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Review of Performance Tool Wiring PTW1714

Today we're going to be taking a look at the performance tool 3 piece electrician tool set. This is going to offer a great assortment for the garage, home, workshop use or on the job site. It's going to come with a digital multi meter that's going to measure AC and DC voltage. It's going to test DC current, as well as resistance. Features a diode test and it's going to feature a digital display, as well as data storage. This unit is going to feature a nice strong a durable casing to keep it protected. It's also got a kickstand here on the back that props the unit up for hands-free operation or freeing up your hands to do something else. Again, we have the LCD screen.

Right here is going to be a hold button. Then, we're going to have our range switch. Nice, clicking design that firmly stops in each location. You can see that large display. It's very easy to read and it's got the off position there.

We're going to have the HFE socket. Right here we're going to have 3 connecting jacks for the test leads. The unit's going to run off of a 9 volt battery. It does come with a 9 volt battery. The battery area is directly back here. You'd remove this screw on the bottom.

Remove the protective casing and then slide that bottom portion off. Then you can change the battery as needed. It is nice that it comes with that case. That's going to do a great job of keeping the unit protected, in case you accidentally drop it or bump it up against something. It's going to come with your test leads. Test leads are included. These are going to measure around 40 inches from end to end.

Then, they're going to have the protective covers over the tips there. We're going to have a pair of 7 inch diagonal wire-cutting pliers. They got the nice short jaws on there for easy cutting in tight areas. These are drop forged and induction, hardened for durability and they got the nice easy grip design on it, as well. These right here, these are going to be the 7 inch wire strippers for 10 to 20 gauge wires. It's got the nice little locking tab on there, so when they're not being used, close them. Push in that and then it keeps the unit compressed. It's also going to cut and thread popular bolt sizes. You can use these to loop wires and bend holes. It's got the serrated nose design right there. That's going to do it for today's look at the performance tool 3 piece electrician tool set.

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