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Review of Optronics Trailer Lights STL17RB

Today we'll be reviewing part number STL17RB. This is the Optronics Over 80-inch Rectangular Submersible LED Trailer Light. It's going to serve many different functions, such as your stop, turn, tail, rear clearance, rear reflex, side marker, side reflex and license plate illuminator with that clear light here on the bottom of the unit. This is going to be waterproof and corrosion-resistant. It's going to feature 22 diodes, or 22 LEDs. It is going to feature a replaceable lens. It's held on with four screws that are mounted on each corner.

This is going to surface-mount on the left side of your trailer. It does require mounting holes that are going to be two inches apart. If you take a look at the mounting pattern on the back here, it's got three slots. It is a universal mount design. It's got two carriage bolts and two nuts that are going to come with it.

They just slide into position in each mount. If we take a measurement between the mounting centers, that's going to measure 2 inches center on center. From the outermost to outermost, center on center, it's going to be 4 inches. The mounting hardware is included. The wire design is going to contain your white wire, which is going to be your ground wire; your brown wire, which is going to be for your running lights, and then your yellow wire, which is going to be for your stop and turn signals. The overall length is going to measure 8 and 1/16th of an inch. It's going to give us a width of 2 and 7/8ths of an inch and then it's going to give us a depth of 2 and 13/16ths of an inch.

The light is going to draw 0.279 and .121 amps at 12.8 volts. Again, all the mounting hardware is included. We're going to go and hook this up to our external power source and show you what it looks like all lit up and with power running to the lights. We just need to make our ground connection, then we'll make our other two connections, go ahead and turn off the overhead lights and turn on our power source. You can see here that when the running lights are on, the license plate light or the license light is going to illuminate as well. It's got a nice bright, white light.

You can see it shining there on my table. It's going to send out a really good signal, and then you've got the running lights that are a nice, constant, red LED signal. If I hit my brake switch, all the red lights are going to illuminate even more. That's also going to work as our turn signal, putting out a really nice, bright signal. That's going to do it for part number STL17RB. Also, if you need a light for the right-hand side of your trailer, you can use part number STL16RB. You can find that right here at etrailer.com. This is the Optronics Over 80-inch Rectangular Submersible LED Trailer Light for the left-hand side of your trailer. .

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