Voyager RV Electronics - Monitors - VOM73MM Review

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Review of Voyager RV Electronics VOM73MM

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Voyager 7" TFT LCD mirror and monitor. This monitor features a highly reflective glass surface that can serve as a rear view mirror when the back up camera system is not active. It's going to feature a color LCD panel. It is PAL and NCSC compatible. The unit's going to come with this wiring harness here that allows for up to three camera inputs. It is compatible with Voyager standard cameras. Also, directly here on the mirror monitor, it's going to feature the touch buttons.

These allow for easy navigation and manual switching between camera views. The harness also has these trigger wires on there. That's going to allow for automatic source selection. So these wire into the vehicle's wiring. It will activate certain cameras to come on automatically when certain functions like turn signal and reverse signal are activated. The unit here on the back is going to feature the built in audio speakers.

These are going to all you to hear what's going on around your RV. Works with cameras that have built in microphones. Taking a look at the overall dimensions, starting with the overall length of the unit edge to edge is about 9 3/4". Overall height is going to be about 4 1/4, and the overall thickness without the mount on the back is about 1" to 1 1/8" deep. The harness length that it comes with, that's going to measure 12' long.

It does come with the windshield mount as well as the mounting hardware. Now, rear mounted cameras are going to need to be connected to the CA1 input, so again that's going to allow for up to three cameras. And so each input's labeled CAM 1, so this would be for a rear mounted camera used for monitoring while backing up. Also with that camera, you would want to make sure that you get it connected to trigger number one which would need to be connected to the reverse gear light circuit of the vehicle. If side monitoring cameras are installed, they should be connected to the CAM 2 and CAM 3, and then trigger number two and trigger number three should be connected to the vehicle's turn signal circuits. That's going to do it for today's look at the Voyager 7" TFT LCD mirror monitor..

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