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OptiMate RV Solar Panels - Portable 10 Watt Solar Panel Kit - MA69JR Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at this OptiMate Solar Duo Portable 10 Watt Solar Panel with Controller. This is a 10 watt polycrystalline solar panel that is going to use the sunlight to provide an off-grid charging solution for your lead acid and lithium batteries. This will work with your 2 to 240 amp hour 12 volt, Flooded, AGM, Gel and Lithium Iron, Iron Phosphate batteries. It will help get them charged up when you're off the grid. Now, this panel is pretty small.

From our width here, the widest part, it's gonna be right at 9 and 7/8, just under 10 inches wide. Our height, we're just measuring the panel itself is right at 15 and a quarter of an inch tall. If we measure with the suction cups here, we're gonna have a total height of 16 and a half inches tall, and then it's 1 inch thick, just the panel with those suction cups and the, the hardware there. It's right about 2 inches thick. So that's gonna be a benefit in one way, because you will be able to attach this to a window and allow the sun to just shine through the window.

Very easy to get set up. So you can park with the solar panel in the general direction of the sun, so that you can get things charged up. So it'll be very convenient in that way. The downside to having a smaller solar panel like this, as a general rule with solar panels, the bigger the panel, the faster things are gonna charge because the more energy is gonna be created. So this is gonna be a true trickle charge for you.

Can't really give you any specifics on how quickly it's gonna charge your battery, because it's all gonna depend on the makeup of the battery, how full it is to start with and that sort of thing. But you can trust that this is gonna take awhile to get a battery charged up. So it is really just gonna be a trickle charge. If you're gonna be off the grid for awhile, you want to make sure that your battery is staying healthy. Now this will do a good job for you, but if you do need a larger system, you're gonna be off the grid for a long time and you're wanting to rely on solar power for more of your energy needs.

I would recommend getting a larger setup. We do have lots of options for you here at, but if you are just looking for a small, window mounted, trickle charge unit, this is gonna do a great job for you. This is made with a weather proof material. It's gonna stand up to elements. It's got a IP rating of IP54, so it will hold up pretty well for you. So even if you don't want to have it mounted on the window, if you wanna use it outside, it should hold up really well for you. This is a polycrystalline construction, which, in solar panels, that's probably not the, the most premium material. It's kind of like in my mind, the comparison would be like plywood versus a solid wood board. So monocrystalline is gonna be your most efficient material for solar panels. Your polycrystalline like this, it's going to be a little bit more cost-effective, but not quite as energy efficient. So depending on if you're wanting to premium panel or just one that's gonna get the job done. Maybe not be as efficient, the polycrystalline should do a good job for you, be a little bit more cost-effective overall. This does also have the solar controller here. That's going to allow you to adjust the solar panel output for a quick, just consistent charge to your battery. This does have a automatic, multi-stage smart charging system. It's going to help extend your battery's life. If I zoom in here, you should be able to see a led display. It's going to let us see how charged our battery is and monitor the charging progress as well as our charge level throughout the night. So we can tell how full our battery is. And it does also have a dual method, smart charging system. That's going to help efficiently charge the battery in all weather, so in the full sun, it's going to provide a continuous charge. And then in low light, it'll provide a pulse charge to help keep your battery healthy. It's going to help save your dead batteries that are as low as 4 volts, help bring them back up to full capacity. You can see this does have this cable, that's already attached. This cable has an SAE connector here. That's going to plug into your controller, like so. The cable coming from the solar panel is right at 80 inches long. The controller cable is about 40 inches long, and then we've got 2 different kinds of battery cables. So we've got ring terminals here. If we're wanting to do a more permanent installation, can get this mounted on the battery itself more permanently, and then just plug it in whenever we want to get power flowing through, or they also have these alligator clamps that are going to allow us to move to say a temporary battery. If we've already had our main battery charged up, we don't need to worry about that. We can plug this in to a different battery using the clamps here to get that charged up, for temporary use. So both of these are about 20 inches long. So our overall length is gonna be a little over 11 and a half inches. So that should give you plenty of room to reach out to your battery, get it set up where you need, so that you can take advantage of the sunlight and stay connected to your battery. And then they also include this heavy duty nylon carrying case. It's gonna make it very easy to keep everything stored. So we can put our panel away like so, and then it's got a pocket here for all our cables, and our controller. So we can tuck that all away for travel and storage and whatnot. So very convenient, have that zipped up in place. So overall, a really nice solar panel. If you are looking for a cost effective option, that's gonna do trickle charge your battery. Like I said, if you are looking for more robust, a more premium option, we do have lots of solar panels and setups here at So that's gonna complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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