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Vision X Xmitter Low Pro Xtreme Off-Road LED Light Bar - 5,500 Lumens - Flood Beam - 20" Long

Vision X Xmitter Low Pro Xtreme Off-Road LED Light Bar - 5,500 Lumens - Flood Beam - 20" Long

Item # XIL-LPX1540
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Off Road Lights
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs
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Waterproof LED light bar produces a bright white light. Flood beam provides broad light for seeing at a distance. High-performance Cree LEDs. Prime drive regulates LED temperature and maximizes lifespan. Includes mounting bracket and wiring harness. Fastest Shipping and Great prices for Vision X Xmitter Low Pro Xtreme Off-Road LED Light Bar - 5,500 Lumens - Flood Beam - 20" Long. Read our customer reviews of Vision X off road lights. Call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service or order your off road lights part number XIL-LPX1540 by Vision X online at
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Vision X Off Road Lights - XIL-LPX1540

  • Straight Light Bar
  • Light Bar
  • 13 - 24 Inch Long
  • Flood Beam
  • LED Light
  • Vision X
  • Black
  • Aluminum

Waterproof LED light bar produces a bright white light. Flood beam provides broad light for seeing at a distance. High-performance Cree LEDs. Prime drive regulates LED temperature and maximizes lifespan. Includes mounting bracket and wiring harness.


  • Low-profile LED light bar produces a bright white flood beam
    • Slim design allows for mounting in compact spaces
  • Wide 40-degree beam illuminates a large area to provide forward and peripheral visibility
    • Ideal for off-road, industrial, commercial, and agricultural applications
  • Superior light output from a single row of 15 high-performance Cree LEDs
    • Diffusing lens and reflector system deliver optimal light distribution
    • Modulated diffusers remove hotspots and glares from the lighting element
  • Prime drive technology monitors LED efficiency to control temperature and maximize lifespan
    • Electronic thermal management and pulse-width modulation allows for highest potential light output at all times
    • Light can be dimmed to 50 percent with Vision X dimmer (sold separately)
  • Channeled fins on housing let heat quickly dissipate
  • Durable, waterproof construction
    • Rugged, black powder coated aluminum housing is lightweight and rustproof
    • Impact-resistant polycarbonate lens has scratch-resistant coating
    • IP68 rated to stand up to severe environmental conditions and cleaning methods
  • Compatible with 12V and 24V DC systems
  • Simple installation with included mounting brackets and vibration-resistant hardware
    • Light mounts to your roof, roll bar, windshield, bumper, grille guard, or bull bar for a rugged look
    • Adjustable brackets lets you change the angle of the light as needed
  • Wiring harness has toggle switch and industry-standard, triple-sealed Deutsch connector
  • EMC and EMI certified to not cause frequency interference with other electronical products
    • Includes CISPR 25 certification for protection of on-board receivers


  • Dimensions: 19-3/4" long x 2" tall x 2-1/2" deep
    • Mounting depth (center of mounting bolt to rearmost point of housing): 1"
  • Light output:
    • Effective lumen output: 5,550 lumens
    • Raw lumen output: 7,920 lumens
  • Beam: 40-degree flood
  • Color temperature: 6,000K
  • Diodes: 15
  • Wattage: 75 watts
  • Power draw at 12V: 6.25 amps
  • Input voltage: 9V - 32V DC
  • Operating temperature: -40 F to 176 F
  • Vibration rating: 15.6 Grms
  • Weight: 4.45 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Vision X XIL-LPX1540 Xmitter Low Pro LED Light Bar Dimensions

Defeat the darkness with the Xmitter Low Profile Prime Xtreme light bar. This extremely bright, 75-watt LED light bar uses precision optics to shoot out a wide 40-degree beam that floods a large area with bright white light. Its compact, low-profile design allows it to mount in places where many other light bars won't fit. In addition to delivering maximum usable light and stellar efficiency, this light bar also gives you the same rugged, off-road look you've come to expect from similar, industry-standard halogen and HID off-road lights. So you won't have to sacrifice the look that you want to get the visibility that you need.

Wide 40-Degree Flood Beam

The beam pattern of this light is great for seeing out in front of you as well as off to both sides, making it an excellent multi-purpose driving light bar. It is ideal for low-speed, off-road driving applications and industrial applications where being able to see what's ahead of you is important but being able to see in your periphery is vital.

Prime Drive Technology for Maximum Efficiency with Minimal Heat

Vision X Light Bar Prime Drive

Although LED lights typically produce far less heat than halogen or HID lights, heat is still the biggest enemy of an LED. Vision X controls and combats heat with Prime Drive technology. This technology combines electronic thermal management (ETM) with pulse-width modulation (PWM) for superior heat resistance. The result is ultra-bright lights with the highest output, the lease amount of wasted ligth and energy, and the longest life span.

Many LEDs on the market are only driven to 60 percent of their potential to avoid overheating, electrical spikes, and premmature failures. But the Vision X ETM system allows the LEDs in their lights to be drive to 90 percent of their potential. The system monitors each LED's heat level to keep the light operating at a safe temperature, which maximizes its efficiency and life span.

If the ETM system senses that the LED is getting too hot, it engages the pulse width modulation (PWM), which flashes the light at a rate of 100,000 times per second - faster than the human eye can detect. This gives the LED time to cool between cycles while still maintaining its overall brightness. It also allows the LED to be dimmed when used with a Vision X dimmer (sold separately).

Premium LEDs for Superior Light Output

Vision X Premium top-binned LEDs

Not all LEDs are created equal. Lower-grade LEDs, which make up a large portion of the market, produce more heat at the same wattage and have a much shorter life span. Vision X only uses top-quality LEDs for their products. LED manufacturers utilize a process known as "binning" to classify the quality of LEDs within each batch produced. Vision X uses only top-binned LEDs to ensure the highest quality possible.

Rugged, Waterproof Design with Deutsch Connector

Vision X products are built to perform under the toughest conditions. Sealed housing protects the lights sensitive internal electronics against water, dirt, and dust. An impact-resistant polycarbonate lens with a scratch-resistant coating covers the front of the light. The bottom of the light features vibration dampening rubber to prevent damage to the LEDs from bumps and impacts.

Vision X Channeled Fins Regulate Light Temperature

A rugged, black powder coated aluminum housing resists corrosion and rust. Channeled fins work with the air for convection-style cooling. Additionally Vision X lights are all thoroughly tested and protected against voltage spikes, and interference with radio reception and vehicle wiring.

The wiring harness is also triple sealed to ensure a waterproof connection to its industry-standard Deutsch connector. The included mounting hardware is built to resist vibration and corrosion, keeping the light firmly in place.

Rigorous Product Testing

Vision X runs extensive testing on all of their products to ensure performance under the harshest conditions. This commitment to providing the best lighting solutions possible is one of the reasons why Vision X products are used by NASA. Check the diagram below for a better understanding of what goes into testing a Vision X light:

Vision X Light Testing Methods

Raw Lumens vs. Effective Lumens

Lumens are used to measure the amount of usable light that is put out by a light source. Raw lumens represent the number of lumens that the manufacturer claims the LEDs are capable of producing. It does not include the light's drive method or the amount of light lost from the lens or reflector. Effective lumens take these factors into account and represent the number of lumens that are actually produced by the complete light assembly, not just the amount of light that the diodes are capable of producing. This light has a 7,920 raw lumen capacity and produces 5,500 effective lumens.

XIL-LPX1540 Vision X Xmitter Low Profile Xtreme Off Road LED Light Bar - Waterproof - 75W - 5,500 Effective Lumens - 15 Diodes - 40 Degree Wide Flood Beam - 20" Long - 12V/24V

Alternate part number: 9114705

Video of Vision X Xmitter Low Pro Xtreme Off-Road LED Light Bar - 5,500 Lumens - Flood Beam - 20" Long

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Vision X Off Road Lights - Light Bar - XIL-LPX1540 Review

Today we're going to review part number XIL-LPX1540. This is the Vision Xmitter, 75 Watt LED, LoPro Prime Xtreme Light Bar with the Flood Beam Pattern. This part number comes with everything shown here on the table. The light bar itself, the wiring harness with the toggle switch. It comes with the three mounting brackets and an Allen wrench. This is a low profile LED light bar that produces a bright flood beam, gives you a wide 40 degree flood beam which is ideal for low-speed, off road driving and also industrial applications. The very slim design of this light bar allows for mounting in compact spaces.

It does give you superior light output from the single row of 15, 5-watt LED's, for the total of 75 watts. This light can also be dimmed to 50% using the Vision X dimmers. Those would actually attach to this yellow wire, it's labeled dimmer, from your light bar here. Those Vision X dimmers are sold separately on our web site and they are listed on this product page as a related product. There are two different ones. One is a dial control dimmer, the other is a push button control dimmer. You do get maximum efficiency with minimal heat on this light bar.

The premium LED's have a 50,000 hour life span and are driven to 90% of their light-emitting potential. Even though they have the 50,000 hour life span you do have to remember that they do also offer a limited lifetime warranty on this product. It does use electronic thermal management, or ETM technology, and pulse with modulation, which allows for the highest potential light output at all times. The very back of the light bar has the channeled fins on this housing that let's the heat quickly dissipate, sort of like a heat sync. It is a durable, weather-resistant construction. It has a nice rugged black powder coat aluminum housing, which is very light weight and rust proof.

It has an impact resistant polycarbonate lens and it is scratch resistant coating on that. The mounting hardware that used uses high-tensile stainless steel hardware that helps withstand vibration. It's a very easy installation with these included components. You can mount this to your roof, roll bar, bumper, grill guard, bowl bar 00:02:13. Many other places give you a nice rugged look. On the mounting feet right there once you install those I'm going to show you where they go.

You'll see the three slots down here. Once you drop those in, you drop the bolt in the middle hole, just like that, and then slide it over onto the bar. Do the same in the middle, like that. Then you do the third one right over here. inaudible 00:02:40 with those feet and what you'll notice is I'm going to turn, you'll see this rotates down here, so you can see it will rotate. When this is mounted securely you can rotate that light bar and get about 15 degrees of adjustment. We do also offer as a related product that we sell separately on our website, a billet clamp that would bolt on to here and that would allow you to mount around a 1" to 2" tubing. Again those are sold separately and listed as a related product on this product page. Now we'll go over the wiring harness. I just want to show you the wiring harness on this. It does include the toggle switch for on and off capabilities. There's a length of 10' of cord with this toggle switch so it'll give you enough cord that you can mount this into what location you'd like. It comes with the 12 volt relay, the two 30 amp inline fuses. The wire is a 14 gauge wire and what's nice is the end that plugs into your light bar, they do use this nice industry standard triple sealed Deutsch connector. It plugs right into this connector on your light bar. I'm going to try to zoom in here to give you a good idea. You can see on this Deutsch connector, you'll notice the orange ring around it, that's where the trip seal, the rubber seals, are. Then there is where it plugs in. Basically when you go to plug this into your light bar, just like this, you can see that when you plug it in it's a very snug fit and you push it in and then it pops and locks into place right there. What that sealed, it's triple sealed in there. It gives you a nice weather proof seal so there's no elements that can get through that connection. Then to remove it, push down on that lever and pop it right out. The specs on this, it has . let's just zoom out a little bit, we can go over some more specs on this. The specs are 15 diodes, 5 watts per LED so a total of 75 watts. The power draw on this light bar is 6.25 amps. Input voltage is 9 volts to 32 volts DC. This does come with a limited life time warranty. The light output itself, the effective lumen output is 5,550 lumen. The raw lumen output is 7,920 lumen and again the beam this gives off is a wide, 40 degree flood beam. A few dimensions on this: the length is about 19-3/4" long. It's about 2" tall and about 2-1/2" deep. What I want to do now is I want to hook this up to, I've got a 12 volt power supply here and I'm going to plug this in. Then what we're going to do is turn off the overhead lights and I'm going to turn on our 12 volt power supply and it shows you the nice 75 watts of output and the 40 degree flood beam, the wide 40 degree flood beam that it does give off. Now we'll turn off the power and then turn on the over head lights. That should do it for the review on part number XIL-LPX1540. The Vision X Xmitter, 75 Watt LED LoPro Prime Xtreme Light Bar with the Flood Beam pattern. .


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