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Make installing your trailer wiring harness as easy as possible with a custom fit wiring harness. Trailer wiring from Draw-Tite, Curt, Pollak, Tow Ready, Bosal, and Hopkins eliminates or reduces the need to cut and splice wires. It also helps to protect your vehicle's sensitive electronics from mis-wired trailers.

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Nissan Titan Trailer Wiring Harness

Make installing a trailer wiring harness on your Nissan Titan as easy as possible with a custom fit wiring harness from Draw-Tite, Curt, Pollak, Tow Ready, Bosal, or Hopkins. A custom kit will eliminate or reduce the need to cut and splice wires in your Nissan Titan while helping to protect sensitive electronics.

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Nissan Titan Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring Videos

Trailer Connector Socket Installation - 2010 Nissan Titan

Today in this 2010 Nissan Titan, we're going to install part number Hm40975 from Hopkins. This is a replacement multi-tool 7-way and 4-way trailer connector. To stat off our install we're going to go ahead and remove the original, simple connector bits on our truck. We take a small screwdriver and push in one of the tabs located off to the side, then we'll go ahead and rotate the connector. That'll release it from the bracket. Now we need to disconnect the electrical. There's a small tab behind the connector that we have to push down and it comes apart. At this point we can go ahead and start working on our new 7 pull connector.

Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2010 Nissan Titan

Today on our 2010 Nissan Titan, well be installing the Hopkins Factory style seven and four way flat vehicle end trailer connector, part number n40975. To begin our install, well first locate the manufactures seven-pole wiring located behind the bumper. Well go ahead and pull it down as its just held up there by some tape. Then well remove the end cap by pressing on the locking tab, removing the cap, and discarding it as it will not be reinstalled.Next well need to mount the bracket for our new seven and four pole. Well take our bracket and attach it directly here to the bottom of the bumper using the self-taping screws provided with our install kit. Well go ahead and take the manufactures wiring connect it to the back of the new seven and four pole.

Curt Relay Kit Installation - 2011 Nissan Titan

Today on this 2011 Nissan Titan we are going to install the Curt Electrical Relays, part number c57000. First we will need to remove the cover off of the relay box, and then locate the proper connection points. Trailer turn for right hand, trailer turn for left hand, and trailer tow. I am going to start with the trailer turn for left hand which will be this relay here. Firmly press it into place and make sure it locks in. Next we will do the trailer turn right hand, and then we will do the trailer tow.

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