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Review of SM Arnold RV Cleaner - Squeegee - 38125-928

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SM Arnold RV Cleaner - Squeegee - 38125-928 Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at Today we're taking a look at the SM Arnold water blade. And this is going to be a really handy tool to have anytime you want to keep your vehicle dry and easily remove that water from your vehicle. And you can also use it on RVs or really anywhere you want to keep the water away. It's going to have a medical grade silicone blade, so we don't worry about scuffing up our paint on our RV, or vehicle, or truck, car, whatever you might be using it on.

It's also going to come with this adjustable handle so we can adjust the angle of that. It just has some little teeth in the . We can line up the grooves and then tighten down the little wing knob so we can have it at an angle. So we use it that way.The handle also telescopes out. So if you grab it up here, loosen it, you can extend it all the way out to reach a little bit further.

So as far as the measurement there from our pivot point, let's use that as our reference point to the end of the handle. It's about 4'9" or 57''. So it's just under 5' long. Maybe to the end of our blade. Yeah, it's about 5' long to the end of the blade.

So gives you a pretty good amount of reach. If we shorten it up again, take another measurement and show you how short that guy is.No, we're at about 3'. So go from 5' long to 3' long. So we'll be able to extend it out by about 2'. The blade itself from the edge of that silicone, so our actual squeegee edge is about 18" long, maybe about 17-7/8.

We want to get really exact with it. The handle portion is about 15" up at the top.The nice thing about the squeegee is that it has a sort of Y design, and you can also take this off of the handle by just sliding it out and then use it by hand as well. The grip is pretty nice. It conforms to your hand, so it makes it really easy to grab onto and just slide things on and off. And I'm going to bring this a little bit closer so you can see what I mean by Y-Bar for that squeegee. It has a little Y shape there, so that helps to wick away the water. And again, nice and soft. So we don't have to worry about damaging any of our finishes on our vehicle. All in all, I think this is going to be a really handy tool to have to keep everything nice and dry on our RV or our car. That's going to do it for our look at the SM Arnold water blade One Pass Y-Bar with telescoping handle.

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