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Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2006 Ford Ranger Part 2

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How to Install a Brake Controller for a Trailer on a 2006 Ford Ranger

This is the second video showing the final steps required to install the Tekonsha Prodigy brake controller on the 2006 Ford Ranger truck. It can sound like a lot of work but finish watching the video, you will see it really is not as hard as it may sound. You will see where the brake controller is actually mounted in the drivers area and how the connections to the battery are made

OK, we are inside the cab now, and typically we want to look for a knockout or grommet of some sort that we can route our wires through without having to drill a hole. Unfortunately on this vehicle I do not see any such knockout or grommet so we are going to actually drill out a 1/2 inch hole through the firewall here. I have already picked the spot out which is kind of hard to see, but you definitely want to make sure you pick a spot that there is nothing on the other side that you will drill through such as wiring components, anything of that sort. So I am going to go ahead and drill that out and then we will route the wires through the firewall. I went ahead and drilled my hole for the wires that are going to run through the firewall for the brake controller. I have the brake controller in hand here, the Prodigy, as you can see here is the four wires that will be coming out the back of it.

With any brake controller you have these four basic functions: the blue wire is your outgoing to the trailer plug, the white is the ground, the black is your hot lead, and the red goes to the positive side of your brake switch. We are going to route the hot and the ground to the battery so that is what is going to go the firewall. The double bonded wire provided with the ETBC7, there should be enough length there for you to route it from the plug up to under the dash to make your connections. You can cut off the excess and use it to connect it to the brake controller to route through the firewall to the battery. That is what I have done here is cut off the excess wire and I am going to make the connections here to the brake controller and route it to the battery. We are back up under the hood now, I have the wire that I had cut previously that we ran from the plug in the rear from the 7 pole. Again the black is the hot lead and the white is the outgoing brake lead that goes directly to the brake controller. So the white wire we need to run through the hole to the brake controller, you may need to run an extension piece to make sure you will make it to the brake controller. The black wire is going to go the auxiliary side of the 40 amp circuit breaker, and again we are going to use a little extra piece to mount to this side which is going to the battery itself. Going to the other circuit breaker we mounted, the 30 amp, this one is for the power lead thats going to brake controller. I have got the wires here that we routed inside from the break controller through the firewall.

As you can see there is the white for the ground and the black for the positive side of the battery. You need to pull enough length through to get to the battery and at some point we need to snip the black wire and mount it directly on the breaker here. They are labeled on each side, one side is the auxiliary and the battery side which obviously goes to the battery. Going to the battery now you can see here is the two wires coming from the brake controller, I have put ring terminals on them. The white is for ground and the black is for positive and we have the third wire which is the hot lead that goes directly to the plug which needs to go to the positive side as well. We are going to leave these disconnected for the time being until we get everything hooked up. So now we are going to go back into the cab and mount the brake controller.

We are inside the cab now and we are going to mount the brake controller. A good place to mount the controller would be to the right of the steering wheel in this area right here. We will mount the bracket just like so, also making sure it is in a position where it will not be in the way of your foot reaching the gas pedal. The first connection we are going to make here is the red wire which is going to be connected to the brake switch. We need to connect it to the wire that gets hot when you hit the brake pedal. Now that we have connected the brake switch, we are going to connect the other wires that we pulled through the hole we drilled. The black and the white which are the hot and the ground go the black and white on the harness here. Again the blue wire which is going to the plug we are going to connect to the blue wire on the harness. Now that we have made our connections to the harness, we are going to mount the Prodigy brake controller into place and plug in the harness. The last thing to do now that we have the brake controller mounted is to make our connections to the battery. Again be sure you mount the two black wires to the positive side and the white to the negative. On this particular type of battery that is on this ranger, you cannot fully remove this screw to put the ring terminal on top of it because there is a little tab here that prevents you from doing so. Instead of removing the whole screw, I am going to loosen it up enough to have a space between the two posts here. I am going to take the ring terminal here and clip the middle of it off so now it will fit in between and around the screw itself. Now we just tighten it back up. With these connections being made, that will finalize the installation.

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