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Vision X Xmitter LoPro Prime Xtreme Off-Road Light Bar - LED - 45 Watts - Spot Beam - 12" Long

Vision X Xmitter LoPro Prime Xtreme Off-Road Light Bar - LED - 45 Watts - Spot Beam - 12" Long

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Vision X LED Light Off Road Lights - XIL-LPX910
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Compact, durable, ultra-bright LED light bar produces 4,752 raw lumens of focused light that extends 640'. Electronic thermal management maximizes light output and dissipates heat. Dimmable with switch (sold separately). Wiring harness included. Fastest Shipping and Guaranteed Lowest Prices for Vision X Xmitter LoPro Prime Xtreme Off-Road Light Bar - LED - 45 Watts - Spot Beam - 12" Long. Read our customer reviews of Vision X off road lights. Call 800-298-1624 for expert service or order your off road lights part number XIL-LPX910 by Vision X online at etrailer.com.
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Vision X Off Road Lights

  • Straight Light Bar
  • LED Light
  • 12 Inch or Shorter
  • Light Bar
  • Spot Beam
  • Black
  • Vision X
  • Aluminum

Compact, durable, ultra-bright LED light bar produces 4,752 raw lumens of focused light that extends 640'. Electronic thermal management maximizes light output and dissipates heat. Dimmable with switch (sold separately). Wiring harness included.


  • Low-profile LED light bar provides bright, focused light
    • Narrow 10-degree spot beam is ideal for high-speed, off-road applications
    • Slim design allows for mounting in compact spaces
  • Superior light output from a single row of (9) 5-watt LEDs
    • Light can be dimmed to 50 percent with Vision X dimmer (sold separately)
  • Maximum efficiency with minimal heat
    • Premium LEDs with 50,000-hour life spans are driven to 90 percent of light-emitting potential
    • Electronic thermal management and pulse-width modulation allows for highest potential light output at all times
    • Channeled fins on housing let heat quickly dissipate
  • Durable, weather-resistant construction
    • Rugged, black powder coated aluminum housing is lightweight and rustproof
    • High-tensile 304 stainless steel hardware withstands vibration
    • Impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses have scratch-resistant coating
  • Easy installation with included components
    • Light mounts to your roof, roll bar, windshield, bumper, grille guard, or bull bar for a rugged look
    • Universal mounting feet allow for up to 15 degrees of adjustment
      • Billet clamp mounts for 1" - 2" tubing sold separately
    • Wiring harness has toggle switch and industry-standard, triple-sealed Deutsch connector


  • Diodes: 9
  • Wattage: 45 watts
    • 5 Watts per LED
  • Power draw: 3.75 amps
  • Input voltage: 9V - 32V DC
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Light Output:

  • Effective lumen output: 3,330 lumens
  • Raw lumen output: 4,752 lumens
  • Beam:
    • 640' Long x 65' wide
    • Narrow 10-degree spot


  • Approximate dimensions: 12-1/4" long x 2" tall x 2-1/2" deep
  • Mounting depth (center of mounting bolt to rearmost point of housing): 1"
  • Weight: 2.84 lbs
Vision X XIL-LPX910 Dimensions

Defeat the darkness with the Xmitter Low Profile Prime Xtreme light bar. This extremely bright, 45-watt LED light bar uses precision optics to shoot out a narrow 10-degree spot beam for focused light that goes a great distance. Its compact, low-profile design allows it to mount in places where many other light bars won't fit. In addition to delivering maximum usable light and stellar efficiency, this light bar also gives you the same rugged, off-road look you've come to expect from similar, industry-standard halogen and HID off-road lights. So you won't have to sacrifice the look that you want to get the visibility that you need.

Narrow 10-Degree Spot Beam

The beam pattern of this light is great for seeing at a distance. The narrow 10-degree beam concentrates the light at a single point. This makes it ideal for high-speed, off-road driving applications where distance vision is vital.

Superior Light Output

Lumens are used to measure the amount of usable light that is put out by a light source. Raw lumens represent the number of lumens that the manufacturer claims the LED is capable of producing. It does not include the light's drive method or the amount of light lost from the lens or reflector. Effective lumens take these factors into account and represent the number of lumens that are actually produced by the complete light assembly, not just the amount of light that the diode is capable of producing. This light bar has a 4,752 raw lumen capacity and produces 3,330 effective lumens for ultra-bright light.

Lux - or the amount of light per square meter - is a measurement of a light's intensity. One lux is the minimum amount of light that is needed for an average person to read a newspaper.

Vision X XIL-LPX910 Beam Pattern

The above lux chart shows just how far and wide the Xmitter Low Profile Prime Xtreme's beam extends. The light bar produces a light so bright and efficient that the beam measures 1 lux at 640' (195 meters). At that distance, the beam also measures 65' (20 meters) wide. To compare, a typical motorcycle headlight low beam measures 1 lux at 88' (27 meters), and a high beam measures 1 lux at 153' (47 meters).

Maximum Efficiency, Minimum Heat

This LED light bar delivers maximum efficiency at all times and always activates immediately, giving you steady, powerful, and reliable light every time you hit the switch. You'll see the difference the first time you fire it up. Unlike HID lights, this light doesn't need to warm up to achieve its full brightness. And unlike halogen lights, the Xmitter Low Profile Prime Xtreme doesn't require that you change out bulbs due to blown filaments.

Premium LEDs

Vision X LED

Not all LEDs are created equal. Vision X uses only top-grade LEDs to ensure that their lights deliver maximum efficiency. Lower-grade LEDs, which make up a large portion of the market, produce more heat at the same wattage and have a much shorter life span.

Prime Drive

Although LED lights typically produce far less heat than halogen or HID lights, heat is still the biggest enemy of an LED. Vision X controls and combats heat with Prime Drive technology. This technology combines electronic thermal management (ETM) with pulse-width modulation (PWM) for superior heat resistance. The result is ultra-bright lights with the highest output, the least amount of wasted light and energy, and the longest life span.

Vision X Light Bar Prime Drive

Many LEDs on the market are only driven to 60 percent of their potential to avoid overheating, electrical spikes, and premature failure. But ETM allows the LEDs in Vision X lights to be driven to 90 percent of their potential. The ETM system monitors each LED's heat level to keep the light operating at a safe temperature, which maximizes its efficiency and life span. If the ETM system senses that the LED is getting too hot, it engages the PWM, which flashes the light at a rate of 100,000 times per second - faster than the human eye can detect. This gives the LED time to cool between cycles while still maintaining its overall brightness. It also allows the LED to be dimmed when used with a Vision X dimmer (sold separately).

Vision X Light Bar Heat Sink

This Vision X light bar is also built with an advanced heat sink to help dissipate heat. Vision X lights are also built with advanced heat sinks to help dissipate heat. The heat sink has a channeled design that allows for convection-style cooling. The channels create a non-mechanical fan - outside air is sucked into the heat sink at one end and flows out of the other end, taking hot air produced by the light with it.

Rugged, Weatherproof Design

Vision X lights are incredibly durable, yet still lightweight. And they are thoroughly tested and protected against voltage spikes; damage from water, shock, or particulates; and interference with radio reception and vehicle wiring.

The Xmitter Low Profile Prime Xtreme has a rustproof, black powder coated aluminum housing and a tough, impact-resistant polycarbonate lens with a scratch-resistant coating for maximum strength and durability.

The 304 stainless steel mounting hardware resists vibration to keep the light firmly in place, and it won't rust or corrode.

And the included wiring harness has an on/off switch and a triple-sealed, industry-standard Deutsch connector.

4000773 VisionX Xmitter LoPro Prime Extreme Off Road LED Light Bar - 45W - Narrow Beam - 12" Long

Item # XIL-LPX910

Video of Vision X Xmitter LoPro Prime Xtreme Off-Road Light Bar - LED - 45 Watts - Spot Beam - 12" Long

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Vision X Off Road Lights - Light Bar - XIL-LPX910 Review

Today we're going to review Part #XIL-LPX910. This is the Vision X, Xmitter 45watt LED, Low Pro, Prime Xtreme Light Bar, with the spot beam pattern. Now this part number includes everything shown here on the table: the light bar, the wiring harness with the toggle switch, the mounting brackets, and the Allen wrench for tightening down your adjustment on the light bar. This is a low-profile LED light bar, provides bright, focused light. It is a narrow, 10 degree spot beam, which is ideal for high-speed off-road application, and it has a very slim design, which allows for mounting in compact spaces. This light bar does have superior light output from a single row of nine, 5-watt LEDs. That gets you your total of 45-watt output. This light can be dimmed up to 50% using the Vision X dimmers.

We do sell those separate and they are listed as a related product on this product page. Basically there's two different ones. One is a dial control, the other is a push button control. And again, they're sold separately. This light bar itself, gives you maximum efficiency, with minimal heat; uses the premium LEDs with a 50,000 hour lifespan; and a driven to 90% of the light-emitting potential. Does use the electronic thermo management or ETM technology and it uses pulse with modulation, which allows for your highest potential light output at all times.

On the very back of the light bar, it has channel fins here, on this housing that let's the heat quickly dissipate. The air flowing over that will dissipate the heat. It is made of a durable weather-resistant construction; has a nice, rugged black powder coat aluminum housing, which is light-weight and rust-proof. Does use stainless steel mounting hardware to help withstand vibration. The lens on this is a impact-resistant poly-carbonate lens; has a scratch-resistant coating. It is a very easy installation with these included components.

You can mount this light to your roof, to your roll-bar, bumper, grill guard, bulb bar. And it gives a nice rugged look. The universal mounting feet right here, allows for about at 15 degree adjustment. Basically you take the mounting bracket--you can see these slots here with the hole in the middle. Drop the bolt into the hole, slide it over, do the same on this--drop it in, slide it over.

And then you just tighten that down and basically what it'll allow you to do is you can rotate the light. You can see here, I'm moving the mounting hardware. You can see it'll rotate about 15 degrees adjustment. Now once you get it to where you want it and you don't want it to move, you just move the included Allen wrench and on the very end just tighten it down on each side to tighten it up so it doesn't move, once you get it adjusted. Now take off the mounting hardware. The wiring harness it comes with, nice thing about this, it has a toggle switch for on and off capabilities. Has about a 10 ft. cord to go with it, so you can mount that where you like. Also it uses an industry standard triple seal Deutsch connector right here. What I'm going to try to do is show you--get a little close up, and it'll give you an idea. If you look at this Deutsch connector, what it is, the nice feature of it--this orange ring that goes around, it's a triple seal, it's like a rubber seal right there and there's where your pins would go in. So on your light bar, on all the Vision X1's they have a plug-in. Basically, you just line this up and you go to push it in. And when you push it in, you can feel it's got a nice, snug fit. And then at the top here, you watch as I push in, it'll click and lock in place. And then to remove it, you have to push this down. It gives you a nice weather-proof seal if you're connecting to your light bar. Then just remove it, push down on that to unlock it and pull it right out. Now the specs on this is 9 diodes; 45 watt total output; 5 watts per LED. What we're gonna do is go back out here. So again, we got 9 diodes, 5 watts per LED; total of 45 watts. The power draw on this is 3.75 amps; input voltage is 9 volts to 32 volts DC. Limited lifetime warranty on this product. Again, the light output, the effective lumen output on this is 3,330 lumens. The raw lumen output is 4,752 lumens and the beam when this is turned on is 640 ft. long, about 65 ft. wide, and it is a narrow 10 degree spot pattern. The dimensions on this, it is about 12 in. long, about 2 in. tall, and about 2-1/2 in. deep. Now what I am going to do with this is demonstrate the light output on this. I'm going to plug this into a 12-volt power supply we have here, so I'll go ahead and push in the Deutsch connector and get it all connected there. I'm going to go ahead and turn off the overhead lights. The overhead lights off and go ahead and turn on the power supply. And you can see the 9 live watt LEDs lit up to give you the 45 watts. Try to show you it has a nice spot beam. Now we'll go ahead and turn off the power supply and we'll go ahead and turn on the overhead lights. That should do it on the part #XIL-LPX910, the Vision X Xmitter 45 watt LED, Low Pro Prime Xtreme Light Bar with the spot beam pattern. .


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    The Rola cargo basket # 59504 does indeed have a curved front top tube that is the mounting point for it's included wind fairing. The round and curved surface and the presence of the fairing make this a less-than-ideal mounting point for the Pilot Automotive LED Light Bar # PL-9704. It's hardware is made for a flat mounting surface. Yes, you COULD mount it there with a bit of effort (making sure you drill all the way through both sides of the tubing). Note this will void the basket's warranty....
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  • License Plate Light Bar and Light Bar Recommendation for Adding Increased Night Time Visibility
    The # XIL-LICENSEP that you referenced doesn't have a specific weight capacity but it can be used with light bars that are up to 20 inches in length. For a light bar to use with this bracket the part # XIL-LPX910 would be a great choice. This light bar is 12 inches long and has an output of 3,300 Lumens. It also only weighs 3 lbs so it wouldn't hardly weigh anything either.
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