Installing Brake Lines For Disc Brake Kit On Single Axle Boat Trailer


I am confused about what added parts are required to install the subject Titan brake kit to my boat trailer. In reading various sources and QandAs there is conflicting information on what is required. Kit description says ONE added flex line is required T4890700. Another QandA says T4890700 has been superceded by P/N T0776500, still ONE required. Also one or two clips and brackets are required. Another QandA answer indicates TWO added flex lines are reuired, P/N T0777300. Questions: Why are flex lines required between the hard axle and the brake calipers? if the set up is like an automobile disc brake set up the caliber does not move relative to the axle. Calipers are still hard mounted to the axle for the trailer application. I purchased brake axle flanges to weld on the axle to which the calipers will be bolted via mounting plates. The general description of the kit includes two hard lines which presumably run from the flex hose connection outward along the hard axle. Why are the lengths these two hard lines so different? It seems like they should be the same since the distance from the center of the hard axle to each caliper should be the same. What am I missing? Bottom line, I have a boat trailer and plan to fit the Titan T4843300 disc brake kit on the trailer. How should I run the brake fluid piping? Im thinking flex line from the actuator to hard line running down the center of the trailer to a flex line down to the hard axle. Then hard lines from the junction at the center of the hard axle outward to the brake calipers What is wrong with this thinking? What are the added parts that are required, quantity and P/Ns? Sorry for the long winded presentation.Your advice will be appreciated. If a phone call is best way to answer please provide a name and phone number in your email reply. Steve Gyves


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I have attached a photo that shows how you can run the included lines for the # T4843300 disc brake kit if you plan on running the line down the center of the trailer. There are a couple of additional items you will need to run it this way. You will need a flex line to go between the tee mounted to the axle and the hard line running from the actuator. This is because the entire axle will be moving. You will need part # T4890700, part # T0776400, and part # T0776300.

If you run the brake line down the trailer frame you will need to use a flex line on each side of the tee because the bracket will be installed in a fixed position and the brake lines running to the brakes will move as the wheels move. This is the reason the hard lines running from the tee to the brakes are different lengths. It does get confusing when trying to understand how the lines are run. So bottom line, if you are running this brake kit lines down the frame on the side of the trailer you will not need additional parts. If you run the lines down the center of the trailer you will need the parts mentioned above.

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