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United Welding Services Trailer Toolbox Review

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Review of a Trailer Toolbox from United Welding Services

Today we are going to install part number UWS01039 from United Welding Service UWS. What this is is their tool box, chest type, that is designed for the front of trailers and we will cover some of the components of the box. First you can see it is made entirely of aluminum. Diamond plate and tread plate. It also comes with its own locking handle right here that just pops open a little bit. You can see it stays up with gas cylinder right here. When you look at the lid you can see it has a foam weather strip going all the way around the perimeter that helps keep the wind, rain, and dust out of the inside of the box. The whole box itself is all welded together. No bolts or anything like that. 00:37

This is a pretty simple and sturdy box we have here. Lets install it on a typical car hauler we have here. To install this we are going to first off set it on the tongue of the trailer. Center it up the way you can. Make sure you have it even on both sides. Then we are going to push it back against the bed of the trailer and make sure you have got it tucked in there. Now that we have got our box the next thing we are going to is drill out some holes at the bottom of the box. We are going to drill to the bottom of the box into the frame of the trailer itself. We have a C channel frame so it will be easy to get to the hardware to tighten them down. 01:13

We will start drilling our holes in our tool box and frame. Now we are going to start off real close to the edge. About an inch away or so. We can actually see where the tongue of the trailer is so it is going to be pretty easy to find your center. We are going to start off with a 1/ 4 inch drill bit then go up to a 3/ 8 inch drill bit afterwards. We are going to be doing this on both sides of the trailer and we will do some measuring in the back for the back bolts. To get our measurement for here what we did is measured from the outside of the box to the edge of the frame. So we are going to go about 7-1/ 2 inches so we can hit the center of it. So we will go in about 7-1/ 2 inches and we should be safe right there. We are going to enlarge our holes out to the 3/ 8 size now. Lets a bolt in there and get a test fit so it looks nice. Then we will repeat the same process back on all of the other holes. Lets install our hardware using the 3/ 8 fasteners stainless steal and a flat washer on top. Put that right down. Repeat the same process on the other side and we will install our lock washer and nut on the bottom. On the bottom we are going to put on a lock washer and a nut. We will run those down hand tight and that should be plenty for this box. You might need a third hand to hold the nut on the bottom or vice versa but lets tighten them down. Once you have all of your bolts tightened down our box is ready to go. That will finish it for part number UWS01039.

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