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Tow-Rax Wheel Chocks - Wheel Chock - TWSPWC3BT Review

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Review of Tow-Rax Wheel Chocks TWSPWC3BT

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Tow racks removable wheel chalk. Hardware is included with the unit. The wheel chalk is going to help stabilize your motorcycle, dirt bike, or other small vehicle for transport. This is designed to work with tires that have a width up to 6 1/2". It's also going to feature the key hole slots. That's going to let you easily remove the chalk to free up space when it's not being used. It's made from a tubular steel construction.

It's going to create a strong durable system and it's got a really nice chrome finish. Which is very stylish and it's going to be corrosion and rust resistant. Now, this unit is going to feature a three point mounting system. The mounting hardware is included for installing this on a wood or metal floor. The mounting bases, that's going to be these 3 units right here, these are going to install on your wood or metal floor.

Wood floor is going to require 3 7/16" diameter holes to be drilled. Metal floor is going to require 3 9/16" diameter holes to be drilled. You drill the holes in your application, or in the mounting base. Install the bases with the arm. I'm calling this piece right here the arm. You'd place that in with the arm down in the hole.

For wood floors the bases will actually screw into the flooring. You can do that by using a 5/16" Allen Key. Then you can secure the base in place with the additional hardware. 3 units per base. Then what you would do is you would place the chalk on the base.

If this was set up and drilled in you'd have it looking something like this. You'd place this onto the bases and once you have those holes lined up you'd secure the chalk to the mounting base with the larger bolts. They would simply thread into the unit. Place all 3 in then you'd slide it back and then finish tightening down the bolt using a 3/16" Allen Key. When you're ready to remove the chalk simply loosen up the bolts, slide that back up to where the bolts enter the key hole . The large part of the key hole slot, and then you can remove the chalk. Which would just leave the mounting bases on the mounting surface. It's a really nice, quick, easy design. The dimensions of the unit, we're going to take a quick moment just to go over some of the measurements. If we take a look at the overall length, measuring from edge to edge, that's going to give us a measurement. Looks to measure about 12 1/4" long. The overall width, that's going to measure . Looks to be about 8 3/8" wide. Then the overall height to this point here. Now, the height I'm giving you is as if it was installed on the base. That would measure about 8 1/2" tall. You can see right here it's a little under 8 1/2". If it was sitting on those bases it would add the addition fractions of an inch to make it about 8 1/2" tall. The mounting holes on the unit, again, it's going to have 3 mounting areas. If we take a diagonal measurement . I'm taking a look at this one up here back to this one right here. The placement of actually where the bolts would be that's going to be separated by about 7 1/4" diagonal measurement. Then going straight across this direction they're going to be separated on center apart from one another by 5 1/2". The mounting arms these are going to be separated on center apart from one another. That looks to measure about 6 3/4". Then the mounting bases, those are going to give us a diameter of 2". Once you have this installed you simply bring the unit of what you wanted to secure . The wheel would roll into this unit here. Has a nice little indention up here to firmly secure the wheel. That's really going to help stabilize your motorcycle, dirt bike, or other small vehicle when you're ready for transport. That's going to do it for today's look at the Tow Racks removable wheel chalk with the included hardware.

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