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Optronics Off Road Lights - Light Bar - UCL32CDTB Review

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Review of Optronics Off Road Lights UCL32CDTB

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Optronics LED Off-Road Light Bar. The LED light bar delivers a bright daylight white light ideal for off-road driving, and on the ends we have the red LEDs that provide supplemental rear-facing turn functions. This is a high quality light. We're looking at really great light output from a single row of 18 LEDs. These LEDs have a 200,000-hour lifespan. Optronics also puts a lifetime warranty on the LEDs.We're looking at durable surface-mount technology when it comes to the construction of the LEDs circuit board.

That technology better withstands shock and vibration and allows for improved heat distribution. Now, on the exterior, the unit features channeled fins on the housing, which really lets heat disperse quickly to optimize LED performance.It features a durable weather-resistant construction. We're looking at a black powder coated die-cast aluminum housing that's rustproof, a tough polycarbonate lens that's impact-resistant, and an IP65 rating for protection against dust and moisture. This is compatible with 12 volt DC and 24 volt DC systems. When it comes to the wiring harness, we have a four-wire design.

So, in this case, the black wire's our ground wire, white wire's our power wire, and then the green and yellow wires are for the supplemental turn function.We're looking at a nice easy installation. It comes with three mounting brackets. Now, I have one of them assembled just to show you kind of what it looks like, but these sliding brackets slide into the channel here on the back. They are adjustable for desired fit on the application. Also, you can tilt as needed.

So, it's a really nice design. You have your single pedestal style mount, and then this portion right here is the portion that slides into the channel here on the back of the light.So, basically how it works is you take one of the mounts. You place it into the channel, and then you can slide it where you need it for you application, tighten it down and then adjust your tilt. Get the angle you need for your application and then tighten the rest of the hardware to secure it in place. Again, it does come with three of those mounting brackets.

The hardware that it comes with is all stainless steel, so you don't have to worry about rust or corrosion.We're going to go over the measurements and then I'm going to hook it up to power. That way you can see what it looks like. So, overall, edge to edge it's 29-5/8" long. The overall height is 2-5/16" tall, and the overall depth is 2-1/4" deep. Now, I did those measurements without the hardware installed because the hardware, again, it's adjustable. So, you can tilt it, you can get the angle you need, which is really going to vary the measurements with the hardware installed, but those are the measurements of just the light bar as you see laid out here on the table.We're going to go and hook it up to power. That way you can see what it looks like with some power running to it. Again, in this case, our white wire is the power wire and then our black wire is our ground, and then we have the yellow and green wiring, which would be for the supplemental turn signals. So, it's a very bright unit, a nice consistent light output, super bright design.The effective lumen output is 4,000 lumens. The raw lumen output is 7,200 lumens. Again, it contains a total of 18 diodes or LEDs. Power draw at 12.8 volts is 6.8 amps. Power draw at 24 volts is 3.1 amps. So, when you activate the turn, you could see how that red lights flashes on, does the same thing if we connect the turn signal wire to our other wire. That's going to do it for today's look at the Optronics LED Off-Road Light Bar.

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