1. RV Sewer Hoses
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  3. Drain Hoses
  4. 15 Feet Long
  5. 24 Mil - Extra Thick
SilverBack RV Sewer Hose w/ 3" Swivel Fittings and 4-in-1 Clear Elbow Adapter - 15' Long

SilverBack RV Sewer Hose w/ 3" Swivel Fittings and 4-in-1 Clear Elbow Adapter - 15' Long

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SilverBack RV Sewer Hoses - D04-0650
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In Use/Installed

Is this right for you? Product Expert Alexander C says:

Yes, if you:

  • Plan on living in your RV full-time
  • Camp in very crowded areas where the hose could easily get stepped on
  • Are worried a 10' hose might not reach the sewer inlet, so you want a drain hose with a bit of extra length

No, if you:

  • Are looking for a drain hose that just gets the job done - something this thick might be overkill
Built for full-time RVing, this extra-heavy-duty, crushproof sewer hose resists scratches and punctures, so you can empty your holding tanks without springing a leak. 4-In-1 clear elbow adapter fits 4 types of sewer inlets. Lowest Prices for the best rv sewer hoses from SilverBack. SilverBack RV Sewer Hose w/ 3" Swivel Fittings and 4-in-1 Clear Elbow Adapter - 15' Long part number D04-0650 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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SilverBack RV Sewer Hoses

  • Drain Hoses
  • SilverBack
  • 15 Feet Long
  • 24 Mil - Extra Thick

Built for full-time RVing, this extra-heavy-duty, crushproof sewer hose resists scratches and punctures, so you can empty your holding tanks without springing a leak. 4-In-1 clear elbow adapter fits 4 types of sewer inlets.


  • Sewer hose lets you drain your RV's black-water and gray-water tanks at a dump station
    • Ideal for full-time RV living
  • 4-In-1 elbow adapter easily connects to the dump station's sewer inlet
    • Fits 3" diameter slip and 3", 3-1/2", and 4" diameter threaded sewer inlets
    • 90-Degree elbow keeps hose from sharply bending and wearing down
    • Clear plastic lets you see when tanks are empty
  • Extra-thick, 24-mil poly construction is strong and won't degrade in the sun
    • Springs back into shape when pressed or crushed
    • Flexible and easy to manuever, even in temperatures below freezing
  • 100-Mil protective beading resists scrapes and abrasion
  • Swivel fittings rotate to eliminate twisting and keep hose laying flat
    • Internal seals help prevent leaking
  • Hose collapses for storage
  • Silver and black color


  • Hose diameter: 3"
  • Hose length:
    • Extended: 180"
    • Collapsed: 53"
  • 1-Year warranty

Complete kit

This sewer hose comes with everything you need to empty your holding tanks at a dump station. The sewer hose is made of 24-mil-thick poly material for extra durability. The 90-degree elbow adapter prevents the hose from bending too sharply, and because it's clear, it lets you see when the tank is empty too. The elbow adapter also makes it easy to connect to the dump station with its 4-in-1 fit capability.

4-in-1 Elbow Adapter Fits Any Sewer Inlet

Valterra 4-1n-1 sewer adapter

The included 4-in-1 elbow makes connecting the hose to the dump station inlet fast and easy. The adapter is designed to fit 4 sizes of dump station inlets. It easily slides into 3" diameter slip inlets, and it can be screwed into a 3", 3-1/2", or 4" diameter threaded inlet.

Valterra 90-degree RV sewer hose fitting

Also, the 90-degree design ensures that there isn't a sharp bend in the hose when you connect it to the dump station inlet, which makes for a longer lasting hose. And the clear plastic construction of the elbow makes it easy to see when the water moving through your system runs clear, signaling that your tanks are empty.

Valterra 4-1n-1 sewer adapter installed

To hook up the adapter, slide or screw the elbow into the dump station sewer inlet, then connect the lug fitting on the end of the hose to the bayonet fitting on the adapter. It's that easy.

Extra-Heavy-Duty Poly Material is Durable and Crushproof

poly hose

This RV hose is made of 24-mil-thick poly material for extra durability when you're dumping your tanks. The material is strong enough to take a beating and also won't fade if it stays in the sun too long.

poly hose crush resistant

If the hose is pressed or crushed, no problem. The durable poly material will spring back up so the hose can retain its shape. And even though it's strong, the hose is still flexible enough to bend and manuever, even if the temperature drops below freezing. Finally, the hose's 100-mil beading protects the hose body from scrapes, punctures, and scratches, so you won't have to worry about springing a leak.

Swivel Fittings Eliminate Twisting

Valterra swivel lug fittings

The swivel fittings on each end of this hose rotate independently. This means that, when you're screwing them onto the connection points, the entire hose will still lay flat. So when you're dumping your tanks, waste can easily flow to the sewer inlet. No twisting, no binding, no problem.

D04-0650 Valterra Silver Back Drain Hose with Swiveling Fittings for RVs - 4-in-1 Elbow Adapter - 15' Long x 3" Diameter - 24 mil Poly - Silver and Black

Item # D04-0650

California residents: click here

Video of SilverBack RV Sewer Hose w/ 3" Swivel Fittings and 4-in-1 Clear Elbow Adapter - 15' Long

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for SilverBack RV Sewer Hose Kit with Swivel Fittings Review

Colin: Hey guys, it's Colin here at etrailer. Today I wanted to show you guys this RV Sewer Hose Kit from SilverBack.In this kit, it's going to be one, 15' long hose. Basically, it's going to be able to expand and retract very easily. So if we got a shorter distance, like we have right here, you don't have to fully expand it out. But as you can see when I pick it up, let's say you have a drainage system that's very far from your RV, you can just expand it out as far as you need, to get your tanks emptied.The hose itself is going to have a very durable polypropylene construction, so it is going to be a UV resistant, so it's not going to wear down if it's exposed to the sun for a long period of time. And it's also going to have a very protective beading around the outside, that's going to protect it from any damage.

So if you happen to run over it with the RV, or even right here I'll go ahead and step on it, right there, it'll take its shape back. You can see I can still condense it and retract it on command.Now when the hose is not use, it does condense down to 53". Now, that's going to make for very easy storage. You may have a compartment on your RV, specifically for sewer hoses, or if you don't, it's still going to be very compact to store in a tow.Now, it's important to have a versatile way of emptying out both your black and gray water tanks from your RV at a dump station. With this setup, we can easily maneuver around, shrink, and expand the hose as we please.

Now you can see right here, our dump station's only about four feet away from our empty station on our tanks. However, at some campgrounds, if you like to travel a lot and go to different sites at different States, it's all going to be very different. So having that 15' of adjustability is going to come in handy very much.However, if you frequently go to a place where you know you're going to need more than 15' to get your tanks emptied, but you also don't want to use those portable containers, there are extensions available from SilverBack. We have a 5' Extension piece and a 10' Extension. So sometimes it's nice just to have those extra pieces, to make sure you can get your tanks emptied into the dump station.Now, right here we just want to illustrate real quick why the extension pieces could come in handy.

We have our 15' kit right here with our 15' hose, but it's not near enough. We have it fully stretched out. It doesn't even come close to reaching our dump station. So with that 10' extension, if you're not able to get your RV any closer, and because it's not that far, really a portable dump station to transport over would be a waste of energy, when you can just set up one more extension hose. So we'll just grab it and connect it just like that.

Now we have that extra 10', totaling 25, to make sure we can get to our dump station.It is going to come with this clear, 90-degree elbow piece, that's going to allow a easy transfer from the hose into the dump station. That clear housing's going to make sure you can keep an eye on the color of your content that you're depositing into the dump station. That way when it's clear, you're going to know you've cleaned out your tanks very well.Now what's also nice about this setup, is that we have three different types of threading, and at each dump station it's all going to be different. Sometimes they'll just have a straight PVC tube that you'll attach right here. Other times you'll have threaded options. This is going to account for the 3" wide opening, the 3-1/2" and the 4". so it's very versatile. It's going to allow you to utilize this at of variety of dump stations.Now, in some cases, like right now, the gravity is on our side, but more times than not you're going to be at a point where your connection point is sitting much higher than your dump station. So to make sure you have gravity on your side, it's always a good idea to pick up one of these Sewer Hose Support Systems. This one just happens to be from Slunky. You can see right here, even though we have that upward angle, we're just trying to show you guys in case in your certain situation you're going to need this. You can see how it angles all the way down. It goes around the length of our hose, provides a support system, while also letting us use gravity to get our tanks emptied. These are available here at etrailer in many different lengths.Up here where it connects to our RV, you're going to see we have that nice bayonet style connection point. This is going to be pretty standard when it comes to RVs and sewer hose attachments. Basically when we hook it up, we just twist it around the lug nut fixings, like that. What's also nice, is that it's going to twist independently from the hose. That way the hose itself is not going to get caught up when you're trying to properly get it attached to your drainage point on your RV.Now, right here you can see that we have both our gray and black water tanks hooked up to the same point, but it's not going to be the same on all RVs. Right now we just have our one, 15' hose, but if you have two different points where your black water tank and your gray water tank empty, then you're going to probably want to get the two, 10' Hose Kit. It's going to be the exact same thing as this. Instead of one, 15' hose, you're going to get two, 10' hoses. That way you can have them meet at one point to the dump station.Now, if you go with the two, 10' Hose Kit, and you have two different spots where they're coming from, but you only have one slot for your dump station, I'd recommend picking up one of these "Y" Fittings. This is basically going to give you a connection point for both of them, and then one exit point, to make sure that you don't have to disconnect from your gray tank, hook up to your black tank, and then vice versa anytime you want to use those appliances or tools.Well, thank you all for watching, but that's going to do it for our look at the RV Sewer Hose Kit from SilverBack.

Customer Reviews

SilverBack RV Sewer Hose w/ 3" Swivel Fittings and 4-in-1 Clear Elbow Adapter - 15' Long - D04-0650

Average Customer Rating:  4.3 out of 5 stars   (4 Customer Reviews)

Built for full-time RVing, this extra-heavy-duty, crushproof sewer hose resists scratches and punctures, so you can empty your holding tanks without springing a leak. 4-In-1 clear elbow adapter fits 4 types of sewer inlets.

- D04-0650

Works fine but will not fit in my bumper designed to carry it. 804394

- D04-0650

Good product, fair price and quick deli very! 803652

- D04-0650

I purchased this hose as a replacement and really like it. It compresses into a smaller "bundle" if you will, and makes it easier to store in our outside truck camper storage box. I like that the ends are permanently fused on the hose - no problem with the hose coming off the ends at inconvenient times. Hose is rugged and has held up well. I will definitely buy this product again when ours finally wears out. If ever. Highly recommend. 770882

- D04-0650

Haven't used hose..seems to be ok.. Good shipping got it fast Thank you 680207

The sewer hose is good.. works good easy to handle ..light weight..Sometimes..if feels flimzy like it would tearrip easy..but so far so good.
Richard - 08/05/2020


Ask the Experts about this SilverBack RV Sewer Hoses

  • Will the SilverBack RV Sewer Hose Kit Fit In a 4 x 4 Square Bumper
    Yes, you can store the SilverBack RV Sewer Hose Kit w/ Swivel Fittings part # D04-0650 in a standard 4" x 4" bumper. However, you will need to remove the 90 degree elbow fitting most likely and store it somewhere else in order to do so. Please note we also offer extensions for this sewer hose as well, part # D04-0602 for 2' long or part # D04-0605 for 5' long.
    view full answer...
  • Can SilverBack RV Sewer Hose Be Shortened
    The SilverBack RV Sewer Hose part # D04-0650 can be shortened but the bayonet style fittings will not properly fit the hose anymore since the hose is designed with the fittings preglued to the ends of the hoses. I confirmed this with SilverBack. They do not recommend shortening it but you may be interested in the 10 foot long version part # D04-0675. I have attached a link of all of the other drain hoses we carry.
    view full answer...

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