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Rockstar Splash Guard Mud Flaps - 12" Wide x 23" Long - Front or Rear - Qty 2

Rockstar Splash Guard Mud Flaps - 12" Wide x 23" Long - Front or Rear - Qty 2

Item # AC74FR
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Mud Flaps

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Mud Flaps AC74FR - 12 Inch Wide - Access
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These customizable mud flaps protect your vehicle and what you tow from mud, rocks, and road debris. Durable, textured rubber resists ice and mud buildup. Includes mounting hardware and clear coat aluminum trim plates. Fastest Shipping and Great prices for Rockstar Splash Guard Mud Flaps - 12" Wide x 23" Long - Front or Rear - Qty 2. Read our customer reviews of Access mud flaps. Call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service or order your mud flaps part number AC74FR by Access online at
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Access Mud Flaps - AC74FR

  • 12 Inch Wide
  • Custom Fit
  • Front Pair
  • Rear Pair
  • Access
  • Rubber
  • Drilling Required
  • Wheel Well Mount
  • Matte Frame

These customizable mud flaps protect your vehicle and what you tow from mud, rocks, and road debris. Durable, textured rubber resists ice and mud buildup. Includes mounting hardware and clear coat aluminum trim plates.


  • Custom-fit mud flaps protect your vehicle - and the ones around you - from mud, rocks, and flying debris
    • Use in front to keep doors, quarter panels, and running boards clean
    • Mount in rear to ensure your trailer or towed car or boat lasts longer and looks better
  • Lightly textured composite rubber construction resists ice and mud buildup
    • Withstands heat up to 200 degrees and remains flexible at -40 degrees
  • Flush or offset mounting options let you determine amount of coverage over your tires
  • Stabilizing brackets let you adjust distance of mud flaps from tires for desired clearance
  • Installation hardware included
  • Made in the USA

  • Specs:

    • Dimensions (each): 12" wide x 23" long x 3/8" thick
    • Limited lifetime warranty

    Rockstar Mud Flaps

    These fully customizable mud flaps protect your vehicle and what you tow from mud, rocks, and road debris. The versatile mats mount flush with your wheels or offset for increased coverage, and stabilizer brackets are included for improved tire clearance. The durable, composite rubber mats resist mud and ice buildup, and they include reversible trim plates that add a touch of style.

    Composite Rubber Construction

    Rockstar Mud Flaps rubber construction

    The mud flaps are constructed of durable, 3/8" composite rubber that resists heat up 200 degrees and remains flexible at -40 degrees. They are also lightly textured on the surface to help reduce ice and mud buildup.

    Flush or Offset Mounting Options

    Rockstar Mud Flaps Sides

    Before installing the mats you must determine if you want to use them in the flush or offset configuration. For flush mounting, install the mats with the straight edge to the outside of the vehicle. This aligns the edge of the mats with the outside of your wheel wells for a professional, factory look. For offset mounting, install the mats with the curved edge to the outside of the vehicle. In this configuration the mats will extend beyond the wheel wells to provide increased protection for your vehicle.

    Easy Installation

    Rockstar Mud Flaps Trim Plate

    These mud flaps are easy to install using an angled screwdriver and the included hardware. You will need to determine the best location for each mud flap in your wheel wells. If they are too tall for your vehicle you can easily trim them with a utility knife. Use the included self-tapping screws to mount each mud flap to the metal backing on your wheel wells.

    Stabilizing Brackets

    Rockstar Mud Flaps Stabilizing Bracket

    If you need extra clearance between the mud flaps and your tires you can use the included stabilizing brackets. Simply secure the mud flaps to the brackets using the included hardware, then use the self-tapping screws to mount the brackets to your wheel wells. If necessary, you can use pliers to shape the brackets to fit your wheel wells.

    Reversible Trim Plates

    Rockstar Mud Flaps Trim Plate

    E101003239 Rockstar Splash Guard Mud Flaps - Pickup Trucks and SUVs

    Installation Details AC74FR Installation instructions

    This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

    Video of Rockstar Splash Guard Mud Flaps - 12" Wide x 23" Long - Front or Rear - Qty 2

    Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

    Video Transcript for Access Rockstar 2XL Custom Mud Flaps Review and Installation

    Jake: Hey guys, Jake here with Etrailer. Today we're going to be taking a look at the line of Access Rockstar custom mudflaps. Now right away you're going to see how large these mudflaps are going to be. That is going to be my favorite thing about these. A lot of times with mud flap kits, all you're going to get is a foot-and-a-half-mud flap right behind your tires, but that's not the only trouble that you're going to have, is right behind your tires.When you're driving down the road and you're hauling something expensive or very valuable, whether it be a camper, or a boat, or even just a cargo trailer, you don't want any harm to be caused by your vehicle to that trailer or your boat. Like you see here, we have our boat right behind our truck, and the fiberglass is going to take a beating from our tires if we don't have something in place.And what I like most about these is that these are going to be nice and wide.

    You can see there in the middle, there's only going to be about three to four inches in between the mudflaps, mainly for air flow. So all of this mud flap on the back of our truck here is going to deflect anything, so that it's not going to damage what we're hauling.With this mudflap set up, there's going to be four different variations. There's going to be standard, XL, 2XL, which is what we have here, and 3XL. The standard is going to be for your smaller SUVs and trucks that are going to have a tighter wheel base. The wheels are going to be closer together.

    They're going to be much smaller than these.The XL is going to be for your half-ton trucks that are also going to be, they're not going to stick out as wide as our 2,500 axles do here. And 2XL is going to be for your 2,500s and 3,500s with a single rear wheel. Or for your 1500s if you just want more protection.The 3XL is going to be for specifically designed for Dooley's. They're going to stick out even wider than these, but that's designed to catch everything that's coming off those dual rear wheels. Now the mudflaps we're reviewing today are going to be the smooth style plate on the back.

    We also have them available in diamond plate.You can also find kits that include a heat shield with your mud flaps, so you don't have to go look for them separately. The frame itself is going to be a very thick aluminum construction, so you're not going to have to worry about rust. The hardware, all the hardware, is going to be stainless steel, so I really liked that feature. Because that means this is potentially going to be the last rock guard that I buy. This is going to protect anything that I pull, whether it be a camper like we said earlier, a fifth wheel camper, a boat, or a travel trailer.This is going to take us to a whole new level of protection, with as wide as these are.

    Now what got to say impressed me the most about these mudflats is the thickness of the flap itself. It's going to be a half-inch thick rubber, which is going to be about twice the thickness of any standard mudflap you'll see out there on the market.I really liked that access went the extra mile and made them super thick, which means they're going to last for a very long time. The rubber itself is going to be able to withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees, but you can see here, they do have an option for a heat shield, if your exhaust happens to point straight at the flap itself.This is going to add an extra layer of protection if your exhaust is like mine here, and is going to point straight at the mudflap. It's going to give that rubber an extra layer of protection.The way the mudflap setup is going to attach to the rear of your vehicle is, it's going to wrap around your ball mount shank. It's going to fit two inch shanks. There is a kit available, which we are using here, for two-and-a-half inch shanks also. So no worries that you're going to have to worry about swapping out your ball mount just to be able to use these mudflaps. They took care of you, and if you have that two-and-a-half inch shank, you just have to pick up the adapter.What I like about it, it's not going to be like other mudflap assemblies, to where it's just going to bolt on to your shank itself, and it may have a little bit of side to side movement. We're actually going to have these two tabs up here on top that are going to rest, taking most of the weight from the mudflap assembly itself. Because it does have a little bit of weight to it just because of the size of the mud flaps themselves.And then we're also going to have bumpers that are going to go up against our bumper on our vehicle. So that first of all it doesn't damage it, and it's going to give it that extra layer of stability.Another nice thing about these mudflaps is, they're going to be extra long. Most of the time when you get a mud flap, they're going to sit about four to five inches up off the ground. Here we only have about an inch-and-a-half, and we are sitting here with a pretty tall truck. Taller than your standard suspension.What's nice about these is that, even with our boat loaded on here, we're still have that inch and a half. Which is perfect, because then we know for sure there's not going to be any rocks or dirt flung up onto our boat. If you have a truck that's lower than what we have here, you get your kit, you put it on and you're like, oh no, they're touching the ground without a load.Without a load, you want to take a marker and mark the back of them, and you can cut them to size. That's the nice part about them being rubber. Cut them to size to fit your truck and your need.Now you notice these nice large openings here, that is so that you can access your safety chains nice and easy. You're not going to have to crawl underneath the vehicle to be able to get your safety chains hooked up. And our holes here, the largest of our three holes are designed to line up with those vehicles that have dual rear exhaust in the bumper itself, from factory.Or if you have some custom exhaust on there, you just want to make sure they're going to line up with these holes. On the backside of the mat, they did include a cutout circle, so they have a little notch in the mat itself for you to drill these, for you to cut these out, so that your exhaust can escape without any interference.Overall, my impression of these is going to be very, very positive. I like how everything is going to be nice and sleek on the front. You're not going to have any hex bolt heads here on the outside, it's all going to be nice and smooth. It looks really, really clean. I think it's going to look really good on any vehicle that it goes on, but now that we've gone over some of those features, let's go ahead and show you how to get it put together.Now to get everything assembled, it's going to be a fairly simple process, it's just going to take some time putting all the bolts and nuts together to get all of our pieces assembled on the same frame. So we're going to start with the gusset, and you're going to take a one-inch carriage bolt and insert it in each one of our holes here. You want to make sure that the curvature on the gusset is facing away.And we can take a lock washer and our nut, and thread it on the backside. We'll do that for all six of our bolts here on the top.Now we can take a 14-millimeter socket and tighten them all down.Now we can take our two longer carriage bolts, insert them through our slots here on the top, and then slide on a flat washer, a lock washer, and our nut. We're going to just leave it as loose as we can for now, set it on top of our assembly here. Then we can take a inch-and-a-quarter carriage bolt, slide four of them through the front of our assembly here.There we go. Now we can take a flat washer, a small flat washer, a lock washer, and a nut. We'll do that for all four of them.What you want to do, is you want to leave these loose so that we can adjust it once we get it on to our hitch at whatever height we're going to need it at. Last thing we do before we insert it into our hitch is we'll take these protective covers, slide them over top of these tabs. Because these tabs are going to be sitting on top of your hitch step. Or the step on your bumper.All right, now we're ready to get it in place on our truck.Now we'll take our assembly we just created, we're going to slide it over the shank on our ball mount, slide it all the way to the front, and then we'll take our ball mount and insert it into the hitch on our truck.And when you're doing this, you didn't want to make sure you lift up to set the rock guard itself on top of this step that we referred to earlier.Hoist it up like that, slide our ball mount in some more. There you go, just like that.Now we can insert our pin in our ball mount. Now this point in time, before we tighten everything down around the shank gunner ball mount, you would put these stickers, they're going to be a protective sticker that you're going to put between this rubber cover on our rock art itself.You're going to stick it to your bumper just like that so that you don't have to worry about any wearing on your finish, on your bumper itself. If you have a chrome bumper like I do here, I'm not too worried about it because of this protective cover.But if you have a painted bumper I would recommend more so using these, just so it doesn't wear away the paint. But I think the Chrome finish is going to be just fine with these rubber bumpers.To get our rock guard tightened down to the shank on our ball mount, we're going to need to tighten the two bottom bolts first. What that's going to do is, that's going to close this gap here, and then we can tighten the four remaining bolts down. What you want to do is, you want to take that same 14-millimeter socket and wrench. These I do recommend doing by hand, because it's a little bit more sensitive on how tight it is.We're going to pull back on our rock guard here. We're going to get a nice tight fit. You want to go back and forth so that you're not ever tightening one side more than another.Now we'll take a 14 millimeter wrench and tighten down the four remaining nuts on the back side of our bracket, to tighten everything in its place. Again, don't need to over-tighten. Just make sure they're all snug.Now the nice part about our brackets is the passenger side is going to be labeled with a P, so you want to make sure you do get this L-shaped bracket on the passenger side of the vehicle. Now we're ready to lift our mud flap into place. The bracket on our back, we're going to put it behind our frame here, but I want to go over what bolts we're going to be using with what. The inch-and-a-half bolts are going to go in anything that is going to be going through metal, and then rubber, and then metal again.So these two holes here, you're going to use the inch-and-a-half, and then this hole here on the end, you're also going to use an inch-and-a-half. With this hole on the top, you're going to be using a small, flat washer. And then these other three, you're going to be using a large flat washer. All of them are going to get lock washers.And then our last hole here in the middle, since it's just going through the metal frame and then through our hole here on our flap, that is just going to get an inch-and-a-quarter bolt. So we'll go ahead and lift it into place. You may need an extra set of hands because it is kind of awkward. So we'll go ahead and get it bolted into place, and then show you how we did it.When you lift it into place, you want to slide this over the outside, and that bracket, that C bracket that we put on there earlier, it's what's going to give it the stability to hold the mat up and in place.Now the next thing you're going to want to do, if you decide to pick one up, is install your heat shield. I would highly recommend it for anybody getting this kit. Because what it's going to do is, it's going to protect your flaps from the heat coming from your exhaust. So what we're going to do is, in the instructions, they recommend about a quarter of an inch from the edge of our mud flap. And what you're going to do is, you're going to line it up directly in line with your exhaust.So here we have it lined up. And then you're going to take a marker and mark your holes. And we're going to have to drill a hole for our bolts to go through.And we're going to take an 11-32nds drill bit and drill out our holes. Then we're going to take our bolts that will be included in your heat shield kit, and slide them into place. May require a little bit of force to get them in. But I think the idea is that they're tight so that they don't fall out.Now we can take the large flat washer, put it on each one of them, and put on a nut. What this nut is designed to do is to keep the heat shield at least that quarter inch off of our mud flap. We'll take a 14 millimeter socket and tighten down.And we can take our heat shield, slide it over bolts, put a lock washer on each side. Obviously, you want to make sure your flap here, it's designed to deflect the heat, is at the top. And that's your letters are the correct way. Take that same 14-millimeter socket and tighten them down.Well guys, thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed the video. That's going to do it for our look at the line of Access Rockstar custom mud flaps.

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    Rockstar Splash Guard Mud Flaps - 12" Wide x 23" Long - Front or Rear - Qty 2 - AC74FR

    Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (7 Customer Reviews)

    These customizable mud flaps protect your vehicle and what you tow from mud, rocks, and road debris. Durable, textured rubber resists ice and mud buildup. Includes mounting hardware and clear coat aluminum trim plates.

    2022 Ford F-350 Super Duty


    Review from a similar Rockstar Universal in Mud Flaps

    I really like my selection of the Rock Guard from etrailer. It is heavy-duty and looks like it will serve its purpose for many years to come. My boat is safe.


    Review from a similar Rockstar Universal in Mud Flaps

    Installed them on my new F350 using supplied brackets and extra bolts. First mud flaps I haven't destroyed or quickly torn off! Would definitely buy again


    Review from a similar Rockstar Universal in Mud Flaps

    Easy to assemble, except for cutting to length. But very effective, easy to install and remove.


    Review from a similar Rockstar Universal in Mud Flaps

    Great product fitment was great


    Review from a similar Rockstar Universal in Mud Flaps


    Review from a similar Rockstar Universal in Mud Flaps


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