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Review of TowSmart Ball Mount TS44FR

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TowSmart Ball Mount TS44FR Review

Jeff: Hello, everybody. This is Jeff at Today we're going to take a look at this TowSmart ball mount for 2" hitches. Has a 6,000 pound gross towing weight capacity. Now, this ball mount will let you hook up your trailer to your tow vehicle. The shank portion, right back here, will slide into your vehicle's 2" hitch receiver.

And the ball platform up here provides the mounting point for your hitch ball.If you notice on the shank itself, it is an X mount design, and this will help channel away moisture to prevent seizing inside the hitch. When you do insert this into your hitch receiver, you can see because it's bent in on each side, sort of gives an X pattern to it, that'll let the water and everything and the dirt drain out so it doesn't find up in your hitch. Also on the ball mount platform, right up front here, it uses these lock rails.There's a raised rail on each side here, and this'll let you torque the hitch ball with a single wrench. You can drop your hitch ball in there. And then the wrench flats that are on your hitch ball will line up right here and then you can torque it down.

And without having to use two different wrenches, you can just use a single wrench at the bottom to torque it down. It'll be held in place with these lock rails. This does meet the J684 towing safety regulations.As you can see, it's a nice, durable steel with a black powder coat finish, which is corrosion resistant. The hitch pin hole right back here is a 5/8" diameter. Now the hitch pin and clip is not included.

You would have to supply that. We do sell them separately on our website. We also sell the hitch locks, if you want to secure this and lock it to your hitch. Application again, it's for 2" by 2" trailer hitch receivers. Gross towing weight capacity is 6,000 pounds.

Tongue weight capacity of 600 pounds.Now it does offer a 2" drop, so when it's inserted this way, the drop would be from the top here to the top of the platform. There's your 2" drop. If you insert it this way, it'll give you a 3/4" rise. And again, it's from the top here to the top of the ball platform. There's a 3/4" rise. Overall length on this, from the end here to the very end here, it's going to be right at 12-1/2". The measurement from the center of the hitch pin hole to the center of the ball hole, it's right at 8-1/2".And the ball hole diameter, where your hitch ball goes in, that is a 1" diameter. What I want to do now is I'm happening to pull . Here's a 2" hitch receiver opening just to show you how it inserts. We'll take off our pin and clip. And again, because of the design of this, you can see it'll install very easily into your hitch opening. And because it has openings all around here, it lets the dirt and grime out of there.Line your hitch pin hole up, put your 5/8" diameter pin back through. Clip it into place. And now you're all ready to go. Now you're in the drop position. If you want it in the rise, just insert it upside down and that'll give you rise position. And then just to remove it, slide it right out, but that should do it for the review on this TowSmart ball mount for 2" hitches with a 6,000 pound gross towing weight capacity.

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