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Land Rover LR3 Tire Chains

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Land Rover LR3 Tire Chains

We offer a wide range of snow chains. Choose the design that is right for your Land Rover LR3 and your budget.

  • Thule - premium brand easiest to use tire chains
  • Glacier - economical tire chains that are perfect for emergency use
  • pewag - the widest variety of chains available from cable style to heavy-duty off-road snow chains
  • Michelin - lightweight, easy to handle polymesh chains offer a smoother quieter ride
  • Titan Chain - chains for excellent traction in everything from deep snow to off road applications

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Tire Chains

Land Rover LR3 Tire Chains Questions and Answers

  • Snow Tire Chains for a 2009 Land Rover LR3 HSE LUX
  • Any chains that go around the backs of the tires are going to be a potential interference problem. The XG12 chains, # TH2004705265, require 12mm of clearance. If you can measure around the back side of the wheel and determine how much space is available with the wheels cut all the way right, straight, and all the way left, then you will know if the 12mm is small enough or too large. I have linked a video review of these chains as well. In addition to the videos I have also linked some...
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  • What Tire Chains Will Fit a 2006 Land Rover LR3 with 265/60-18 Tires
  • The Thule Standard Snow Tire Chains, # TH01571265, are listed as a fit for the 265/60-18 tires on your 2006 Land Rover LR3. I have included a link to a video review of these chains for you to view. I have also included a link to all of the chains that will fit the 265/60-18 tire size. You will also want to check the vehicle owners manual to determine if chains can be used and if there are any restrictions or recommendations. I have included a link to our tire chain FAQ article and a...
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  • Which Wheel of a 2006 Land Rover LR3 Should have Tire Chains Installed
  • For an all wheel drive vehicle like your 2006 Land Rover LR3 you will want to put tire chains (if only using one set) on the main drive wheels. Which in your case would be the rear axle. Ideally you would want to put the chains on all four wheels for max traction, but for one axle the main one is the one to be used. For both tire sizes we have for your vehicle (255/55-19 and 255/60-18) the Easy Fit Thule Chains part # TH04115265 that you referenced have been confirmed as a fit. You'll...
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