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Go Power RV Solar Panels - Portable Solar Kit - 34282729 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Go Power 90 Watt Portable Solar Kit with the Digital Solar Controller. This nice portable solar kit will let you charge your RV, ATV or boat batteries. They use folding solar modules, which offer some of the most versatile and convenient battery charging options for those that don't want to permanently mount solar to your rooftop, or even if you want to supplement a rooftop system.These are folding solar panels. They set up very quickly and easily. You just unfold them, place the panels in the sun. Right here you can see you just unlock it.

That'll open it up. Then you can see your solar panels will open up. They all have the nice silver anodized aluminum frame. They do have the built in adjustable legs right over here. You can just pull the legs out, adjust them to where you need them for maximum exposure, tighten this down, and then you just set that down and it'll direct it right towards the sun.You notice right here it has the digital solar control right here.

Underneath it is your Anderson connector, that you'll choose whatever plug you want to do, plug it in there, and connect it to your battery to charge it. This does also fold into a nice carrying case. I'm going to show you at the end of this video how we do that. Here's the nice durable carrying case that this unit will fit into.Now we did mention the digital solar control on the back. It's a built-in 10 amp pulse with modulated solar control.

It prevents batteries from over-charging.This kit will include everything laid out here on the table. It does include the solar panels with the digital solar charge controller, the folding legs we mentioned. It comes with a 15' cable with the Anderson connectors on the back.This portable solar kit can be connected to the factory SAE that they're putting on the . SAE solar plugs that they're putting on the RVs now or the XLR style solar plugs from the factory. They do give you the cables for that.

Here's the SAE solar plug adaptor. This will plug into there and you can plug that into the SAE. This one is the XLR style. Same way, the Anderson connector will plug into that, and that'll plug into your factory XLR.It comes with the battery clamps, and then over there they have a quick connect cable with ring terminals if you want permanent mounting. It does come with a nice user's manual that describes how to hook everything up, how it operates. I mentioned the heavy duty nylon carrying case.Now they do offer a 30' extension cable and a seven pin trailer adapter. Both we do sell separately on our website, and they're listed on this product page as a related product. This is CE certified. Output power on this is 90 watts, rated current is 4.6 amps, rated voltage 19.8 volts.A few dimensions on this with it open, in the open position like this. Overall width on it is going to be right at 39-3/4" wide. The height on it is right at 21-1/2 tall, and total depth is only 1-3/8". Now when we fold it . The weight on this thing is only about 19 pounds, so it really doesn't weigh that much.What I'm going to do is push in the folding legs, and with the legs pushed in we can just fold it in half here, and then right over here all you have to do, it has two simple locking latches. Lock it into place just like that. I'll give you the dimensions with it closed. Width on it is going to be right about 19-3/4", total height 21-1/2" tall. Now your depth is going to be right at about 3" deep.For your carrying case, you'll see it's a nice heavy duty. What you can do is just grab your handle. There's an opening on the case for the handle. Just drop your solar panels in there, make sure it closes around it, and then just take your zipper on this side and your zipper on this side, and just like that you're all ready to go. It protects the solar panels.That should do it for the review on the Go Power 90 Watt Portable Solar Kit with the Digital Solar Controller.

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