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Pop and Lock Locking Tailgate Handle Installation - 2015 Toyota Tacoma

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How to Install the Pop and Lock Locking Tailgate Handle on a 2015 Toyota Tacoma

Today on our 2015 Toyota Tacoma we're going to show you how to install the Pop & Lock Custom Locking Tailgate Handle. This has the black finish and a manual lock. Part number is PAL5500. Turning counter-clockwise and bringing our key back to center will allow us to remove it, and our tailgate will remain unlocked. When we're ready to seal everything up, turn it that other way, which would be clockwise, bring it back to center, and now while the handle will still move, it's not actually going to work the mechanism and open our tailgate up. Now, the first thing we want to do is get a T30 Torx bit, and we're going to start removing the screws here on the back of the tailgate holding on the access panel. We can set those aside. We're going to lift up on the bottom of the access panel, and then slide it toward the tailgate, just like that.

It will come out from underneath that top cover. Here we can see the back of our OEM tailgate handle. We need to separate these rods. What we're going to do is push on the plastic clips, and then we can rotate those out of the way. Then we just, from that point just lift the bar right out. Do the same thing here on the top side.

That right out. If it's equipped with a backup camera, as this one is, we're going to take out the two 10-mm bolts. We've got 1 here and 1 here. We'll set those aside. We're going to be putting those right back in. Let me pull the camera out.

We're just going to let it hang out over here for a second. Then we can see 1 and 2 more bolts that we'll have to remove to remove the OEM handle. We want to kind of hang on to it so it doesn't fall out on us. Now there's 2 black tabs right up here on the top. We've got 1 right here and 1 right here.

They're real easy to push, nice and flexible. We just want to move that so they're behind the sheet metal, and the handle will just rotate right out, just like that. You can see here the Pop & Lock Handle is almost an exact OEM-looking handle. The handle itself's a little bit shorter here to accommodate the lock. On the back side, it's going to have the same type of factory connections, and then the lock bar here that will come over and keep that from moving. When it's in the locked position it won't engage the handle. Switch it the other way, it will. Now before we do anything with our handle, we want to take the rubber gasket off the back side here. See, it's just on those little pins that stick out. It's going to go all the way across and back up the other side here. Bring in the new handle, and we want to get that line back up with the pin holes. It's nice that this is a custom design, because then everything bolts right back in, or can be placed right back in where it came from. We don't have to do any modification or customization with it. For the driver's side latch that runs across here, we need to flip this end for end. So we're going to want this end on this side, this end on this side. Easy to do. We've got a small clip here. I'm going to separate it from that, just like that. The right over here where it connects into the latch, we're going to have the same style of mechanism that we had on the actual latch handle, where we'll just spin that little clip around, and we can lift it right up and out, flip it, as it says, end for end. We'll slide that back in. We'll just rotate that clip back in place. Now it doesn't appear that we're going to be using our middle clip here. No big deal there. Now we'll take the new Pop & Lock Handle, bring that right up through the bottom, like we did when we removed the other one. We want the 2 little tabs on our gasket to catch there. We'll just thread 2 of our bolts back in, right into the existing hardware in the latch handle there. We're going to get those secured. Then we're also going to put our backup camera back into place. When placing that in, we've got a small cover that we're going to remove. You see right here and right here there's a little locking tab. So we'll press in on the tab and out on that cover. That will open up our access hole that our backup camera will fit right down into. We've just got to line our holes up and we'll reinstall our bolts here. All right. Now we'll put our latches back into place, our latch rods. All right, the system seems to be working fine here. Let's open and close our tailgate just to make sure. That's really all there is to it. Now we're ready to put that access panel back in. Just like before, we're going to kind of slide the top up underneath this top cover to start with. Get all of our holes lined up, and then we can just put our Torx bits right back in where they came out of. The larger ones, the ones with the larger heads, like this one, go in the top rail up here, and the ones with the smaller heads are going to go in the rest of it. All right. It's really just that quick, maybe take you 20, 25 minutes to get it done. That's going to complete today's installation of the Pop & Lock Custom Locking Tailgate Handle, part number PAL5500, on our 2015 Toyota Tacoma.

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