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Best 1963 Chevrolet Ck Series Pickup Trailer Hitch Options

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Best 1963 Chevrolet Ck Series Pickup Trailer Hitch Options

Speaker 1: Today we'll be taking a look at the best hitch options for your 1963 Chevrolet CK Series Pickup. Here we have our two hitches on the top is going to be our CURT Class 4, part number C14082, and then on the bottom we have our Draw-Tite Class 5. That part number's going to be 41947.These are both going to have 2 inch X 2 inch receiver tube openings. These are both going to have powder-coated finishes which will help to reduce rust and corrosion. As for installation, both the CURT and the Draw-Tite will require some drilling, but they're bolt on applications. This Draw-Tite's going to take a little more to put together just because our two side pieces that actually bolt on to our vehicle have to be bolted onto our hitch to start off.Now, although you do have to bolt this on to your actual hitch, we do have multiple different height settings so you can adjust this.

As for weight capacities, we're going to start here at our CURT. The tongue weight is going to be 1000 pounds with a max gross trailer weight rating of 10,000 pounds. And for our Draw-Tite, that's going to be 1600 pounds, with a max gross trailer weight rating of 15,000 pounds.Now, these are both weighted to be used with weight distribution. For our CURT, this is going bump up to 1200 pounds for tongue weight, and a max weight distribution towing weight of 12,000 pounds. And then for our Draw-Tite, we're going to have 1600 pounds for our max tongue weight, just like before.

But we're going to bump up our weight distribution gross trailer weight rating to 16,000 pounds.Both the CURT and the Draw-Tite are going to have this 5/8 pinhole. This will be used with any kind of anti-rattle bolt, pin and clip, or hitch lock. Those are sold separately on our website. But if we look down at the Draw-Tite, you'll see that 5/8 hole and you'll see a smaller hole up here. That is going to be used for your J-Pin stabilization pin, which is going to take shake and play out of your accessories.As for our safety chains, here on our CURT we're going to have that tube shape of the safety chain which will be great for those smaller chain links that you try and secure around.

As for our Draw-Tite, these are going to be more plated. They're also at an angle which gives easy access. Though they're thicker, so it's going to be harder to get those smaller chains around there. These are going to be great for those heavy duty chains.Now, between the two hitches, the CURT is going to win for clearance. With weight ratings and towing, the Draw-Tite is going to be the better choice.

And as for ease of installation, both are going to be about the same. And that's going to be our completed look at the best hitch options for your Chevrolet CK Series Pickup.

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