Thule Quick Draw Tie Down Ropes Review

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Review of the Thule Quick Draw Tie Down Ropes

Today we'll be taking a look at the Thule Quick Draw tie down ropes, part number TH855XT. These Thule tie down ropes are 13 foot long. They're the perfect solution for securing your bow and stern of your kayak or canoe to your vehicle. The first thing you'll need to do is secure your hook to your rope. There's no certain knot that you need to do, just make sure it's nice and secure and that it's not going to come undone. The next thing we can do, set that aside, we'll come to the other end and then we're going to feed that through a ratchet. It's labeled for which way you need to feed it through. We're going to start right here and then we're going to work our way around until it comes out right here, and then we've got it.

For more clearance or help with a surfboard or paddle board, they include these straps here. We've already got our kayak secured to our roof rack system. Last thing we need to do before we hit the road is secure our bow and stern. Here on the ratcheting mechanism we've got a steel carabiner, and that's so we can attach it to a secure anchor point. Here on the other end we've got a steel S hook, which we can attach to our vehicle's tow loop or the bumper. I'm going to move over to this side, though, because the exhaust is right there.

You just need to find a secure anchor point. Once I've got that hooked we're going to move up top to our ratchet and pull that nice and tight. Just like that. This is great because it eliminates the need to tie any additional knots or the use of bungee cords. We'll just tie up our excessive rope and then we can repeat that same step on the front side. When we've reached our destination, undoing our strap is pretty simple.

We'll just undo our excessive strap, press up on our release, and then we've got it. That's going to complete our look at the Thule Quick Draw tie down ropes, part number TH855XT. .

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