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Yakima Roof Rack - Crossbars - Y00429 Review

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Review of Yakima Roof Rack Y00429

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Yakima Jet Stream silver cross bars. These are going to be quiet, low profile cross bars that let you mount carriers and accessories to the roof of your vehicle. You compare these with Yakima towers and fit kits to create a complete roof rack for your vehicle. Towers and fit kits are sold separately. These bars are a really nice unique design. They're going to feature a A symmetric jet flow shape, that's going to create an extremely aero dynamic roof rack system.

They're also going to feature the built in wind ride. That's this small raised bar that runs the full length of the bar, here at the front of the cross bar. That's going to help control air flow, to dramatically reduce wind noise and vibration. These are your aero style bars. They're going to help reduce drag, which is going to help maintain your vehicle's fuel efficiency and they're going to be full length cross bars which is going to maximize space for your carriers and accessories. You can see that each bar has an end cap on each side.

End caps are included. These are very versatile, when it comes to accommodating accessories. You can see right here that it has a strip that runs the full length of the bar on top. That's designed to accept channel mount accessories and this will also accept your clamp around accessories, the accessories that clamp around the cross bar. Now located on top again is going to be that strip that runs the full length for channel mount accessories. That's going to be called the rubber smart field strip.

That's going to allow for easy installation of your channel mount accessories. What I want to do, is I do want to go ahead and show you how a channel mount accessory would mount on the bar, or in that channel. What I'm going to do is, we're going to remove the end caps. One of the neat features I like about the end caps, is you'll see here that the end cap has this tab. On the tab is a raised portion that fits inside the cut out, inside the bar.

That's going to hold the end cap in place, ensuring that we don't lose the end caps during travel. In order to get a channel mount accessory installed on the bar . It's really easy to do. What I did for demonstration purposes, is I pulled a channel mount bar off a bike rack that we have here in the shop, just to show you how this works. All you'd have to do is push down on the smart filed strip. Place your channel mount accessory into the groove and then you can simply push it to where you'd like it to be, along your cross bar. That's all there is to it. The smart field strip means that you don't have to trim that rubber strip. You don't have to cut it. You don't have to put slips in it. All you have to do is push down on it. Slide your accessory to where you want, inside that channel mount area. Another neat thing that I want to point out, is that smart field strip conforms around the channel mount bar, which is going to help reduce any additional choice that we may have with an accessory mounted on the roof rack system. Located here on the bottom of the bar, we're going to have the bottom channels. These are going to allow for installation on your Yakima towers. Again Yakima towers and fit kits are sold separately, but it does come with the attachment clips to get the bars connected to the towers. These are going to fit Baseline, Ridgeline, Skyline and Timberline towers. Located right here on the bar, we're going to see etched measurement built into the bar. You can see those right here. The etched measurements are great to have. These are going to help center the rack on your roof and it's also going to help proper tower placement. The full length channel is going to allow you to up size and use longer bars if desired. That way you can carry more gear on your roof and you don't have to worry about running out of mounting space for your towers. A lot of the other roof racks, when it comes to their cross bars, the channel that they have for the tower, or for their foot, only becomes a small portion onto the bar. The cut out would come from the end of the bar, to maybe this area here and then it would be solid bar and then it would pick back up for the tower on the other side. These are going to be your full length channels. That way you can slide the feet anywhere on there, you can up size your bar and you don't have to worry about running out of space for your tower. Now this strip on the bottom channel can be cut and then replaced around the tower, that would slide into the grooves with the included clips. That way you can still make sure that it's a very quiet roof rack system and that you don't hear much noise from within the vehicle during travel. The bars themselves are made from a light weight aluminum construction. They're very strong and durable and rust proof. They're going to feature an internal jet trust extrusion. You can see that design there. That's going to provide exceptional bar strength and they're going to feature a nice clear, anodized alloy finish which is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. The maximum cross bar weight capacity is 165 pounds per pair. The cross bar dimensions when it comes to the width, front to back, we're looking at three and 1/8 inches wide. When it comes to the thickness, or the height, we're only looking at about one inch tall. These are available in 50 inch, 60 inch and 70 inch lengths and Yakima covers them with a limited life time warranty. That's going to do it for today's look at the Yakima Jet Stream silver cross bars.

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