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Review of Pop and Lock Vehicle Locks - Tailgate Lock - PAL85507

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Pop and Lock Vehicle Locks - Tailgate Lock - PAL85507 Review

Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at And today we're taking a look at the Pop & Lock Custom Tailgate Lock with Handle. Now this is going to be available for a lot of different colors for your vehicle. It's a custom fit, and this is going to be fit the 2005 through 2015 Toyota Tacoma. Right now I have the silver version.

This is going to be the silver streak. In a minute I'll list out all the other colors that this is available in. All the features are going to be the same for all of those colors. But I just want to go over basically what comes in the kit, how to get it installed and how it's going to help to make things more secure in your vehicle.So with a truck you're going to have that tailgate back there, and usually it doesn't come with a lock. So this is going to give you the ability to lock that tailgate, keep anybody from getting into your truck bed, especially if you have a camper shell on your Tacoma or a tonneau cover, something where they can't already get in there.

So it's going to keep everything nice and secure. It's especially going to be nice for those over landing outfits, where you have a lot of stuff in there, maybe your whole livelihood, and you want to definitely make sure that that stays protected.So this is just going to replace that handle and it's going to match right up with your vehicle. It has the lock core here. It kind of stands out a little bit, so it makes it a lot easier to get in there. There's also a cut out here.

If you do have a camera on the back of your Tacoma, a factory camera, it should still work with this. You just need to pop out that little notch here at the bottom, and that will allow you to still utilize your backup camera if you have one equipped.The handle operates manually. We can also unlock this manually if the battery should happen to fail. But the nice thing about this is that we can tie it into our power locks and our remote keys. So if you have a fob, you unlock it.

It's going to unlock your tailgate as well all at once. So it makes it nice and easy. It's pretty easy to get installed. It comes with instructions that have pictures to make a little bit more clear as to what you're supposed to do to get everything in place. It has black and white pictures there as well to help show everything. But the only wiring that we'll need to do is to find that power supply for our power lock signal. So you'll have to run this wire up to your cab and tie that in with your factory wiring. It comes with these two quick splice connectors so you can make that connection. And then the rest of it is just going to plug into itself.I have this water tight connector here. That just plugs in place. And then these two ends are going to crimp onto the ends of our locking mechanism. So it's really just those two quick splices that we have to make as far as tying into the vehicle's wiring at all. So pretty simple, straightforward as far as that wiring goes.Now the one thing that I would suggest if it we're me putting it on my truck, I would switch these quick slices out. Just in my experience, they don't tend to last as long as other connectors. Soldering is always best, but if you don't want to cider, or you can also use a butt connector. A heat shrink butt connector is going to be the best since it's going to actually seal around those wires to keep out any water, dirt, or debris. And it also just kind of has a secondary hold on those wires as well.So you can find those here at, those heat shrink butt connectors if you want to pick them up. Not required, you can still get everything installed with those quick splices. It's just in my personal opinion, that's how I would do it if I'm putting it on my vehicle. The only other tools that you'll need to get everything installed would be a t30 torx bit. That's to remove some of the hardware to get back behind your original tailgate handle. And also a 10 millimeter socket.Other than that, should be good to go with everything laid out on the table here. We get some zip ties to help tie everything up, make sure that you don't have any hanging wires. It always a good idea to keep your wires away from anything hot or moving like your exhaust or your suspension. And you also don't want that wire dragging on the ground. So make sure you anchor it off to some secure mounting places. It's also a good idea to make sure that it's not going to be going over any pinch points. So keep it away from anything that's going to be folding, especially as that tailgate moves up and down.As far as the construction of our lock, it is going to be a stainless steel construction. So it should resist any kind of rust or corrosion. And it's going to be the same for our lock mechanism here. It comes with the two keys to get that unlocked again, should the power fail on your key fob, or if your battery is just dead on your truck. And as far as the colors that this is available in, as I said, it is available in the silver color. This is going to be silver streak, but it's also available in silver metallic, white, black, gloss black, black sand pearl, speedway blue, blue ribbon metallic, nautical blue metallic, which is navy, gray metallic, pyrite mica, which is also gray, a spruce mica, which is green, and Barcelona red. So if you have any of those other colors, you should be able to find the one that matches your particular Tacoma. Gets you out on the road and keep all your stuff secure in the back of your truck.This is made in the USA and is covered by a one-year warranty from Pop & Lock, and they really do a great job with their locks, haven't really had any issues with these. They go in pretty simply. Again, those instructions are pretty nice, make it pretty foolproof to get it installed. So I hope this video has been helpful in figuring out if this is going to be the right block for you. The other part that you could get with this would be a switch kit in case your vehicle or your Tacoma does not have the power locks. In that case, you would need part number PAL9520. And it's just going to be a little rocker switch that you could mount in the dash of your vehicle to lock and unlock your powered locks. But that's going to do it for our look at the Pop & Lock Custom Tailgate Lock with Handle. Thanks for watching and we'll see you next time.

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