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Review of Curt Gooseneck C60692

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Curt ball and safety chain loop kit. This product is going to fit certain years of the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 2500, and 3500, with 6 foot, and 8 foot beds. The kit's going to work with your factory installed gooseneck hitches, again, on Chevrolet and GMC trucks. You can see everything that it comes with. It's also going to come with a nice storage case, that way, you can keep everything close by, and in good condition when the unit's not being used. Just want to go over the different components that it comes with. The first thing I want to talk about is right here.

This is going to be the pop in ball. This is going to fit securely in the gooseneck receiver. It's very easy to insert and remove. You can see, right here, that it's got the ball bearing system. That's going to hold the ball in place inside the receiver.

Then, here on top, it's going to feature the integrated lever. This is going to release the ball for easy removal. All you got to do is give it a quarter of a turn. Turn it 90 degrees, and it brings in the ball bearing system, so, again, it's going to allow for very easy installation and removal. This ball's going to be made from a steel construction. It's going to be chrome plated, so it's very strong and durable.

It's going to be highly resistant towards rust and corrosion. You're also going to get two safety chain hook-ups. These are going to attach directly to the receivers built into the gooseneck rails. That's going to allow for simple mounting and removal. You can see that it's got the nice, large loops.

That's going to make hook-up very easy, even with oversized clevis hooks. These are going to be made of heavy duty forged steel. Nice, strong, durable design. They're going to have a black powder-coat finish, which is going to provide a lot of resistance towards rust and corrosion. It does come with the appropriate pins and clips to get it fully secured. It's also going to come with your rubber cover. This is going to keep dirt and debris out of the ball hole, when the ball is not inserted. That's nice to have as well, just to keep that area clean, and free of dirt and grime. It's going to come with your detailed installation instructions, and an owners manual. Then, it's going to have the storage case. This is going to keep everything close by, and in good condition when the unit's not being used. The unit's going to feature a gross towing weight of 30,000 pounds. Please keep in mind that the capacity is limited to that of your hitch. Then, the ball size is going to measure 2 and 5/16ths of an inch. That's going to do it for today's look at the Curt ball and safety chain loop kit.

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