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Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Waste Master RV sewer hose. This sewer hose and fitting allows you to drain your RV's black water and gray water tanks. It features a leak-proof cam lock connection at the RV, so the hose and the fitting seal closed to protect against seeping fluids. It has the two lock-arm design which prevents the hose from disconnecting.The cam lock fitting installs over your RV's existing bayonet fitting. The plug is attached to the fitting for safe keeping so we don't misplace that or lose it, and this is made from industrial grade ABS plastic. So, again, it fits over your RV's existing bayonet fitting and then the hose goes in and then you push these arms down.

What that does is it locks the fitting to the hose so it will not rotate, and you cannot pull that hose out of the fitting.When you're ready to disconnect, you lift up on the arms and then you can slide that directly out of the fitting and you want to place in the plug and secure it the same way you do the hose. So it's a really nice easy-to-use design.On this end, we have the 90-degree angled nozzle. Now, the easy-to-use nozzle is permanently attached to the hose for quick and sanitary setup. It does have that 90-degree design for easy connection to the drain pipe at the dump station. Also, we have the contoured ...

It's like a cone shape gasket which creates an airtight seal with any size drain pipe. And it's got a molded handle for easy handling of the unit, keeps your hands clear of any other part of the unit that might be dirty or unsanitary.And then also right here we have a incorporated or built-in shut-off valve that lets you start or stop the flow. So right now it would be in the closed position. You grab it and you rotate it and it moves into an open position. Also, located right here we have a clear window on the nozzle that lets you see when the waste has completely evacuated or when it's done draining.

Basically, you'll notice that you'll be able to look through the window and not see anything going through or if you're flushing your tank, this is also really nice because you can see when the water is clear, indicating that everything is cleaned out as it needs to be.Now, the interior of the hose is a smooth design, so it makes it a lot easier to clean. It prevents unsanitary buildup of waste inside the ridges, so the smooth design is really nice. We have a really heavy duty hose that's designed to resist crushing, abrasions, punctures, and UV rays. So if it gets driven over or stepped on, it will bounce back or conform back to its original shape. It has the bonded cuffs to provide permanent leak-proof seals.

And the hose on this unit measures 20 feet long when it's fully extended, about five feet long when it's fully compressed, and it has the standard diameter of three inches.That's going to do it for today's look at the Waste Master RV sewer hose.

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