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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2009 Scion xB

Today on this 2009 Scion xB we will be installing trailer hitch part number 12490 from Curt. Okay we are underneath the vehicle and we are taking a look at the passenger-side frame rail. I am going to go ahead and point out the mounting locations for the trailer hitch. As you can see here at the end of the frame rail we have got three existing weld nuts, and we are going to be using those as our attaching points. We will be taking the 12 millimeter bolts and conical tooth washers that are provided with our installation kit and threading them directly in there.

Over here on the drivers side we will be doing the same thing, but as you can see on some models you will have the optional tow hook here. We are going to need to go ahead and need to remove the two bolts that are holding it in. And again those will be replaced with the new hardware provided with the installation kit. On this model it looks like I am having a little bit of interference from the straps for the fascia here. So I am going to go ahead and pop the push pins out on both sides here.

You may find that you will have some trouble on some models of getting this forward most bolt in over here on the passenger side due to the exhaust being in the way. And you may again once you get it up have trouble tightening it down. Just in case you can go ahead and lower the exhaust off the rear most hanger here and that will give you a little more clearance. To do that you just want to simply take a spray lubricant like WD-40 and spray the lower stud here. That will make the removal of the rubber hanger much easier and you can just take a pry bar like I am using and just pry that right off there. And now that we have all the bolts in place you want to go ahead and torque those down. You want to check with the directions to verify the appropriate torque rating for each 12 millimeter bolt. You want to make sure if you took your exhaust down you put it back up on its hanger. And also you want to reinstall your push pins back into the fascia straps here. And that will conclude the installation of Curt hitch part number 12490 on a 2009 Scion xB.

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