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Review of Derale Radiator Fans D16842

Today we're going to look at the Derale 26 inch dual high output electric radiator fan with the aluminum shroud assembly. Now belt driven fans will use up power from your engine to turn the fan. Whereas electric fans will not, so that removes any unnecessary load, and increasing both your fuel economy and your horsepower. Also, you don't have to worry about an electric fan slowing down at low RPM as a lot of your belt driven fans do. So you're guaranteed sufficient air flow regardless of the vehicle speed. Now this whole assembly here will improve your overall performance of your vehicle.

It has the patented ultra quiet skewed blade design. You can see here. It is designed with this nice durable, rust proof aluminum shroud that can be painted, polished, or anodized to fit your application. I'm going to turn this around here so you can see it. It will effectively vent air and pressure in the engine compartment with these built in relief flaps right here. Now this can be mounted in various locations on the engine side of your radiator.

It is a polar application only. It does come with everything shown here on the table: the aluminum mounting brackets, the rubber fan shroud seal, the mounting hardware, and a nice set of detailed installation instructions. This part is made in the USA. Now to turn this fan on, there is two types of turn on sources that are available for this fan. The Derale lighted on and off switch for this fan, it's part number D-16740.

We sell it separately on our website. It will allow for manual control of your fan so that you can choose when to turn it on and off. Then they also offer thermostatic controls, which will send a signal to the fan directing it to shut off when the fluid temperature reaches an appropriate level, thus saving you power. Then once that temperature climbs again, and additional cooling is needed, the fan is automatically turned back on. Now the thermostat switch is going to be single stage with preset temperatures, or they can be adjustable.

Now Derale does offer many different choices, and we do list them on this product page as related products. A few specs on this. The overall dimension, I'm going to give you the overall width of this from one end to the other is going to be right at 26 inches. The overall height from the bottom to the very top is right at 18 inches, and then the depth of it if we put the tape measurer on it you can see it's going to be right at 2 and 3/4 inches deep. Now this does have a maximum cubic feet per minute of 4,000. The power draw is 24.8 amps per fan, and it has high output motors that are 300 watts. That should do it for the review on the Derale 26 inch dual high output electric radiator fan with the aluminum shroud assembly.

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