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Go Power Solar AE-6 All Electric System with 2 MPPT Solar Controllers - 1,140 Watt Solar Panels

Go Power Solar AE-6 All Electric System with 2 MPPT Solar Controllers - 1,140 Watt Solar Panels

Item # 342-75011
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Go Power Rigid Panels RV Solar Panels - 342-75011
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This solar charging system helps get you off the grid with 1,140-watt solar panels that provide DC power to charge your RV's batteries. MPPT solar controller optimizes output for maximum charge and prevents harmful overcharging. Lowest Prices for the best rv solar panels from Go Power. Go Power Solar AE-6 All Electric System with 2 MPPT Solar Controllers - 1,140 Watt Solar Panels part number 342-75011 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Go Power RV Solar Panels - 342-75011

  • Go Power
  • Roof Mounted Solar Kit
  • 1140 Watts
  • 6 Panels
  • Rigid Panels

This solar charging system helps get you off the grid with 1,140-watt solar panels that provide DC power to charge your RV's batteries. MPPT solar controller optimizes output for maximum charge and prevents harmful overcharging.


  • Solar system provides an off-grid charging solution
  • 1,140-Watt monocrystalline solar panels use sunlight to charge your RV batteries
    • Made from weatherproof and impact-resistant materials to stand up to the elements
  • (2) 60-Amp MPPT solar controllers optimize and convert solar panel output to provide maximum charge
    • Automatic multistage smart charging system helps extend battery life
    • Digital display monitors amperage, voltage, and battery capacity
  • Kit includes 6 solar panels, 2 solar controllers, MC4 cables, and installation hardware
    • Solar panel expansion (sold separately) increases solar power output
    • Inverter (sold separately) provides AC power to run appliances and electronics
    • Adjustable mount kit (sold separately) lets you angle the solar panel for maximum sunlight exposure


  • Application: 12V and 24V battery systems
  • Number of solar panels: 6
  • Solar panel wattage: 1,140 watts
  • Number of solar controllers: 2
  • Solar controller input current: 120 amps

go power solar diagram with cable entry plate

If you are an energy-conscious RV owner, the Go Power Solar Elite charging system provides clean, renewable power and independence from the grid. This kit comes with everything you need to charge your RV batteries with sunlight. Using 6 solar panels, this system collects solar energy to create DC power that passes through 2 solar controllers to charge your RV batteries.

How It Works

Collecting Solar Power

go power solar panel

The charging process starts with the solar panels, which install on the roof of your RV. When solar energy interacts with the silicon cells in each panel, it generates a flow of DC electrical current that charges your RV's batteries. Each of the monocrystalline cells is made from a single crystal of silicon, so the electrons that create the current have more space to move, making these panels more efficient than one with polycrystalline cells. And in optimal sunlight conditions, the panels produce 1,140 watts per hour.

solar cells

The silicon cells are set between a cushioned backing material and tempered solar glass to withstand the elements. The glass has low-iron content to provide exceptional transparency, which ensures maximum sunlight collection. Finally, each panel is framed with anodized marine-grade aluminum to resist rust and corrosion.

go power adjustable arms

An adjustable mount kit (sold separately) can increase your solar panel performance by angling it for maximum sun exposure. This kit replaces the panel's existing brackets and allows it to tilt at 3 different angles. This also improves solar charging during winter months when the sun is lower in the sky.

Charging and Protecting RV Battery Bank

mppt 60 amp solar controller

The solar controllers are connected in parallel to prevent harmful overcharging by adjusting the power generated by the solar panels before it reaches your batteries. They use maximum power point tracking technology to compare solar output to battery voltage and convert that output to an optimal amperage. Typically, this type of technology is a good fit for larger systems with higher voltages. This kit also includes a fixed-mount remote and Bluetooth dongle that install inside your RV.

Using a multistage charging system, each controller automatically switches voltages while the battery bank charges. This accelerates the charge, but also helps extend battery life by adjusting the voltage during the different modes. Each controller is compatible with multiple battery types and includes preset charging profiles for lithium, sealed, gel, and flooded/wet cell batteries.

Charging Modes

  1. Bulk: This mode charges at the full rated load for a quicker recharge time. As the name suggests, this is where the bulk of the charging happens. It typically charges the battery to at least 80% capacity.
  2. Absorption: This mode provides controlled voltage to ensure a full charge. Once the battery reaches between 80% to 90% capacity, the absorption state will kick in and start charging at a regulated voltage. In each charging profile, this mode is set to last for 30 minutes after the bulk charge is completed.
  3. Float: Once the battery reaches full charge, this mode maintains a lower voltage to compensate for self-discharge. This reduces battery stress and minimizes gassing and water loss.
  4. Equalization: On flooded/wet cell batteries, this mode activates to prevent stratification and sulfate buildup during extended float cycles. These two issues can damage a battery by causing the accumulation of acid at the bottom of the battery and hardened sulfate crystals on the battery plates. This mode is especially helpful when your battery is going unused during storage.

mppt solar controller remote

The fixed-mount remote with backlit, digital display acts as an information center for your solar panel output. It shows the charging current, battery voltage, and battery state of charge. It allows you to input your battery type and choose a charging profile. The remote also lets you use Maximum Power Boost Technology. You can simply press a button to activate Bulk mode for the highest charging voltage. This lets you quickly top off your battery bank before the end of the day by capturing as much power as possible.

mppt solar controller Bluetooth dongle

Additionally, a Bluetooth dongle lets you monitor the controller's settings and data from your smartphone or tablet using the Go Power Connect app. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The solar controller can only accommodate either the fixed-mount remote or the Bluetooth dongle. It is unable to use both simultaneously.

Lastly, each controller includes several built-in safety features to help protect your equipment. The charging process will shut down if the controller starts to overheat and when an overcurrent is detected. Also, if the battery or solar panel is wired incorrectly, it activates a reverse polarity alarm.

How It Installs

solar ae-6 how it installs

The system includes (6) 190-watt solar panels, (2) 60-amp MPPT solar controllers, a circuit breaker, a solar disconnect, MC4 cables, and all the necessary installation hardware.

  1. Solar Panel: The solar panels install anywhere on your RV roof with included mounting feet and hardware. To maximize sunlight collection, it is important to install the panels where they avoid shadows cast by objects, like an air conditioner or vent. The panels use MC4 cables and branch connectors to connect to the solar controller. These cables can enter the RV using the Go Power cable entry plate. This provides a covered housing and uses a quick connect setup for the MC4 cables.
  2. Solar Controller: The solar controllers vertically mount to a wall near the battery compartment. The manual includes a mounting template with measurements to ensure proper installation. They connect in parallel with the included cable. They are wired to the solar panels using MC4 cables. Then, the battery bank is wired to the terminals on a controller.
  3. Solar Controller Remote: The remote mounts to a wall inside your RV. It simply plugs into the solar controller with the included cable.
  4. Solar Disconnect: The solar disconnect installs between the solar panels and solar controller. This device lets you shut off power to the solar controller for maintenance.
  5. Circuit Breaker: The circuit breaker is installed between the solar controller and battery bank to protect your equipment.

Note: This kit may require more wiring and additional parts depending on your RV setup.

Individual Component Specs:

Solar panel:

  • Rated power: 190 watts per panel
  • Amperage: 9.3 amps per panel
  • Voltage: 20.4V per panel
  • IP rating: IP67
  • MC4 cable length: 25' each
  • Dimensions: 59-1/8" long x 26-5/16" wide x 1-1/2" deep
  • Weight: 26.4 lbs each
  • 25-Year limited warranty

Solar controller:

  • Maximum input current: 60 amps per controller
  • Maximum input voltage: 150V per controller
  • Operating temperature range: -31 F to 113 F
  • Temperature compensation:
    • 12V systems: -18mV per F
    • 24V systems: -36mV per F
    • 36V systems: -54mV per F
    • 48V systems: -72mV per F
  • Maximum wire gauge: #2 AWG
  • Dimensions: 11-1/4" long x 8-1/16" wide x 3-11/16" deep
  • Weight: 8.15 lbs
  • 5-Year warranty

Solar controller remote:

  • Nominal system voltage: 12V / 24V
  • Operating temperature range: 14 F to 131 F
  • Ethernet cable length: 6' 6"
  • Dimensions: 5-7/8" wide x 3-7/8" long x 1-7/8" deep
  • 2-Year warranty

82961 Go Power! Solar AE-6 All Electric Kit - RV Solar Charging - 6 Rigid Panels - 60-Amp MPPT Digital Regulator/Controller - 1,140 Watts - 55.8 Amps

Replaces Go Power SOLAR AE6

Replaces Go Power 75011

Replaces Go Power 82737

Installation Details 342-75011 Installation instructions

California residents: click here


Ask the Experts about this Go Power RV Solar Panels

  • How Many Solar Panels Do I Need to Power My RV Residential Refrigerator When In Storage
    We have just what you're looking for the Go Power Solar AE-6 All Electric System with 2 MPPT Solar Controllers - 1,140 Watt Solar Panels # 342-75011, but you're also going to need to add some more batteries to your setup in order to make sure that the proper amount of power is stored for this application. This is the highest capacity solar package we offer and is ideal for solutions that require over 300 amp hours per day. It's most likely that you already have a Go Power compatible plug...
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  • Can One 200 Amp Lithium Battery be Used with Go Power 1,140 Watt Solar Panel System
    Technically yes the Go Power Solar AE-6 All Electric System with 2 MPPT Solar Controllers # 342-75011 will provide enough power for your 200 A/H Lithium battery, but it is way overkill for your needs as this is meant for a 600 A/H battery bank. For your application something like part # 34272635 or part # 34282181 would be better suited for your application. If you want to use the kit that you referenced I highly recommend expanding your battery bank to at least 6 batteries so that...
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  • Does the Go Power Solar AE-6 All Electric System Come with Everything Needed
    The Go Power Solar AE-6 All Electric System part # 342-75011 is an all inclusive kit that comes with everything needed for most applications including mounting brackets, wiring, etc. That said, you would most likely need some installation specific components such as tools or ways to secure all the wires. Furthermore, you could also need more wiring but this will vary by each application as not all will have the same distance to the battery bank.
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  • Can the Go Power Solar AE-6 All Electric System Be Attached To Tow Existing Panels
    Yes, you can use the Go Power Solar AE-6 All Electric System part # 342-75011 and wire them alongside the existing solar panels you have now. In regards to installation, you would need to wire them so you have two sets of three panels that are attached in parallel. The two parallel sets can then be wired in series that way you don't exceed the amperage rating of the charge controller. In order to use all eight panels you will need one 12v battery per panel or two 6v batteries per panel.
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  • Recommended 6 Panel Solar System Upgrade for 2019 Thor Outlaw
    You were on the right track; the Go Power Solar AE-6 All Electric System # 342-75011 is the perfect upgrade for your 2019 Thor Outlaw. This is a 6 panel solar system that can provide up to 1140w of power and can work with 12v or 24v systems; you may need to change the configuration of your battery wiring if it is wired for 6v, but it is ideal for keeping a battery bank charged and powering your coach. This does come with 2 MPPT controllers that will prevent harmful overcharging and the...
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  • Wiring Up Additional Batteries to Use with Go Power Solar AE-6 Electrical System # 342-75011
    Adding the Go Power Solar AE-6 All Electrical System # 342-75011 to your existing setup will certainly provide much more charging power for your existing (and additional) 12V batteries. Go Power actually recommends a minimum of 6 batteries for ideal performance with this setup, so you will indeed want to add some more units to your system. When wiring up the batteries you will want to wire the bank up in parallel, which means connecting the positive post of one battery to the positive...
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  • How Many Lithium Ion Batteries Are Needed for the Go Power Solar AE-6 All Electric System
    In order to take full advantage of the Go Power Solar AE-6 All Electric System part # 342-75011 you will need a battery bank with at least a 600 Ah (Amp Hour) capacity. This will hold true whether you have lithium ion or lead acid etc batteries. In order to get to the 600 Ah minimum you most likely will need at least six batteries. In regards to starting the air conditioner with a generator, you just need to make sure the starting amps required for the air conditioner does not exceed...
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  • Solar Panel Charge Kit for 2020 Thor Chateau 28Z
    You'd need a kit like the Go Power Solar AE-6 kit part # 342-75011 which is rated for 1,140 watts of solar panel power to keep your RV battery topped off as well as power the interior lighting and accessories. I attached a review video for this kit for you to check out as well.
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  • How to Determine Watt Output of Solar Panel
    Calculating available power from a solar panel setup includes the watt, volt and amp figures because there is a fixed relationship between them. Watts = volts x amps. 2295 watts = 12V x 191-amps. This means your 12V solar setup would have to output 191 amps in order to support a power demand of 2295 watts. As an example, our Go Power Solar AE-6 solar system # 342-75011 is rated 1140-watts. At 12V this means it can provide a maximum current of 95-amps. I linked a series of our helpful...
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  • How Many Batteries Should be Used with the Go Power Solar All-Electric Kit # 34275011
    When using the Go Power Solar All-Electric Kit # 342-75011 that you referenced a minimum of 6 batteries is recommended for the battery bank. To maximum usage and performance of this system you will want to use 6-8 batteries. I have attached a diagram of how everything will be hooked up as well that you might find helpful. This is a really great kit that includes 6 solar panels, 2 MPPT solar controllers, an MPPT digital remote display, a cable entry plate with 25 feet of cable, and all...
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  • Where to Start When Planning on Solar Power for 2018 Dutchmen Coleman Lantern 263BH RV
    I attached three links to this page that cover exactly what you are looking for. How to determine how much solar power you need, how the systems work, and how they typically install. You most definitely can install it yourself if you like as well. Feel free to email me back with more questions and I can help further!
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  • What Voltage Batteries to be Used with Go Power Solar AE-6 All Electric System
    There are some solar panel setups that use 6 volt batteries but the Go Power Solar AE-6 All Electric System with 2 MPPT Solar Controllers # 342-75011 was designed for use with 12 volt or 24 volt battery setups. So a deep cycle battery like you mentioned would work great but it would not have to be 6 volt. This kit comes with everything you'd need but the batteries. We don't offer the types of batteries you'd want with this so that would be on piece of puzzle we couldn't help provide.
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  • Will Go Power Overlander Expansion Kit Work With 30 Amp Controller
    I believe you are asking if the Go Power Overlander Expansion Kit - 190 Watt Solar Panel # 34282182 will work with the Go Power PWM Solar Charge Controller # 34276119, which is a 30 amp controller, and the answer to that is yes it will. It comes with everything needed to add the panel to your system. Overall, this is compatible with a number of Go Power solar charging systems: - Go Power Solar Elite Charging System - 380 Watt Solar Panels - 2,000 Watt Inverter Charger # 34282184 -...
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  • Longest Available 30A Extension Cord
    You can use an extension cord like the MightyCord 50' RV Extension Cord # A10-3050EH , which is the longest cord we have available, but that isn't going to be long enough. If you were to try connecting several cords together, you're going to have a significant power loss-especially at that distance, and you're going to find that your RV won't get the power/charge it requires. Honestly, for 200ft you're likely either going to want to find a place closer to your home to park the RV or...
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