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Review of Tow-Rax Trailer Lights - Square LED Utility Lights - TWSPRLB2L

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Tow-Rax Trailer Lights - Square LED Utility Lights - TWSPRLB2L Review

Ellen: Hey everyone, I'm Ellen here at, and today we're gonna be taking a look at the Tow Rax recessed LED Light. This will make a great addition to your enclosed trailer, whether you're using that for a race trailer, or maybe a work truck, something like that where you need that extra illumination on the outside of your enclosed trailer, so you can do work at night or when it starts to get dark, you can keep working and illuminate a nice wide area.This is going to be in an aluminum housing, so we don't have to worry about this rusting or corroding. It does come with a trim ring to go on the inside of your enclosed trailer, and then our light inside the housing can be adjusted up and down. So we can tilt that as we want it, and we can also swivel it from side to side. So you can really get this dialed in where you need it to be pointed.This has an IP rating of IP 65, so that means it's impervious to dust, and it can withstand water coming at it. That IP 65 rating with that five as the last number basically means that it's been tested with water jets.

So it should do just fine in any kind of inclement weather, rain, snow, hail, things like that.It has a nice bridge lux LED chip on the inside, so we don't have to worry about any bulbs to replace, no brittle filaments that are going to burst on us, then we have to change out bulbs. So it should work for a nice long time. This does does take between 110 and 130 volts AC, so you will need to hook it up to AC power. But it provides you with 6000 to 6000.5 Kelvins, and that's going to be the light color. So it's a nice kind of warm white light.It's going to have a 50,000 hour lifespan.

So again, a long time. It gives you 4,500 lumens, so a nice wide, bright light. Let's go over some measurements real quick, and then I'm going to hook this up to power and show you just how bright it is. So this outside housing, this is what's actually going to be mounted on the outside of your trailer. That measures just about 12-and-a-half inches wide, and then from top to bottom it's about 11-and-five-eighths.The light on the inside, just from side to side of that housing for the light, it's about eight-and-a half inches wide.

Gonna tip this down, make it a little easier for me to actually measure it. By about six-and-a-quarter inches tall.And we do have a pretty good range on how far we can turn that light to get it to either side, and same thing front to back. Now, this ring comes with it, also has a little rubber grommet to help seal up the back. And flip that around to show you.So this trim piece is going to finish up the inside of your trailer, so that you don't have anything looking too out of place on the inside there. It just provides a little finishing up of that look on the inside.

Now, to attach the light to the trailer, there's no hardware included. Same thing for that trim ring. You will have to pick up some screws or nuts and bolts on your own.There are four holes drilled into our trim ring, but there aren't any trimmed into this actual housing on the light, so you might have to do a little drilling into this housing to get that attached.It's really going to depend on your situation, what kind of material your trailer is made out of, as far as that goes. Now you might've noticed on the back there, I have my wiring already kind of hooked up.I just used some wire nuts to make this connection, just so I can show you how bright this light is going to be. We'll have three wires to connect, power, ground, and neutral. So you'll want to have that going to an AC plug, so you can get that all wired up. It does have it labeled on there, so power will be the brown, or sometimes red wire.The green and yellow wire, or excuse me, the brown is our power wire. Green and yellow is the ground, and then the blue wire will be neutral.So you can see, nice bright light. You can turn it, and then that light is kind of a warm yellow, or warm white. I'm going to turn the lights out in the studio so you can get a better idea of how bright this is, especially when you're using it at night.It does have a flood beam, so it should illuminate a nice wide area. I'm pulling that back from the table about two and a half, three feet, and it's still very bright. So it should do a great job illuminating any kind of work area that you might want to use this in.Turn on my lights, and then unplug my light here. Overall, I think this is a really handy light to have on any trailer, and it should be relatively simple to hook up. You'll just want to make sure that you have a square hole cut out on your enclosed trailer for this to fit into, that trim ring housing is about 11 by 10 inches. As long as you have a cut out that's about 11 by 10 you should be just fine. And that's going to do it for our look at the Tow Rax recessed LED light.

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