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Optronics Trailer Lights - Tail Lights - BUL101CB Review

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Review of Optronics Trailer Lights BUL101CB

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Optronics Glow Light LED Round Backup Light. This is designed for trailers and utility trucks. It is certified for the backup light function in a two lamp system. When a pair of lights is installed, your second light would be sold separately. The unit's going to feature a sonically sealed waterproof housing and lens unit, so this is submersible. The glow light series is going to feature a brighter outer ring of light, which a smooth appearance. It's going to contain 21 LEDs or 21 diodes.

It looks like we have 6 right here in the center, and the we're going to have 15 that make up that outer band. LEDs are great replacement for incandescent light. They're going to last much longer. They're going to burn brighter, and they're much more efficient. You don't have to worry about replacing bulbs and you don't have to worry about brill filaments. The unit's going to feature a poly carbonate lens and housing.

It's going to have white LEDs with a clear lens. This is designed to be a recessed mount with a mounting grommet. Your grommet is sold separately if you're in need of one. You can find them here at, and it's going to accept a plug here for the back. Your plugs are sold separately as well. If you're in need of one of those, you can find those here at also.

On the back it does have a three pin connection, but since this is a backup light, it only needs a ground and power connection. It only requires a two-prong plug. Optronics is going to put the three pin connector on most of their lights, even though it may only require a two-prong plug, so don't let that throw you off. As you'll see later, the two-prong plug will cover up all three connection points for a nice sealed connection. The unit is Department of Transportation compliant. It meets FMVSS108 requirements.

Taking a look at some dimensions real quick, starting with the diameter. That's going to give us a measure of 4 and one quarter of an inch. If we take a measurement of the depth, including the plug at the back, that's going to give a measurement of right around . Looks to be about 2 and three sixteenths of an inch. Just this portion right here, that's going to measure about 11 sixteenths of an inch in depth. Again, it's going to contain 21 LEDs or 21 diodes. The power draw is going to be 0.425 amps at 12.8 volts, and Optronics is going to put a life time warranty on the LEDs. We're going to go and hook it up to our external power source, that way you can see what it looks like with power running to it. Here's our two-prong plug. It goes into these ports right here. You push it down and it's going to seal up all three connection points. You can see here that the light sends out a really nice, strong, consistent signal. Again, we're going to have those center lights, and we're going to have that outer band. The multi-diode design is really going to help optimize our light output, and the unit is very bright. This is designed to be a backup light for trailers and utility trucks, and again, it is certified for the backup light function in a two lamp system when a pair of lights is installed. That's going to do it for today's look at the Optronics Glow light LED Backup Light.

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