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Tow-Rax Aluminum Tool Cabinet w/ Folding Tray - 30" Tall x 25-3/4" Wide x 4-3/4" Deep

Tow-Rax Aluminum Tool Cabinet w/ Folding Tray - 30" Tall x 25-3/4" Wide x 4-3/4" Deep

Item # TWSP30ATC
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Trailer Cargo Organizers
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Mount this sturdy aluminum cabinet in your trailer, shop or garage to keep your tools organized. The top 2 shelves are lined with multiple slots for screwdrivers, wrenches or other small tools. And the folding tray provides a workspace. Great Prices for the best trailer cargo organizers from Tow-Rax. Tow-Rax Aluminum Tool Cabinet w/ Folding Tray - 30" Tall x 25-3/4" Wide x 4-3/4" Deep part number TWSP30ATC can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Tow-Rax Trailer Cargo Organizers - TWSP30ATC

  • Cabinets and Shelves
  • Storage Cabinet
  • Contracting
  • Hobby Space
  • Landscaping
  • Mobile Business/Office
  • Recreation
  • Pre-Drilled Holes
  • Tow-Rax

Mount this sturdy aluminum cabinet in your trailer, shop or garage to keep your tools organized. The top 2 shelves are lined with multiple slots for screwdrivers, wrenches or other small tools. And the folding tray provides a workspace.


  • Tool cabinet offers tons of convenient storage space
    • Slip screwdrivers and wrenches into top slots
    • Slide wire cutters, pliers and vice-grips into cutouts in middle shelf
    • Lay larger tools on bottom shelf
  • Folding tray provides a small workspace when down and acts as a cabinet door when folded up
  • Sturdy, lightweight aluminum construction is machine finished
  • Limitless mounting options - install in your shop, garage or trailer
    • Pre-drilled keyhole slots and 8 included mounting buttons let you easily install and remove cabinet from wall
    • Additional buttons (TWSP25BK - sold separately) can be mounted anywhere so that you can transfer cabinet from your trailer to your garage


  • Overall dimensions: 30" tall x 25-3/4" wide x 4-3/4" deep
  • Tray width: 25"
  • Weight: 19 lbs

This aluminum cabinet comes pre-drilled with keyhole-shaped slots that accept Tow-Rax 2.5-mm mounting buttons. Just attach the included buttons to the wall of your shop, garage or trailer, and then mount the cabinet by lining up the slots with the buttons and sliding the cabinet into place on the wall.

You can also move the cabinet from one location to another. Mount additional buttons (TWSP25BK - sold separately) to the wall of your trailer and transfer the cabinet from your garage so that you don't have to repack gear and supplies every time you hit the road. Remove the cabinet from its initial position quickly and easily by lifting it up and slipping it off of the buttons. Then slide it over the other buttons for secure and stable mounting.

SP30ATC TowRax Aluminum Tool Cabinet

Video of Tow-Rax Aluminum Tool Cabinet w/ Folding Tray - 30" Tall x 25-3/4" Wide x 4-3/4" Deep

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Tow-Rax Aluminum Tool Cabinet with Folding Tray Review

Randy: Hey guys its Randy here at Today we're going to be taking a look at the Tow-Rex Aluminum Tool Storage Cabinet. Now this is going to be a very nice way to keep all of your tools in order, keep them out of a toolbox where you have to dig through it constantly and try to get in there and find the right one. We got organization for our wrenches on each side, plenty of spots for other tools to go and the thing I like most about this, it's a modular system. It mounts using key holes that come down onto aluminum buttons. You can see our holes here, from here to the other side.

These are going to be 16 inches on the center, works out really well for most household studs, studs inside of our trailers here, and you're going to get two sets of those. So we can mount one in our trailer here, so when we're going out riding or something like that we've got all of our tools accessible.But then once we get back for the weekend, we can just grab it, pull that right off the wall, we can carry this in, we can hang it up in our garage or where we might need it throughout the week. Then when we're ready to head out riding again, we just bring it back out, get them lined up and just allow it to slide down and in. At that point we'll know our tools are going to be secured where we get where we're going and we can use them whenever we need them. We have accommodations here for a 10mm, up through 18mm, for a 3/8 up to 13, 16 wrench and this standard size.

The one thing I've kind of found out about it and I've also heard it from my customer is that, ratcheting wrenches don't slide through those slots. So, if you want to use this with ratcheting wrenches you're probably going to have to open those up just a little bit.But be sure to do it just large enough for your ratchet side to fit through there, if you don't then the head's going to fall through and it will be useless. So I would use a lot of caution there, but outside of that, I like the way it works. I like the way it's configured, I like our longer pry bars and stuff, we can get in there and let them stand up. Then we've got our trim panel tool, our small pry bar here, different needle nose, side cutters, pliers, stuff like that.

Then for the larger stuff or slip jointed pliers, you can see I've got a pair here. These we're a little bit too big, they wanted to spread out kind of too much and the same here with the crimping tool. Sliding it down in there, it just didn't seem to fit perfect, you can see it just kind of really wants to spread out really wide. So overall I think it's really nice, I like how many tools that we can get in here and I like the fact that I don't have to have a set of tools for my trailer.I don't have to have a set of tools for my house and I don't have to worry about leaving a particular tool at the house that I forgot to throw in the trailer. Really like how it works, I really like how it fits.

All the shelves are pretty shallow, it doesn't stick out from the wall a great deal. So you're not taking up a lot of space like what you would with a bigger toolbox. They also offer several other kind of models of this, this one's the tool storage rack. So it's designed for tools, but there's also a model very similar to this, mounts using the same style of fasteners. They're a little bit closer together, it's just a nice little small cabinet. I think we got four or five quarts of oil in the top, four or five aerosol cans inside, so like that. Then they also have a larger cabinet than that, that you can get. I think we had 10 quarts of oil in it, 10 aerosol cans. That one however, does not have this mounting system, so that one you would be more permanently mounting.It's a good option, has the folding table like the smaller cabinet we just told you about like this one. But I really like this, I think it's a great way to get our tools neatly organized so we're not searching for them through a little tool box or something like that. The table is going to give us a nice light working surface. This isn't something that I'd be hammering on trying to drive a bearing out or trying to drive a race out or anything like that. But I think for just light duty stuff or just trying to kind of get a brake caliper put back together or something like that. I think it's going to work out really well. It gives you plenty of surface area there and it has a raised lip all the way around the outside. Generally when I work on something, I'm always dropping something. So if I drop a small fastener or small bolt, it's not just going to roll off the table and then I have to try to find it. It's all going to be contained in there nice and easy to get to.Now to give you just a few dimensions, we'll start by measuring just how big it is top and bottom and side to side. So from the outside of the lip there to the outside of the lip here we've got about 25-3/4". If we go from the top of it all the way to the bottom, yep, right at 30 inches. I think that's going to give you a good idea if this is going to fit in the areas that you have in mind and from your mounting surface out to the very edge here, we're looking at about 4-3/4" of an inch. So again like we said, it doesn't take up a whole lot of room but it proves to be very useful. Now as far as the table itself, we'll measure all the way back to the edge. I think it's going to be about 15-9/16" inch deep, we've got about 24-9/16 inches of width. So it gives us a pretty nice large working surface there for sure. Now let's get an idea of the spacing that we have here.From the top of our wrench shelf here, to the top of the other one, we've got about 11-1/2" inches and then we can go from the top of that to the bottom of this inside storage and there we're looking at about 11-1/2". So both of them pretty close to being 11-1/2" inches by 11-1/2" inches on spacing. Our true interior dimension here, we're looking at right at 25". All right, we've gone over the size of it, we've gone over what it's going to hold for you. Now let's step into kind of the installation process and see how that looks. Now to begin the installation process, we need to decide where we want to mount the cabinet, where it's going to be most effective. We're going to take one of our buttons, we're going to be going right here on the wall. We're going to use one of the bolts that are holding the plywood over here to the actual bracing. The mounting locations are on 16 inch centers, so that makes it really good for use in regular wood studs or in our case our trailer has supports on 16 inch centers.So we're going to be using those with some self-tapping screws once we get into the other locations. Just going to start by removing this one. While you can see it is bevel and it does come with hardware for mounting, which are going to be these wood screws. These aren't going to be applicable in the steel, I guess we could drill a hole and try to run them in. I think self tappers are going to be just as good in that sense. Using this, bring that down in and get it secure, that's going to be our starting point. Then, even with using some self-tapping screws here just like that. They might sit on top like that, but our cabinet fits over it and then sides down. So even if you want to use some hex bolts to mount it to plate steel you're not going to have any interference there. With that one in we'll hang our cabinet there and we want to get it leveled out, and then we can do these backwards just for marking where we want.Mark that location and we'll get our hole started. Once I have those two in place, I like to hang it on there, make sure they're positioned appropriately, then we can mark and put in our lower ones. Yeah. That's on good there, so let's get the lower ones done. I know with the four position where we want them, we'll just bring our cabinet up, lined up and slid down in position. You can see, we've got our two here, two here and again, you're going to get two sets of that hardware. So at this point, we've got this one where we want it. So head into your garage, your basement, your other trailer, wherever you might need this cabinet and get your other ones installed just the same way. So as you guys can see, not only does it keep our tools in good orders, we're not looking for them, but it also looks really nice. I like the aluminum, I like the construction and overall I think you'll be very happy with it.I like the fact that we can move this from place to place and for tool storage and trailers or garages and houses, this is definitely something I would own.

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Tow-Rax Aluminum Tool Cabinet w/ Folding Tray - 30" Tall x 25-3/4" Wide x 4-3/4" Deep - TWSP30ATC

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (17 Customer Reviews)

Mount this sturdy aluminum cabinet in your trailer, shop or garage to keep your tools organized. The top 2 shelves are lined with multiple slots for screwdrivers, wrenches or other small tools. And the folding tray provides a workspace.


Great cabinet for my trailer, doesn’t take up much space and well built. It wouldn’t fit my ratchet wrenches, but a dremal tool should take care of that


The product was delivered but I haven’t opened it yet as I’m out of town. But I know it’ll be great! Now let’s talk about grade A customer service, these people rock. I sent one email asking about arrival date when I purchased the product and they have been on it every since i can not thank them enough for making the process easy for me! Thanks George! I’ll update when I open my boxes this weekend and leave a product review!



This product is great we use them weekly at the dirt track races! They keep all the essentials organized. I do wish they fit ratchet wrenches but definitely not a deal breaker.


To say that this product is well made is an understatement. Very sturdy, very sharp looking and the packaging was wrapped in a cloth to protect the finish from scratching like a fine piece of glass. I hesitated to purchase this thinking I could make something similar - but I'm glad I purchased this. It will hold my essential tools nicely and the work station will serve as a nice place to set stuff, work on stuff and just look cool!!


Received the Tow-Rax Aluminum Tool Cabinet W/Folding Tray in good order within 4 days of placing order with Troy. He was extremely pleasant and helpful, and I was also impressed by the careful packing which accounts for the damage-free arrival. Was also very surprised by the much heavier gauge aluminum it is made out of and how beautifully the tool cabinet is made. This will make a very nice addition to my new enclosed car-hauler trailer which I also plan to use partly as a workshop in maintaining my Model T and Model A Fords. I will for sure be trading with again in the future!


Was really waiting for his cabinet to solve our tool clutter. We have a large hi cube van that we use as a rolling work shop, but getting hand tools was always torture. This cabinet worked great mounted on the wall of the truck. I was impressed how it was wrapped in a blanket not bubble wrap to protect it. But I was disappointed in that it does not accept ratchet wrenches. We use them for everything, had to revert back to old fashion wrenches that were not ratchets. Found the guys in the big too box looking for those wrenches today that defeated the whole purposes. Screw driver and plier shelves worked great I’m going to look for some new wrenches that might fit, but that defeated the purpose..


I love this tool cabinet. Its a huge space saver and very convenient with the fold down shelf. No more digging through tool boxes.


Recommend for all lanscapers with an enclosed trailer. Easy to install too.


Fast free shipping on my order! Very pleased with the vender and will definitely continue to do business with eTrailer!


Great looking product fast shipping thanks guys


Handy, well made and very light!

Gord G.


Excellent, Very practical!


We have ordered several of these and our customers love them. High quality and fair price with prompt delivery


Not bad after I did some repairs.


Ordered Sunday morning showed up at my house Wednesday product wrapped in soft blanket and boxed up real nice Great workmanship


Excellent product well built with great service as always from these guys.



Great fit and finish!!!


Sweet product fast shipping A+


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