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Review of K Source Custom Towing Mirrors KS81850

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Ksource Snap and Zap custom towing mirrors. These are going to fit certain years of the Ford F150. This kit's going to come with both the driver side and passenger side mirrors. Now towing mirrors are going to offer and extended field of vision. That way you can easily pass, change lanes, and park while towing a trailor or a camper. The Ksource mirrors are an inexpensive alternative to buying and installing replacement OEM towing mirrors. These mirrors are going to be customized for your vehicle.

They simply fit over the factory mirrors. The custom design is going to allow the mirrors to match the contours of you existing mirrors perfectly, which is going to help prevent and reduce wind noise and provide a nice secure fit. They will not fit on OEM extendable mirrors so please keep that in mind. They're very easy to use and quick to install. They simply just snap on in just a few seconds. They don't require any tools and they don't require any hardware. Then you're going to have the large push button tabs right here at the bottom which makes removing the mirrors very quick and very easy. The mirror face is a manual adjustment.

You can just push that in on the corners or on the sides to get the angle that you need for your particular setup. If for any reason the mirror becomes loose and you experience vibration, there's a set screw located behind the mirror that can be tightened to resolve that issue. Just slide your phillip's head screwdriver into this slot here, all the way up until you gain access to that screw. Then tighten it up to take out the vibration. That set screw can also be tightened to lock in the angle that you need for your particular setup which is a nice feature of that as well. Now the mirrors are going to have a black plastic housing.

Nice strong durable design. It's going to give them a really nice factory or OEM design and look. These mirrors are not going to interfere with the operation and adjustments of your factory mirrors. On the back side you'll even notice that they have the clear lens. That's for your turn signal to still be functional and easily visible.

They're also going to have the spots cut our for your puddle lamps and BSDS camera on your vehicle. Which BSDS stands for blind spot detection system. Also I want to point out that located inside the housing, we're going to have these foam pads right here. They have an adhesive backing so they're going to stay in place. But that's a foam pad. That's going to offer padding. It's going to offer protection. It's going to provide a snug fit and it's going to protect your factory mirror, making sure they don't get scratched or scuffed. Another neat feature that Ksource provides is this slotted storage bag. This bag is going to offer protection to the towing mirrors when they aren't being used and the bag makes them easy to store until you're ready to use them again. Now the overall length of each mirror, they're going to be the same. One for the passenger side, one for the driver side. Overall length is going to be about 14 inches. When it comes to the mirror face, we can take a measurement of those real quick. Just measuring right here in the center, that's going to give us a measurement of about 3 and 7 eigths of an inch wide. If we measure the height of the mirror, that's going to give us a height of about 6 and three quarters of an inch tall. These are going to add about 4 and three eighths of an inch to the overall length of your factory mirror. I took that measurement from this point here to the outer edge of the towing mirror and that's about 4 and three 8ths of an inch. These mirrors do meet the federal vehicle motor safety standards, which is the FVMSS requirements. I want to go ahead and show you how they store inside the bag. Really simple and easy to do so. Again this is a slotted storage bag so you can place one mirror in, and then it's got a divider right there. So you hold up that divider. Take your other mirror. Stick it in there as well. Just slide it into place. So that's going to keep the mirror separate so they're not going to get scuffed. They're not going to get damaged. Then you have like that little cinch strap design so you can keep closed and keep stuff out. That's all there is to it. That's going to complete today's look at the Ksource Snap & Zap custom towing mirrors.

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