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CTEK Battery Health Indicator Review

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Review of the CTEK Battery Health Indicator

Today we are going to review part number CTEK56382 from CTEK. What this is is a comfort indicator. Basically, in a nut shell what this is, is a lead that you attach to your battery using these terminals right here and then your charger will plug into this port right here. This is actually a replacement or an additional part for your CTEK charger. However, on this one it has a built in charge indicator. We will go head and hook it up to the battery and give you a better looks installed. :28

What is going to happen is your red is going to go to the positive terminal and black to the negative terminal. There are a verity of ways you can attach this to your battery. We have the top post here, if you have enough threads on the back side of the bolts here you can install it there. If you have a side post battery you might need and extension to attach this to so you can bolt these on. But just for now, for a quick demonstration, we are going to bolt it on the side of the terminal bolts right here. :54

So anytime you are working with the battery, the first step is to remove the negative terminal. Use the nut to attach our positive terminal. Now it is safe to work with our negative terminal, so we will go ahead and hook that up. We have a 6 millimeter nut on the backside. Get that started, then go ahead and put it to the battery. Okay we have it hooked up. Our indicator is working already. The indicator will show three flashing lights. Green for a fully charged battery. Yellow for a partial charged battery. And Red for a decharged battery. You can leave it in here all the time. For example, this is a vehicle that stays stored a month or two out of the year, does not get used, what you can do is go ahead and hook this up, leave it like that, close the hood. You want to check it every now and then. You can look to see what condition the battery is in. If you need to charge it, unplug it and hook up your charger. You can walk away, and leave it alone for as long as you need to. With this you can rotate the charge between multiple vehicles. And that covers our review of part number CTEK56382 from CTEK.

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