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Review of Yakima - Ladder Racks - Y01165

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Yakima - Ladder Racks - Y01165 Review

Today we're going to take look at the Yakima HD hook straps. These are going to be a 10 foot long strap, and they come as a quantity of two.Two pieces to each of our strap. One is going to be the buckle and the buckle holder strap there. And then we'll also have our S-hook at one end. And then the other end is going to be our S-hook with the bulk of the length of our strap.I have the other two here. But basically, we'll just feed one end of our strap through that cam buckle.

If I can find the end of the strap . there it is. So just going to feed through, going up. It has a metal cam buckle, but then that's going to be housed in this nice rubber coated keeper, so you don't have to worry about any damage to our vehicle, or our boats if we're carrying any kayaks or canoes.Also, our hooks are going to be covered in a vinyl coating, so again, we don't have to worry about any scratching with this. There is a kind of a sharp edge to the end of that hook, so you wouldn't want to really like bang this on your vehicle, you still want to have caution there.Once you have that tightened down, any excess in our strap we can stash in this little strap keeper.

I always like that they have something for our excess strap. You don't want to have to tie it into a knot and then that knot come loose, especially if you're going down the highway. High speeds can pretty much make anything come loose if it's not really secured down. So this has got a pretty good amount of tension on it. Pry that open and then just stash any of your strap in there.

Makes it easy. They've clearly thought about it.The cam buckle, pretty basic. It's just a nice cam buckle. It has some little teeth there to grip in place. Keeps all your stuff secure.

Again, this is going to be a 10 foot long strap, so if you're using this with for the long bars, it should work out pretty well. Should be plenty of strap to get anything that you need tightened down, even if you've got the really extra long HD bars.Now this does have a couple different weight ratings depending on how you use this. If you're using it with the HD truck system, it's going to be 250 pounds of load capacity. For the JetStream or HD bar roof rack, it's going to be up to 220 pounds. And then for the flush bar, or the rail bar system, it's up to 165 pounds.So you want to make sure you get this on a nice anchor point. Again, if you're using this for the HD bars, that's going to have a nice anchor point on either end of that bar, so you can just clip this into place and you're good to go there.We'll get our two straps, 10 foot long apiece. Really easy to use. Very secure strap. And I think it's going to last for a long time. And Yakima does stand behind it with a limited lifetime warranty.That's going to do it for our look at the Yakima HD hook straps measuring 10 feet long, in a quantity of two.

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