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Thule Toiletry Kit - 16" Tall x 18" Wide

Thule Toiletry Kit - 16" Tall x 18" Wide

Item # TH306928
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Thule Gray Luggage - TH306928
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This toiletry kit is designed for use in small living spaces, perfect for the bathroom or the campsite. Made of durable, weather-resistant material. Black and gray color.

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Thule Luggage - TH306928

  • Toiletry Bag
  • Thule
  • Gray

This toiletry kit is designed for use in small living spaces, perfect for the bathroom or the campsite. Made of durable, weather-resistant material. Black and gray color.


  • Toiletry bag is perfect for small living spaces
  • Includes extra pockets for first aid items
  • Durable, weather-resistant polyester material
  • Integrated cover with zipper, can remain open for easy access
  • Detachable mirror with hook-and-loop fastener connection
  • L-shaped hook to fit over doors
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Easy to carry thanks to integrated handle
  • Measures 16" tall x 18" wide
  • Black and gray color
  • 2-Year warranty

306928 Thule Toiletry Kit - 16" Tall x 18" Wide

Video of Thule Toiletry Kit - 16" Tall x 18" Wide

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Video Transcript for Thule Toiletry Kit Review

Zach: Hey everybody. Zach here at When it comes to living in your RV, whether you're a weekender or full time, or you're just camping regularly, having your stuff organized is one of those things that we definitely, it just makes things easier. And we want that to be part of our experience. And Thule has this really nice toiletry bag that they offer. And what I like about this is it's larger than most of those kits that you normally see.

So, this camper actually has one hanging up in the bathroom, and it's carrying a lot of stuff, but it's all in one pocket. So, everything's jammed in there. You kind of got to dig through it to find what you're looking for.So, with this expanding out to this size, I could look through this and find all of my family's stuff, whether it's deodorants and toothpaste or stuff, lotions, chapsticks, soap, everything's all nice and split up. And I don't have to dig through just one big, giant pocket.What I like is we have a couple different style bags. So, we have this kind of mesh material here that allows us to keep things secure.

Then, we have these plastic ones that I think are going to do a good job if stuff kind of spills out or maybe gets a little bit on the outside of the bottle, and you won't get it all over the rest of your kit. But, I think if it's really liquidy, you're probably going to have some leaks just where that zipper doesn't close all the way, but we have those all the way throughout. So, just different size organization pockets to keep stuff of different sizes and shapes. I'm not using all travel size bottles here. I have full sized deodorant and toothpaste and hair product, and a trimer and sunscreen.

I have full sized stuff that would be at my house normally. I don't have to rely on small, airplane style bottles. We definitely have pockets for that stuff. And if you're carrying all of that you can fit more in there. But this is what's cool about this, is I don't have to live the travel lifestyle with my toiletries.

I can just put those full size stuff in here.So, the large compartment, I mean, I've got a full bottle of soap in there. Now, if we're talking about curling irons, hairdryers, I don't think you're going to fit that type of stuff in here, unless it's really small, compact, very specific to travel. But we can fit a lot of good stuff in here. And I like these side pockets, stuff that's easily assessable. Sunscreen's one that we're putting on quite a bit. So, I want that I can easily reach that. Kids can grab it instead of digging through the bag, but I like just being able to split everything up.So, when it comes to keeping it in place and keeping things secure, it's a really good solution. We even got an additional pocket here to carry some stuff. And what I like about it is that we can hang this up. So, it fits around doors. I have this hooked up to a cabinet here, probably not the most ideal situation, but this just shows you, it has some versatility. You can easily hang this up outside if you're doing a rooftop tent or if you just want it on the exterior of your camper, it still has that. And when it comes to having this outside, it's got a really nice weather resistant material. All of the seams are really nice on here. Thule makes really good bags, and this is no different.It's not of the same extreme quality as some of their backpacks and duffle bags, but it's still really good material. I don't think this is going to have any issues with tearing unless you really start stuffing it, and really stressing on the zipper. And when it comes to that zipper, we can zip this up. So, we don't have to carry it that way all the time, which is nice. If you want it just, if you're doing camping outside, you don't want all your stuff exposed all the time. So you can kind of just close up one compartment.What's nice, you can also throw this in a bag or a suitcase, if you're flying. You see, we can keep it compact. I like that it has this little mirror here. Now, this isn't glass. This is like a reflective plastic. I think that if you put too much stress on this from the outside, if you smashed it, you could potentially break that. That's, I don't know, it's not the highest quality that you could get out of a mirror, but you also probably don't want glass in there anyway. And then, we'll just pop this open, lift this off. Then, we can close this up some more. Then, that just has a hook and loop there to secure that. You can see we can carry this.So, really compact. We can easily stow this away whenever we're driving. Get it out and hang it. But I like the handle, it actually has a really nice handle. I think you could probably hang that up from a rooftop tent too. There's a lot of different capacities for it.Thule has a lot of different ways to keep things organized whenever we're camping. Let's go inside, and let's hang this up and we're going to look at it with a shoe organizer as well, with some other members on the team. John: So, today we're going to be taking a look at the Thule shoe organizer and the wall attachment Pod 2.0. their organizer holders, and the Thule toiletry kit. So, Zach, do you want to get us started talking about the shoe organizer Zach: Yeah. So, the shoe organizer, as you can see right here, holds a lot of different shoes. So, I've got all kinds. There's a little suspect on if it was going to be able to hold my shoes. I wear the size 13 and most of them in here are mine. So, I have it held in place with the Thule attachment points there, and that's doing a good job. But, when it comes to carrying all of our shoes, so I have a lot of my outdoor type stuff. So, when I'm out hiking and running and climbing and all of those things, playing in the river, I want that stuff up and out of the way. And this does that for you.So, anything you're in your RV, your camper van, you're camping out of a tent, whatever, this gives you the ability to get campsite a little bit cleaned up. So, I've got most of my family's shoes that we used for this past weekend actually. I just threw them all in my car today and brought them out. So, I've got kids shoes that fit down in here, and they're pretty deep. So, you can see how deep this is. Right down here, John, if you don't mind coming in a little bit closer. It's got this little spot right here that allows it to breathe. So, specifically with all of our sandals, those come home wet every weekend because we're out in the water. And we have to just leave them outside. This allows it to kind of breathe. They're still kind of trapped in there, but you can see my kids shoes, they go pretty far deep. So, sandals fit in there.The surprising thing was my hiking boots. Those don't have a really good fit, but I mean, they're held in place pretty good. They actually fit better than my trail shoes. So, I think that it does a pretty good job. It's nicer than the ones that you get at a department store. Those, I feel like, are just kind of a cheap fabric. This has more of a nicer kind of duffle bag material. Not quite to Thule's bag standards, but it's still good material. John: How about the stitching Does stitching look like it's going to hold up to repeated insertion or removal of work boots Zach: Yeah, I think so. Yeah, so it's definitely. What I'm doing is trying to think of the ones I've seen and used in my apartments in the past that, after a while, they kind of started getting torn up. So, I think that if you're tossing this around repeatedly and it's getting thrown around when you're not hanging it up, it might see some signs of wear and tear. But the stitching seems to be pretty good.One thing to that, so it has this flap to close it up, but with all the shoes I have in here today there's no way I can get this closed up. So, if I took a few of them out, take out my boots and these shoes up top we could probably get that closed up. But- John: Can you try that crosstalk 00:08:35 Can you try taking out that top row of shoes, and let's see how the flap looks Zach: Yeah.So, I think what that comes down to, as you can see, I can push those shoes in further. It's basically pretty deep. So, up top, and maybe I had that in a not as good a situation. You can see how it's kind of tapers down. So, probably my shoes should go down at the bottom. We can test that out real quick. John: Okay. Zach: Put the kids shoes up top. So, that might. Well, maybe not just because this one's wider up top to allow my boots to get in there. But it's not down here. So, it's deeper down at the bottom. So, you can see sandals fit in a little bit better. John: Okay. Zach: But as for getting my boots in there, I don't think it's going to work. So, that's one thing to it, but I mean, if you're just a couple people, just you and your partner out, I think that you're not going to fill this up all the way. I mean, in reality, I don't need a couple of these shoes for our trip. So, I think we could probably get it closed up pretty good. But even moving those to the top, still closed up having shoes up there.So, the hook and loop that holds those in place, got a good handle to move this around, which is kind of nice. And you can see back here, maybe on camera, it's going to be kind of tight, but they've got stitching all the way back through here too. So, those aren't glued in place on all those different pockets. The handle's been reinforced as well, which is kind of nice. You won't have to worry about that tearing. John: Can you talk about the wall attachment pods Zach: Yeah. John: How did you crosstalk 00:10:55- Zach: They're going to maybe be kind of tight to get those out. I probably need something to pop those out, but they're two different pieces. So, I used some screws to put those in place against our wall right here. And, they've got a little release point. So, what this does. I don't want to do that with my knife. I may need to grab a flathead screwdriver later.If you put these on your camper or your van, it's basically hiding those screw heads. So, you've just got a nice little white piece there. And I don't know about capacity on those. I guess it just depends a lot on what you're putting it into. In reality though, you're not putting a ton of weight on it. So, if you just use the proper hardware, it does come with some screws. You use those, it's going to be able to hold your shoes for sure, or your toiletry bag, which I don't think you're using these for your toiletry bag. John: Yeah, I was going to ask you about that in a bit. I do have a question for you about the pods. It says weight capacity 22 pounds. Zach: Oh okay. John: But, now that's mounted into a solid wall. If you we're going to put that in your RV, where would you mount those pods in an RV Zach: So, what I was thinking is, if you want this on a door, it just depends on your RV, how tight of a space you're working with. For me, I would potentially have them on the exterior, so I can just have my shoes accessible outside. So, working with a smaller RV or a sprinter van, it's just one more thing that's going to kind of chunk up the area. You're getting them up off the ground, but then you have something that you have to walk past. And unless you're in a really big Class A motor home, you're not going to have a ton of space. John: But you would have to put two screws in the outside of your- Zach: Yeah, so that kind of is not that great. But that's what the cap is for. You'd probably want to put a little sealer behind that as well. Even though it's up against the wall pretty flush. I think though, if you have a rooftop ten though, you could easily run these straps around some of those things as well, and not have to use the pod. So, it just kind of depends on your setup. John: Yeah. Speaker 3: Can you also, I mean, they have the little round cutouts right underneath there. Can you just use the hook that you have on the other guy that would go over the back of the door Could you use two hooks like that, and just hang it on the back of your door Zach: So, this hook wouldn't fit. What I tested out earlier was a carabiner. And I think you need one that's got a pretty big opening on it to get it hooked into something, to hook it on. But are those the holes you're talking about Speaker 3: Yeah. Zach: Yeah, so I think you could definitely get something in place there. It's just kind of to fit your setup. So, there is a little bit of flexibility on how you get this installed.One thing I was trying to also figure out is how useful these are. Speaker 3: Yeah. Zach: These bungees here to kind of clip stuff. And I'm still just trying to figure out the purpose of those. I think you could probably find some use for it, keeping stuff clipped there, but I just haven't found that use yet. You guys have any ideas John: Can I get a little closer to that Zach: Oh yeah. So, do you see the little bungees here with the hook. And they don't seem to work in conjunction with these, unless actually, I just realized what it was. I'm sorry. It's to keep this rolled up. Speaker 3: There you go. John: There you go. Yep. Zach: I was thinking they'd maybe be like an anchor point for something else. So, that's way easier than tucking that back behind. Speaker 3: Yeah, that looks a lot nicer. John: Yeah. Speaker 3: Problem solved. Zach: Yeah, there you go. John: So, looks like this bag would come in handy in anybody's closet too, just to get all those shoes off the floor. Zach: Yeah. Definitely, in your closet if that's what you're wanting to do with it. So, you can have it for keeping your stuff up off the ground while you're camping, and then, keep everything organized, attach it to your closet door. I definitely think that's a possibility. So, it's kind of one of those things where it serves a couple of different people.I really think though that if you're camping in a rooftop tent, or a sprinter van especially when you don't have a lot of space, but you do have multiple people with you, it gives you a lot more floor space, that's for sure, instead of keeping your stuff on the ground. John: Yeah. Can we talk about the toiletry kit Zach: Yeah! Yeah, definitely. Toiletry kit is same thing for me. So, I've got most, not everything, but a lot of stuff that my family would take on a quick little weekend. And instead of having two or three different dock kits for my family with everyone's stuff, you just keep it all together because no matter where we go, when everybody's got their stuff laid out every where it's just crowded. And I think that this is kind of nice to keep it all together. And it is much larger than what I personally use.So, I think that it definitely has a lot of space for keeping stuff organized. Has all these mesh pockets, and then these clear ones down here to keep stuff. So, pretty good spacing. You start getting a couple things in there and it starts getting pretty tight. I mean, I just have a thing of toothpaste, and deodorant and this pocket's filled up all the way. And they're all about that same size.So, this pocket is definitely the largest. You can keep some bigger things in there. But you also have to keep in mind folding it up and being able to zip it up all the way as well. John: Do you think in that big pocket there would be enough space to fit a hairdryer or something a little bit on the larger side Zach: I think regular hairdryers, no. If you buy one of those kind of small, compact ones, like you'd see at a hotel, I think you could probably get that in there. But the hairdryer my family has, no, I don't think it would fit in there. It would take up just a bit too much space. It would be. You could maybe do it, but I think you'd be stretching those seams at the zippers a little too much where you put too much stress on the bag, especially if you had other stuff in there. John: Yeah, that would probably limit what you could put in the other pockets, too. Zach: Right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure. But I mean, it's a good size, it's good material. So, I like that it has that handle on it. This hook system, I like the style on it because you could fit it around a door in your camper. Or a door to your house, so it's not just or if you're at a campsite. You could put it in a hotel or at your own home. I don't know if anybody going to just be working out of this at their house, but it's pretty good size.If I got these side pockets emptied out, we can get all of this stuff together. Trying to do this not on a table is somewhat challenging, but. I'm going to put it down on the ground, sorry guys.So, then it goes down in a pretty nice little bag there. Nice little handle for carrying around. So, I think that this was, compared to toiletry bag or dock kits that I've owned, it's one of the nicer ones for sure. I think space wise, it's got enough stuff for my family. John: It's surprisingly compact for all the stuff that you've got in there. Zach: For sure, yeah. I agree. So, some of these little small pockets in here, I mean, these are really small travel sized bottles of lotion and body wash. And they are. I don't know. They don't do that good of a job. But, the rest of it seems to hold itself in place okay. John: Well there seems like there's a lot of pockets and ways to sort out all the different things that you have. Zach: Yeah, yeah, definitely. Definitely. So, I mean, I've got a beard trimmer and some other products down there, so there's a lot of stuff that you may take with you. You could- Speaker 4: Is that a mirror there Zach: A what Speaker 4: Is there a mirror in there Zach: Oh yeah. I thought you said something else, I'm sorry. Yeah, mirror is, it's okay size. It's pretty thin. I honestly think if you put enough pressure on that, you can see it's bending right there. John: I think you'd have to be a little concerned with that when you're rolling it up. Zach: For sure. It is not glass. It is reflective plastic. So, you would just snap the plastic. So, I guess there's definitely something to that, which I don't know if that's kind of something for traveling on an airplane, if that had something to do with it or not. I'm not 100% sure how that works. But that definitely could break if you put enough pressure on it. That's for sure. Speaker 3: Are the plastic pockets. I mean, maybe they're not completely water tight, but are they pretty leak proof Zach: I think if you had some toothpaste or lotion or something, or shampoo, I think it would do okay. But if you look down here, the zipper doesn't go all the way, so I think that some could leak through there. I think that for casual spills, yes. But, stuff like shampoos and lotions, it's going to be messy inside, but I don't think much is going to get out. But if you just had straight up liquid, it probably would have a little bit more issues throughout the bag. Like this soap, if that spilled out, that would probably start leaking through there for sure. Speaker 3: Yeah. Zach: Yeah, the material's right in line with what I would expect out of Thule, on both of them, the quality is definitely there. Definitely serves its purpose. So, I think they're nicer than what you would probably get if you went a more economical route, that's for sure. Speaker 3: Yeah, what is the price point on these Zach: I don't recall. I had my employee account up, so I don't know what the actual cost was on those. Speaker 3: Okay. John: $40 for the shoe organizer, and $37 for the toiletry kit. So, they're about the same. Speaker 3: Okay. John: And then, the attachment pods are $10. Speaker 3: Okay. Zach: Yeah, and the attachment pods are nice. I think that if you're wanting to have a clean look that matches this setup, it's definitely a cool way to go. There are definitely other alternatives you could get at a hardware store, or if you felt comfortable enough, I initially was going to try to do it on the awning arms of our camper. But I wasn't for sure if that was acceptable or not. It's not a lot of weight, but I don't know if those are really intended to carry much weight at all other than kind of screens and smaller accessories. Speaker 3: Yeah, you definitely don't want to risk bending. Zach: No. John: You said those are hook and loop straps that that fastens with Zach: They're hook and loop and there's a snap. So, they have both built into it. So, the snap is right in the middle of that hook and loop bad. John: Okay. So you could get creative in ways of hanging that up. Zach: Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Yeah, I think though that, I mean, if all of these shoes we're laying at the front door or the door to my camper or tents or anything like that, it's going to be a mess. I mean, there's 11 different pairs of shoes, of kids to my 13 size hiking boots. It's going to take up a lot of space and now they're just up off the ground. John: Yeah. Yeah, I like them. Zach: Keep stuff organized. John: Very nice. Speaker 4: Cool. Zach: You guys got any other questions Speaker 3: No. John: Nope, no questions. Zach: Okay, comments Speaker 3: Nope. John: No, no comments. I think they're nice bags, and I think they definitely do what they're intended. Zach: Yeah, definitely. Awesome. Well, thanks guys, thanks for meeting up with us.As you can see, when it comes to campers, and just camping in general, organization is key. Allowing your stuff to stay kind of together, and not scattered out when we're in these tight spaces is a really nice thing to add to our campsite. So, this is a really good size toiletry bag. It basically eliminated the need for my family, I have three dock kits, so I like this one.When it comes to that overall length, the 45 and three quarters of an inch, I think it works best in a door situation like this. That way it's not draped over something. If you're outside, you probably don't have that issue. But overall, the material is really nice. I'm able to fit a ton of my family's stuff in there. It stays separate, it stays organized. And I think at the end of the day, that's all I'm really looking for when it comes to my toiletry bag.But that's going to do it for our look at the Thule toiletry bag.

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Thule Toiletry Kit - 16" Tall x 18" Wide - TH306928

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This toiletry kit is designed for use in small living spaces, perfect for the bathroom or the campsite. Made of durable, weather-resistant material. Black and gray color.

- TH306928

This is a wonderful item.

- TH306928

- TH306928

- TH306928


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