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Review of the Longview Slip On Towing Mirrors

Today we're going to be taking a look at the LongView custom towing mirrors for the driver and passenger side, part number LVT-2300-C. Here's the view you get with just your factory mirrors. This is the view you get using the LongView custom towing mirrors. Here's what your custom LongView towing mirrors look like when they're installed. What makes these towing mirrors different than the other mirrors that we sell is that these don't use any straps, they just slip on the mirror, making it really easy. They simply slip on over your factory mirror and don't interfere with any of the functions.

You can also fold it in without it getting obstructed. It's got a really nice aerodynamic shape to it, it's going to contour to our factory mirrors, and it's going to help prevent vibration and wind noise as a result. The whole thing is made out of durable ABS plastic, and it comes with all the tools and hardware you need to get it installed. Now these will either work whether heated or non-heated mirrors. These custom mirrors are going to come with a sizable mirror as you can see. It's fully adjustable so you can maximize and customize your view.

The reflective chrome plating is going to give you a clear and undistorted look. The mirror's dimensions are five and a half inches long, by four and a half inches tall. Now that we've gone over the features I'll go on and show you how to get them installed. First thing we want to do is make sure that our mirrors are nice and clean that way the felt pad on our towing mirrors can seat nicely. Now with our mirrors all cleaned up, we can go ahead and grab our new custom towing mirrors. We'll be working with the passenger side right now, so we want to make sure to have the right side, so that's the RH there.

The felt pads are already installed here. We can go ahead and slip it on. What we want to do is we just want to line it up with our mirror and then just simply push it on. Now with the mirror properly seated on our factory mirror, we can then take the hook with the screw on the other end, and we're just going to hook it on the housing of our factory mirror and the bring the other side around through the hole here, then we'll grab the nut, and then just screw it on in place. You may have to adjust the towing mirror a little bit more that way it lines up, but once you get it started it's just as easy as screwing it in place, just like that. Finish it off with one hand and then you've got it.

No reason to over-tighten. Just get it nice and snug. Perfect. The kit comes with two, so you'll just repeat that same process for the driver's side. That's going to complete our look at the LongView custom towing mirrors for the driver and passenger side, part number LVT-2300-C.

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