from bending or jamming the locking system
  • Beveled lid features:
    • Patented, foam-filled lid provides insulation and protection from the elements
      • Structural foam reinforces shape and strength of lid
    • Dust barrier helps to protect contents from the elements
    • Heavy-duty gas cylinders help to lift lid and hold it open a full 90 degrees
    • Piano hinge runs full length of lid
  • Divided, sliding tray for tools
  • J-bolt hardware included
  • Made in the USA


  • External dimensions: 70" long x 19" tall x 20" deep
    • External depth with lid open: 22"
    • Add 1" to above dimensions to figure clearance for the lid
  • Internal dimensions: 56" long x 17" tall
    • Internal height to bottom of tray: 13"
  • Dimensions inside truck bed: 59" long x 15-1/2" tall x 17" deep
  • Capacity: 12.4 cu ft of usable space
  • Construction: 0.063 aluminum tread plate
  • Sits 2" above truck bed rails
  • Lock includes 2 keys
  • Limited lifetime warranty

diagram of toolbox dimensions

You will enjoy how much the sleek look of UWS's Low Profile Series complements the latest designs of today's trucks. The toolbox sits just 2" above the truck bed rails instead of the standard 4," providing a better view out the back window for maneuvering or keeping an eye on your load. The insulated, beveled, single lid opens fully to 90 degrees with the help of two super-duty lift cylinders, which raise the lid and hold it open as you load and unload your gear. Smaller items and tools can be stored conveniently on the divided, sliding tray, ensuring they are readily available for use.

EC10802 Deep Low Profile Truck Bed Toolbox with Black Finish by United Welding Services (UWS)


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Video of UWS Deep Truck Bed Toolbox - Crossover Style - Low Profile Series - 12.4 cu ft - Gloss Black

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for UWS Deep Truck Bed Toolbox Review

What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out this UWS toolbox. It's gonna be low profile. It's gonna be crossover style. And it's gonna be a deep version of their truckbed toolboxes.

Let's check it out. Low profile design means it's not gonna cover up a bunch of your back window. If you look in there, I know the back window's tinted on this truck, but this is under the headrest. So it's not gonna be take up any of your view when you're looking out that rear view mirror. The crossover style I said, that means it's gonna be leaving a gap at the bottom of the toolbox, and you can slide longer things in the bed and not sacrifice the whole bed.

However, this one's a little bit different because it is that deep style. So it's gonna go down far further than your standard crossover style. So we will usually put a ladder under here, the ladders we have won't fit underneath the box and the bed. So it's just maybe some lumber can slide under there. You can still have some options that fit and use your whole bed.

The exact measurement underneath the toolbox is gonna be four and a quarter inches. So that's from the raised portion of the bed to the bottom of the toolbox. The latches up front, really easy to use. Now the driver's side is the one that locks. So that's nice.

You can lock up the tools when they're in there. It does not lock on the passenger's side. However, if it's unlocked you can open it from either side. So here on the passenger's side, and just pulling the latch, and the lid pops right open. You see those gas struts put up on there, push up that lid pretty quickly. We'll do it again without my hand in the way. And it stops right there. There's plenty of room between the lid and the cab of the truck. So you don't have to worry about it hitting there but I like how quickly it opens. That way if you got an arm full of tools, you hit that latch you're gonna just dump everything in the box, and you don't have to use an extra hand to lift up that lid. So we get inside the box. The latches work in unison so when you pull on one, they both go. And it's also got that rod that connects 'em which allows it to do that. Now there's also a shield that protects that rod. So if you we're to throw something heavy in here it would bounce around. It doesn't risk breaking that rod and making the latches not work. Look up here at the top of the lid we have the strikers that connects to the latches down here. And one nice thing about that is you can back both of these off or loosen them. And then you can adjust the striker back and forth that way it latches every single time you close the lid. So if it starts to wear out over time the more you slam that lid, that can be adjusted so it's like newer then. Inside the box, we have 12.4 cubic feet of space. So that's plenty of space for all the tools we have in here today. We can actually fit some more in there. We even can fit a bucket in there, but you couldn't slide the sliding tray back and forth. So just keep that in mind. The sliding tray's pretty nice because you can put your most commonly used tools up in here that you way you wont have to reach too far into the toolbox to get it. And the tray slides to either side of the truck. So if you're on the passenger side, it can be over here. You on the driver's side, you can slide over there too. And it being plastic means it's not gonna rattle around, make a whole bunch of noise when you're driving down the road. On the sides of the toolbox, you actually have screwdriver holders. So that's nice to keep them up and organized so that you can grab 'em pretty easily. They're not just sitting at the bottom of the toolbox or in the tray wouldn't be so bad just as long as they're wherever you need 'em on either side of the truck. So there's this on both sides, So you can keep 'em organized that way. One thing I will point out though, is watch the height of the screwdriver because the gas strut is not sectioned off like other boxes. Some other boxes it's over here. So then it's goes in this section which it's not gonna hurt anything, but if you put a screwdriver in the wrong spot, like right there. When we go to close the lid, That gas strut is gonna hit that screwdriver. Get down to here and you can see that's where it's gonna hit. So you're gonna have issues when that happens. So make sure you don't load the screwdrivers too far towards the front. That way you can still use this feature and close the lid. Something else to note, if you we're to close that on the screwdrivers, you can actually replace the gas strut. We have them on the website. You just look up what you need. So you're gonna go from eyelet to eyelet to measure which size you need. This one was 10 inches, and you look at the force pounds on the side to make sure you get around the same there. This one would be 45 pounds. So if you we're to close this and bend it on anything that you put in the toolbox, you can replace it and have it working again. Focusing on the lid, it's gonna have a weather seal all around the outside. It's actually foam injected too, so it's not just a hollow lid. So not only does it insulate the box, but also helps it keep it structured. So if you throw something heavy up on top, it could dent in a little bit but it's not gonna completely collapse in. Another thing with the lid is that it comes down over the lips. So it doesn't just stop right here. If I push it completely in the place you can see it comes down even further. So that's gonna really help against the elements cause they're not gonna be able to go up and in the box. The toolbox itself is gonna be made out a black powder coat of aluminum, and it has that diamond pattern on the outside. Now it is a glossy black. So I like the diamond pattern. That's gonna help cover up scratches and dings it gets as you use it. And the glossy black sticks out a little bit more and might show a few more of those scratches, but I think the diamond play's gonna help you out. Looking at how it mounts, we got the J hook that goes up and under the bed rails. We got a flat washer and a nut on top of that. With that tightened down, that secures the box in place. You don't have to drill any holes, anything complicated, and it holds it really good. I can shake the whole truck back and forth and there's no movement from the toolbox. Looking inside the toolbox, let's get some measurements real quick. So from here to here, is gonna be about 17 and a half inches. From the bottom to this lip here, is gonna be 13 inches. And then up to this portion, it's gonna be 17 inches. Now the toolbox is gonna be 70 inches long. It's gonna be 20 inches wide, and it's gonna be 19 inches tall from the bottom to the top. Looking at the base of the toolbox, it's be 60 inches wide. So it's gonna be from over here on the passenger side, to over there on the driver's side. Overall, I really like this toolbox. I like the crossover and low profile design. It's also nice that it's the deep version of that combination. Now, I don't have as many tools to put in there. I kind of like the crossover style that isn't the deep version just because I like that space at the bottom to throw a ladder in just in case you need to haul ladder too. Now you could set it up and kind of lean it up on the tailgate. So it's not really a problem. If you have a bunch more tools and you want to put 'em all in here, the deep is probably the way to go. Another thing to consider is the latches. I know that these latches with it open up on either side is really nice, but I know a lot of people like the buttons that are on the side. Now that's a weather guard box that has that. So they have the locks and the buttons over here. So you're gonna hit with your elbow, the lid pops open and you can throw tools in there. That's another thing that really is a point that people look at to see what box you're gonna get is how easy it's gonna work. But with being able to replace the gas struts in there just in case that damages because of those screwdrivers. Or if the striker gets a little off, I can adjust this. I'm glad that I know that I can adjust or replace things to make sure this toolbox I invest in, stays on the truck for a really long time and stays working. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out and hope this helped..

Customer Reviews

UWS Deep Truck Bed Toolbox - Crossover Style - Low Profile Series - 12.4 cu ft - Gloss Black - UWS00376

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (26 Customer Reviews)

70" long x 19" tall x 20" deep; deep; 12.4 cubic feet; 2" height above bed rails; deep box with foam filled lid and paddle lift handles; low-profile top; aluminum construction - black finish

2010 Ram 1500

Fast and friendly service.


After 2 weeks I finally got my toolbox this is good for a 2001 Ford ranger stepside it doesn't say it would fit but I measured it before I bought it had one little ding in the corner but I touched it up with spray paint overall it's an excellent toolbox and it fit perfectly this is originally for a Chevy S10 but I measured it and it fits good I would recommend this to anyone who owns a Ford ranger stepside! Check out the pictures you can see how well it fits! It is hard to find a toolbox that fits a Ford ranger stepside I used to work in the Marine Corps parts department in the motor pool so I know how to measure parts at first they said this wouldn't fit my truck but I told them I measured it!


great box much better than one from tractor supply and other places very solid construction you can feel the difference i like it


The tool box works great. Works for what we needed and is low profile.


I've had bed box for almost a year now. So far so good. The finish looks as good as the day I installed the box, which by the way was a snap to install. I'm very happy with this product and glad I didn't go for one of the less expensive products like a few of my buddies did. Most of them have constant problems with their bed boxes. IE: hinges freezing up latch problems and most of all the finishes that aren't holding up.


I was so happy to get this for my son. The only one i could find that would fit his ranger at the time. he uses it every day and it works great after one year. packaging , no scratches, and installed so easy that i went and bought me one. would recommend. sorry not much for technology or i would have added photos.


When I purchased the toolbox I forgot to mention that I have a bed liner in my vehicle. Therefore I had to put a 3/4 inch spacer on the top bed rails so the bottom of the toolbox would clear the bed liner over the wheel wells and fuel tank spout. Other then that I really have enjoyed the toolbox and have gotten many compliments as well.


I've had this tool box for about a year. Its held up well without issue. This replaced a 9 year old tool box from Lowes that cracked at the bed support. So far so good on this one. The locking and opening mechanism works great and is covered so things dont bind it up. The only strange thing is that after a windy snow storm there was snow inside the tool box and I hadn't driven anywhere.


Been happy with my purchase. I gave it 4/5 stars because it arrived with a dent on the lid that I was able to remove with a rubber mallet and a 2x4. The metal inside reflects poor workmanship. There are some sharp edges near the latch mechanism that I discovered firsthand after reaching in there. Aside from those issues it has functioned well and I find the dual lid release latches are convenient.


Awesome package, looks great, fits perfect. Delivery time excellent


The truck box is a good looking truck box but that’s about all the good I can say about it. The striker for the latch continuously came loose causing the lid not to latch completely and the top to come open going down the road. I fixed this by putting loctite on the nuts holding the striker in place. The gaskets along the lid have completely turned loose and are no longer there. The keys never worked from the first day. Overall not very satisfied with the quality of the box for the price.


Toolbox came as advertised. Perfect fit in truck bed. Sturdy and well built. Easy to install. Exactly what I was expecting


Here is a picture of the tool box I ordered, installed on my truck.


I highly recommend etrailer for any trailer or truck parts. I have never worked with anyone that was as knowledgeable and helpful. The process was flawless. Further, after I made my order, they followed up and let me know several times how the order and shipment was progressing.


nice box looks like in was made for the truck, only thing the tray sliding back and forth but a piece of tape fix that, also light enough to get in and out by myself


Top of the line service and product. Very happy with entire transaction. One year later box still looks and performs like new. Thanks


Box fit great. Installed in minutes with no drilling holes in truck.The black finish matched truck perfectly.I like the lid that raises automatic but stops before hitting the cab of the truck.


Good looking toolbox. Sturdy and good quality.


It was delivered just like you said it was on time, it was packaged very well and the product came in great condition perfect.


Use it daily, no problems at all.


Everything fit as advertised . This is a good heavy duty well built product.


Great service..quick delivery & exactly what I wanted for my new truck!




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  • Dimensions of UWS Crossover Toolbox for 2019 Ford F-350
    The UWS Deep Truck Bed Toolbox - Crossover Style - Low Profile Series - 10.8 cu ft - Gloss Black # UWS00376 measures just 17 inches deep at the bottom and 20 inches deep at the lid. I've attached the manufacturer dimensions in a photo to assist. I did a little research on the Ford Superduty box length and it is 98 inches, so if you subtract the 17 inch box depth, you will have 81 inches (or 78 inches from the top of the box). If your Kawasaki Brute Force 750 is longer than that, then...
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