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Lippert Components Vehicle Locks - Truck Bed Lock - LC337120-337112 Review

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Review of Lippert Components Locks LC337120-337112

Today we're going to review part number LC337120-337112. This is the Lippert ToyLok Stake Pocket Mounted Retractable Cable Lock. It has 15 feet of cable in it. This stake pocket mounted cable and padlock system secures gear to help prevent theft. It's ideal for securing generators, motorcycles, bikes, chairs, power tools, ATVs, and many other items. The cable's all on this nylon case that won't dent, scratch or rust.

The retractable cable itself will thread through the items you want to secure and then bring it back down to lock it into place. It's made of a braided steel construction which is largely impossible to cut through. It has a nice PVC coating on it to reduce abrasion and rub marks. You don't want to damage any of the items you're trying to secure. Inside here it has a nice, smooth-acting clutch for easy cable operation. It'll let you pull out the length of cable that you need and it'll prevent cable snap back while retracting.

Basically, once this is installed in your stake bed, you can pull out the cable that you need. Basically, what will happen is when you pull it out, when you start hearing the clicking noise, that's when you can let it go and it'll stay out in that length you pull out. Let's pull this out. Now when it's clicking we let it go and you can see that you got this much length out. If you want more, you can just pull it out some more.

If you need to retract it, just pull it out until it stops clicking like that, and then just let it go and it'll retract back in to the case. Now, there is two locking options. Using this included padlock, basically what you can do is pull this out and then run it through your items you want to secure, bring it back down through here, and then just run your padlock right through there, then lock it into place. You have everything locked in. The other way would be just to run the cable. Run this back to the cable itself.

Let me set this down here. If you just run this back to the cable, run the padlock through there, and then around the cable. You can lock in position just like that. You can lock is that way also. Either way would work fine. This is an easy no-drill installation. It is designed for installation in the driver side stake pocket closest to the cab. The two mounting options, as you notice here, these are the hardware that comes with the bracket itself. You can see the bracket I've already installed to the ToyLok and there are two mounting options. That's why they have the two different blocks here. Basically, it just depends on the size of your stake bed pocket in your truck. These two would give you the option of giving you a perfect fit in your stake pocket of your truck. The rubber pad right here underneath fits under the mounting bracket, protects the bed rail. We also have this rubber pad here that has an adhesive backing that you peel off and you can put that on here when you go to put this on. You can put it on just like before you. They'll also protect the finish of your truck bed when you mount this to it. Now the application again is most full sized pick-up trucks stake pockets. The cable length on this is 15 feet. The cable break strength is 8,000 pounds and it does come with everything shown here. This is the hardware to install it into the stake pocket. This hardware comes with the ToyLok. If this ToyLok wasn't mounted on the stake pocket, you could use these mounting bolts to attach it to wherever you want it to. It all comes with theft-resistance hardware. Basically, what's nice about that is when you mount this on somewhere else besides the stake pocket and use this hardware, you can tighten this down. Once you tighten it down enough, it'll break that nut off and just leave the cone-shaped nut and once that's tightened down, they can't unscrew it to remove this from wherever you have it mounted to steal your items. Also, the bolts that are used to attach the ToyLok to the bracket are also theft-resistant. It looks like an Allen bolt, but there's a pin in the middle, so you do have to use this special driver to tighten those down. Again, somebody can't just loosen those with a regular Allen wrench. They need a driver like that. Same way on the stake pocket. When you install the stake pocket, this would go in the stake bed like that and then you drop the bolt through here, and then just screw it through the rubber on to the bracket. When it tightens down, it would squeeze that rubber to hold it into the stake pocket. That bolt also uses a special driver that just needed. They can't just unbolt that to remove it. Anywhere it's attached, it does have a theft-resistance hardware attaching it to the vehicle. That should do it for the review on part number LC337120-337112, the Lippert ToyLok Stake Pocket Mounted Retractable Cable Lock with a 15 foot cable. .

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