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TorkLift HiddenPower Under-Vehicle Battery Mount with Battery Box

TorkLift HiddenPower Under-Vehicle Battery Mount with Battery Box

Item # TLA7727
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TorkLift 12V Batteries,Group 24 Batteries,Group 31 Batteries Battery Boxes - TLA7727
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Add another 12V automotive battery to your truck so that your camper or RV can have power longer - and without straining your truck's system. Just clamp this mount to the underside of your vehicle and hook up the battery (not included). Call 800-298-8924 to order TorkLift battery boxes part number TLA7727 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all TorkLift products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for TorkLift HiddenPower Under-Vehicle Battery Mount with Battery Box. Battery Boxes reviews from real customers.
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TorkLift Battery Boxes - TLA7727

  • Camper Battery Box
  • 12V Batteries
  • Group 24 Batteries
  • Group 31 Batteries
  • TorkLift
  • Black Plastic
  • Custom Under-Vehicle Mount

Add another 12V automotive battery to your truck so that your camper or RV can have power longer - and without straining your truck's system. Just clamp this mount to the underside of your vehicle and hook up the battery (not included).


  • Lets you add a battery (not included) that ties into your truck's electrical charging system
    • Designed to be extension of your RV's battery when the RV is plugged into your truck
    • Provides extra battery power in your camper or RV to significantly extend the time you can run on your 12V system
  • Works for lead acid, AGM, sealed, gel cell batteries and more
    • For marine group 24-31 batteries
  • Quick-disconnect power connector eases installation and removal of battery
  • Sturdy polymer battery box included
  • Easy, no-drill installation
    • Clamps to truck frame, beneath truck
    • Includes necessary hardware
  • Custom designed for your vehicle
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty

TorkLift HiddenPower Battery Mount Installed

A7727 Tork Lift Hidden Power Battery Mount with Box

Replaces A7703

This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

Video of TorkLift HiddenPower Under-Vehicle Battery Mount with Battery Box

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for TorkLift HiddenPower Under Vehicle Battery Box Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the TorkLift Hidden Power Under Vehicle Battery Mount with Battery Box. This is available in a wide variety of applications and sizes to fit almost any vehicle. Here's the battery bracket itself. Our battery box is going to sit right on top; it's held in place by four bolts. These go right over our frame rail. Our frame is going to sit right in here. As you can see there's a nice contact patch there that it's going to rest up against our frame.

Then we've got a bolt coming out of the rear here. This is going to accept the lower part of the clamp. We'll then install a nut on the end here. As you can see, that's also going to grab onto the frame and hold our battery box in place. Here you can see the battery box itself. It's a nice durable ABS plastic construction.

It's going to have the snap off lid. As you can see that allows for our cables to be run in and out. We don't have the old style where one side is kind of lumped out. We've got the room there. It's a nice heavy duty box.

It's not like some of the real light weight cheap ones that we can find in some of the stores. Inside you can see here we've got a 24 series battery. These are made to fit just about whatever type of battery that you want to use. Just check the specifications there if you're using a 27 series, a 31, whatever size you've got, they've got a box that's going to match that for you. We've got a 24 series in here. This is at one of the narrowest settings that we have.

If you take a look right here it's going to have a nice spacer. This is adjustable to several different positions all the way down through here. That way you're going to get a nice snug fit for your battery to keep this from moving around while it's in our box. It also gives us another nice little storage area if we have any extra cable or anything like that, we could coil it up. In today's application we're going to be mounting our TorkLift Hidden Power right here behind the transfer case and right in front of the fuel tank. Figure that's got to be a pretty safe area. Just depending on the vehicle you're going to be mounting it on, depending on the battery box that you pick, that will depend on the location you'll be mounting this. They usually try to give you the best guide to get it in the best location that's going to be the most protected. To mount ours here we're going to remove this small bracket, just get it out of the way until we can get our box into position, then we can reinstall it. As you can see here this is a Crew Cab Super Duty so it's got that short bed on it, four doors. It gets lodged in right there. We can almost push it all the way in there by hand, but it comes to a little stop point there. Just a few taps, rubber mallet, whatever you have around. Use a sledge hammer inaudible 00:02:57 heavy steel, you're not going to hurt it. Then we can get it into position and if we wiggle it a little bit we're going to be able to slide this right back and into position. We're going to find the position we'll be mounting our box. Remember that we had a little bit of open space on the one end here. We're going to let that overhang slightly off of our bracket so that the main weight of our battery is centered on our bracket there. Once we get our bracket up there and we get our box sized up, we'll drill a couple holes to get it mounted. To make our connections at the battery, we're just going to use a ring-style terminal. Slide it right onto our wire there and then crimp it down to be sure we get a nice, secure connection. You can see it puts a nice little divot there to give us a good, secure connection. Since our trailer is powered full time, that means we've always got 12 volt running to the back, we're going to run our cable through a battery isolation solenoid. What that's going to do is only allow our hidden power to be connected into our trucks charging system when the key is in the on position so we'll never have any of those situations where we'll be drawing power out of our truck's battery. It's only going to be coming from the hidden power battery. Now it's time to isolate a wire that we're going to have 12 volt power on only when the ignition key is on. What we'll do is take a look down in here and start testing wires. We want to find one that's not hot now and will be hot when the key is on. For the majority, the wires that I'm testing here, this red one, the white one, the black one, the green and these two reds, these are all cold now. Let's have them go ahead and turn the ignition on. We'll go through and test those same wires. No. No. There we go. You can see our green wire right here on top. Go ahead and turn the key off. When the key goes off so does the power coming to that wire. We're going to know that's an ignition on, or ignition only on, so it's only going to be powered when the key is on. The next step is going to be finding the suitable mounting location for our solenoid. This is part number TR118665. You can find it on our website. We want to make sure that the three contacts or the three studs aren't going to come in contact with the body. We'll want the solenoid here to come in contact with the body. That's actually going to ground the solenoid out so there's no need for an additional ground wire. The solenoid is great for keeping any 12 volt item from drawing power from your battery when your ignition is not in the on position. You run your battery, 12 volt power in here, from the battery it'll go right in here. We can hook all of our 12 volt accessories that we'd like up here to the other side. Once the ignition goes on the wire connected to this stud completes the circuit here allowing power to transfer through. As soon as we turn the ignition off there's no longer going to be power going to this stud. That's going to open up, it's going to make sure that it doesn't make a connection and our power will end right here. It won't be transferred through our solenoid out to our goodies. Now that we've got our mounting location figured out let's use a couple of self-tapping screws to go ahead and affix it. The hardware is not included. You will have to have that. That is nice and secure. Now we'll start taking care of putting some connectors on there. The first connection we'll make is going to be from the ignition only source that we found up to the small stud on the solenoid. Just going to use a small piece of wire laying around. To one end of this we're going to be adding a ring terminal. The other end we're going to use a quick splice connector to tie in with that green wire that we had found. Put that in there. We can take our black wire, we'll slide that in the quick connector as well. We'll just use a pair of pliers and close up our quick connector. We'll take our small nut and lock washer off. Place that ring terminal on and then replace our lock washer and the nut. As you can see here I fed my orange power cable, we fed that down through and I added another ring terminal here at the end. This is going to get connected to our battery. Then it's going to run over here and connect to our solenoid. We'll mark our right here, about where we're going to cut it. Now we'll add a ring terminal. That will allow us to connect to our solenoid here. That connection is nice and solid. Now we'll add a ring terminal to the other end of the wire there. This is the one that will run down and connect in to the battery down low. We can make a connection right here. Now that we've got our connections made here we're still going to wait on connecting the battery until we get everything downstairs taken care of. We can head down there and start adding our quick connects on and get our battery set up. Now that we've got our wire ran down here we're going to be adding in our quick disconnects in between our battery and the wiring that runs up toward the front of the truck and also our ground wire. We're going to add the same style terminal end to each of these to make the connection to our battery. This will be one of the last things we'll connect. We just want to get a good idea of where we're going to need to cut these to place our quick connector in place. Cut those off. Now let's trim them off and add our connectors. Nice and secure. Now we'll take our quick connect here. You'll see the two springs that are in there. Those are going to go right in this notch here and here on the top and hold these in place for us. You really want to shove them up in there quite a ways. Now we'll add our other end of our quick connect. We add it here on this side. We're just going to do it in the exact same way. Coming our of our quick disconnect up toward the front of the truck we've got our long, orange power wire. Remember we connected that to the solenoid and ran it down here for the battery. The black wire, this is going to be our ground wire. It just needs to go to the vehicle chassis ground. We've got one final connection to make down here before we put our box up into place. That's going to be the power wire that's going to run from the battery back to our trailer power wire on our 7-pole plug. That's going to go from the positive side of our battery. It'll be the same one we've got our orange cable connected to and that's going to run to the back of the truck. We'll allow that to come out of this side of the box. These two are going to come out of the front side of the box. Now it's going to be time to put our bolts and fender washers through the bottom of our box here. We'll place our battery down and in and we'll get our connections made. The positive side, we've got the black wire and the orange wire. On our ground or our negative side, we'll have just our black wire. We can place our cover right over the top. inaudible 00:12:49 As we put our battery into place we want to line up those four bolts so that they'll line up with our holes. That's going to get a fender washer, lock washer and a nut on each one here. Let's get our ground wire connected. We'll just be attaching that to the bolt that was holding our bracket on. That was pretty convenient that it is right there for us. This wire, as we run it back, we want to keep it up. We don't want it hanging down or anything. I'm going to use this skid plate here, just kind of go right over the top of that. Keep it away from any sharp edges, anything that might do damage to it. This skid plate will actually protect it quite nicely. Let's figure out which wire it is that's hot to our trailer here in the back. To do that we're going to use our tester again. We'll just see it touch each of the prongs in here until we hear our tester light up. The red wire in that same location, that's going to run through this connector. Let's find it where it comes out of that connector. To connect our black wire to our red wire we're going to use another quick connector here. Get that closed fully, snap that over and let's wrap it up with a little tape. The final step is going to be connecting our positive wire to our battery terminal here. The final step we're going to add on our bracket here to finally secure our battery box bracket to the frame. There we've got it nice and secure. Then let's torque this down to specification. One last step just to ensure we're not going to have any issues down the road, just take here for instance. Our quick disconnect just wants to hang down just a little bit. We can quickly just come through with a few zip ties, kind of bring that up and out of the way in any location we see that might be an issue. That's just going to save us a few headaches down the road if that we're ever to get caught on something. That will complete today's look at the TorkLift Hidden Power Under Vehicle Battery Mount with Battery Box. .

Customer Reviews

TorkLift HiddenPower Under-Vehicle Battery Mount with Battery Box - TLA7727

Average Customer Rating:  3.5 out of 5 stars   (2 Customer Reviews)

Add another 12V automotive battery to your truck so that your camper or RV can have power longer - and without straining your truck's system. Just clamp this mount to the underside of your vehicle and hook up the battery (not included).

- TLA7727
2006 Lexus GX 470

The bracket is solid, but the mounting/securing of the plastic box to the bracket leaves a bit to be desired. It does protect the battery well from the elements, but it does not secure the battery down well. If you wanted to spend more money, you could get a battery box from the Offroad manufacturers that fits within the plastic box and bolt it down, which would be more secure. I’m going to be modifying the bracket and box so that I can attach a ratchet strap in place of the provided strap to make it secure as possible without breaking the bank. Eventually I might take some all thread and clamp down a bar across the top of the battery, similar to some older OEM battery securing mechanisms. 637084

- TLA7740

Review from a similar TorkLift Hidden Power in Battery Boxes

Installed this about a year ago and have not had any issues with it. It works as advertised! Its not "easy" to install or remove with my current set up and heavy AGM battery. I likely have to many heavy lines going into the box and then connected a fuse box/distribution box on the outside of the box. I have been off road and have not damaged it at all! Great product to keep the "house Battery" out of the bed of my truck and attached low and out of the way! Trying to figure out if I can mount a second one!! 619125


Ask the Experts about this TorkLift Battery Boxes

  • Dual Battery Set-up with Torklift Hidden Power Battery Mount and Solar Connection
    The TorkLift HiddenPower Under-Vehicle Battery Mount with Battery Box # TLA7727 has internal measurements of 14-1/2" L x 7-7/8" W x 9-3/4" T. This mount is a confirmed fit for your 2004 Ford F-350 with 8 foot bed. It is possible to connect two 6V batteries to solar. You can either connect them in parallel to get 6V output or series to get 12V output. I've attached a photo of these options to assist. For your solar power, you can use the 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger # PTW2997.
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  • Will TorkLift HiddenPower Battery Mount Hold Group 31 Battery?
    The TorkLift HiddenPower Battery Mount # TLA7727 holds for marine group 24 - 31 batteries; it will work with lead acid, AGM, sealed and gel cell batteries. I've added links to a pair of video reviews on this battery box for you to take a look at.
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  • Could the TorkLift HiddenPower Under-Vehicle Battery Mount Attach to Trailer Frame
    Although the TorkLift HiddenPower Under-Vehicle Battery Mount with Battery Box # TLA7727 was originally designed for attaching to the frame of a truck you certainly could attach it to the frame of a trailer.
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  • Battery Box that Can Fit Trailer Frame
    If you look at the brackets of the TorkLift HiddenPower Under-Vehicle Battery Mount # TLA7727 you'll see that the top hook goes much wider than the bottom one. There wouldn't be a frame dimension that this will work with since trailer frames don't have wider top portions than bottom portions. This is a specific application for vehicle frames that happen to be shaped like this. For a frame mounted battery box we have the part # TLA7712R which has internal dimensions of 23-15/16" long...
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  • Recommended Tork Lift Under-Vehicle Battery Box Mount for 1987 Ford Van
    The TorkLift HiddenPower Under-Vehicle Battery Mount with Battery Box # TLA7727 is meant for Ford F-Series pickups and for two specific battery types, Group 24 batteries and Group 31 batteries. My contact at TorkLift suggested their similar item # TLA7726 since the way it mounts will give it a more universal fit. They cannot guarantee it will fit your van but it should definitely be better option than the other kit since it bolts on from the side. Please refer to the linked video for...
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  • What Size Fuses/Breakers Should be Used when Adding a Second Battery and Hidden Power Battery Mount
    Provided that the fuses you want to install are rated for the amount of power that will be running to/from the battery you will be good to go. If you were to use fuses or breakers that are rated higher then that could allow for an overload condition before a fuse blows or a breaker trips. It also depends on how you have it set up. If the second battery is being fed from the main battery then you wouldn't need to have a high-rated fuse or breaker. If the alternator is feeding it then...
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  • Will a 6V Battery Fit in a 12V Battery Box or Holder
    Since 12V batteries are typically larger than 6V batteries, a single 6V battery should fit just fine in a 12V battery box (or holder) like the under-vehicle box # TLA7727. If you have two 6V batteries then you will need a larger box like the TorkLift # TLA7708R which is also available with a solar panel for charging as part # TLA7708RS. Attached are some review videos for you to reference. If you can give me some more insight into what you are needing I can make a more specific recommendation...
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