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Access Roll Up Tonneau Cover Installation

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How to Install an Access Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

The tools you will need to install your new roll up cover include, two 9/16 inch wrenches, a power wrench is optional, one spring clamp, one scissor, a measuring tape, and some protective eyewear. Start by cutting the bands and opening the box. Review instructional material and save it for future reference. Unpack the smaller contents and lay them on the tailgate.Leave the vinyl cover rolled up, and set near the box for now. Lay the left side rail on the driver side with nylon bracket to the rear of the truck. Then lay the right side rail on the passenger side, again with the nylon bracket to the rear. Now open the hardware bag and layout four clamps for each side rail. Wearing protective eyewear, align the left side rail on the driver side of the box. Slide it forward to the front, keeping it flush with the outside of the box. Use a spring clamp to temporarily hold the rail in its proper position.Place the first clamp under the front of the rail about 8 inches from the front of the box and tighten with a 9/16 inch wrench.

Check to see if the rail is level. It should look something like this. If the real is tilted to high, loosen and move the clamp down. If the rail is tilted too low, loosen and move the clamp up. Continue to make these adjustments until the rail is level, or slightly angled up. Install a second clamp at the center of the box. Move to the back of the truck and lift the rail to match the height of the tailgate. In this case, the truck has a tailgate protector, so align the rail with the top of the tailgate protector. Now, while holding the rail in place, install a third clamp about 8 inches from the back of the truck. Then install the fourth clamp about 10 inches forward. Since these clamps are close together, you should recheck the third clamp to make sure it is tight. When done, the rail should be level with the top of the tailgate. Repeat the sequence on the passenger side. Move to the front of the box and use the alcohol pad included in the kit to clean the box header. Peel off the backing paper from the seal and align it against the rail. Go across the entire box and then cut to length. Remember to press firmly on the seal for best adhesion. Now it is time to install the storage straps. We will begin by setting the pre-rolled cover on the tailgate like this. Space the nuts in the cover bar like this. With the buckles facing down, the leading edge of the storage strap through the opening in the vinyl until the bracket hole aligns with the nut. Insert a 3/4 bolt with washer and tighten. Repeat the procedure with the second strap. Next, install the XT dial tension adjusters. We will start on the left side. Each adjuster is labeled with an L or R, so be sure to choose the correct one. The dials have been factory set to match the model of your truck, so do not turn them prior to installation. Using a 1 1/4 inch bolt, attach the left-hand adjuster to the driver side of the cover. Repeat the process for the right adjuster on the passenger side. For now, leave these bolts loose. Carry the prerolled cover assembly to the front of the box and set it between the vertical legs on the front of the rails, behind the cab.

On the driver side, slide the left tension adjuster against the left rail making sure it engages under the rail. Align the holes. Insert a 3/4 inch long bolt from the top. Add a washer and nut, and tighten securely. Make sure the vinyl flap at the front is tucked underneath. Then align the right tension in adjuster on the passenger side. Add the 3/4 inch bolt, washer, and nut, and tighten securely. Next use a measuring tape and center the cover frame between the two side rails. Tighten the front bolt of the tension adjuster on the driver side, and repeat on the passenger side. Now, unroll the cover, engage the rear bar into the strikes on the rails, and push down until it latches. The cover bar should draw the vinyl drum tight when it snaps down. If the cover is too tight or to loose, you will need to make adjustments with the XT dial tension adjusters. Begin by reaching under and pulling the reflex latch. Then start rolling it open. Turn the XT dial tension adjusters counterclockwise to tighten a cover, or clockwise to loosen the cover. Always turn both adjusters an equal amount, it may take a couple of attempts to get the correct tension. Unroll the cover, and push the bar down until it snaps. For an extra level of security, reach under the passenger side and push the slide lock in place. Then seal the hook and loop on both sides, and close the tailgate. The installation of your new, roll up cover is complete.

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