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Raynor Enclosed Trailer Parts - Ramp Spring - 362SA5 Review

Ellen: Hey everyone, I'm Ellen here at Today we're taking a quick look at the conventional ramp door spring. This is going to be for your 5' wide enclosed trailers. This spring is going to make it a lot easier to lower down that ramp door and also take it back up. That way you're going to alleviate the stress and strain on your back and knees, eliminate any issues with that door falling down really quickly and injuring you or injuring the trailer itself. Whenever you just let that door drop, sometimes it can put some odd pressure on the door.

It can kind of sit wrong. So we're going to be able to not have to worry about any of those issues anymore. That spring is going to be doing the work for us.It's going to come assembled as you see it. We'll have our brackets, the two drums on either side that our cable is going to ride along. The cable does come included, as well as two small brackets to attach that.

The hardware that actually mounts the spring bracket in place is not included, so you will have to pick that up on your own. It's going to depend on your trailer and kind of how you want to mount this.This is designed to fit a 5' wide enclosed trailer, so the overall length is going to be adjustable. If you put the drums all the way out to their max, at the most it's going to be 55-1/2" wide from the outer edge of each of those, but you can bring that in a little bit further. You just adjust the two screws on the drum side to bring that in and then you can cut that beam off to length using a hacksaw, so you can dial that in. At the minimum it's going to be about 31-5/8" to that outer edge of the drum.Our spring capacity is going be 85 pounds, so it should be able to accommodate a pretty heavy door on your enclosed trailer.

The one thing I will say with this, if you're not familiar with using anything that's under tension you might want to have a professional do this. Anytime you have a spring and you're winding that up, there's a potential for injury, so you just want to be careful with that, and if you don't feel comfortable take it to a professional and they can handle it for you.That's pretty much all there is to it. It is made out of a sturdy steel construction, made right here in the USA. That's going to do it for our look at the conventional ramp door spring for your 5' wide enclosed trailer. If this doesn't quite meet the right length for you, we do have other lengths available, including a smaller 4' and a few larger, longer springs, so check those out if you're interested.

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Leon V.

How do you adjust the spring. 72645

Reply from Chris R.

The Raynor Ramp Door Spring # 362SA5 can actually be trimmed/cut to adjust it to the needed width. It's actually designed for this purpose. There isn't an online edition of the instructions, but the spring does include a written detailed manual to walk you through the process. 59636

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