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Review of Diamond LED Strip Lights - Smart LED 33 Foot Color Light Strip Wireless Remote - DIA86QR

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Diamond LED Strip Lights - Smart LED 33 Foot Color Light Strip Wireless Remote - DIA86QR Review

Hi everybody, Andy here with And today we're gonna take a look at the smart LED 33 foot long color light strip kit, with wireless remote. This 33 foot LED light strip is gonna light up an indoor or outdoor area with multicolored light. So it's gonna be great for lighting your boat, your RV storage areas, slide outs, utility or cargo trailers, truck beds, and service trucks, really the list goes on and on with how you could use this light strip. This flexible silicone casing is going to protect the LEDs against, dirt, dust and water. And this features a peel and stick installation with 3m adhesive backing.

So this is gonna be a very simple and easy, quick installation. No drilling is required. Mounting clips are included with this as well. And the plug at the end here is going to allow another strip to be added to this strip to lengthen and increase your lighting options. Now, this includes a 110 volt AC adapter that's going to allow, for a direct connection to your wall outlet.

So I'm gonna go ahead and plug this into my power source and then plug the other end here to this controller. And this controller is going to allow the functionality of the included remote control, but it also provides the features that this light strip provides. So I plug this in and immediately you see that it powered on to just a normal light, our normal white option here. So we don't have any of the other color options on as of yet. I do wanna mention that this does include a plug that can be hardwired into your 12 volt power source.

So if you didn't want to use the adapter you could plug this in to this controller and hard wire this to your 12 volt power source. So that is an option that is included with this kit. So as I mentioned, this does include a wireless remote. That's going to work with this controller here that is going to control such things as your power. And lemme go ahead and just show that to you real quick here.

So it turns the power off and then turns it back on. And then colors, the brightness, the dynamic modes and this also includes the ability to download a free smartphone app that can be used via Bluetooth to control this light strip, if you did not want to use this remote control. Now this wireless remote is going to control such things as the power, as we mentioned, then as you can see we have preset color options here so you can choose one of the many preset color options or fine tune those color options up here, to try to get the perfect color that you are looking for. We also have brightness adjust shortcuts. So we have a 100%, 75%, 50% and 25%. And I'm gonna go through some of these options here. We're gonna shut my studio lights off here in just the next minute to go over some of these features here with you. And then we have our dynamic mode adjust. So you can go through the different dynamic options that this strip provides, as well as the speed adjustment of those modes. And then we have four rhythm buttons that's going to allow this light strip to pick up the surrounding sounds through this microphone here or the beat of your music. And the light strip will react accordingly to those sounds or to the beat of your music. You're gonna have some timer options here at the bottom, where you can set this to shut off by itself in 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or 120 minutes. Then you have storage memory options and then a do it yourself or a DIY button to allow for your own customization. And then this auto button will cycle through all of the functions that this light strip has. So let me go ahead and turn my lights off here. And again, this is just the basic white, but then when I hit the blue button, you can see we have blue, green, red, and then I'm just going to go through some of the other preset options, yellow, and then various versions of that, and then kind of a lighter green color, a purple color. And then in regards to the brightness, we're at 100% there's 75, there's 50 and then there's 25%. So let me go back to the 100%. You gotta line this up just right it looks like. There we go a hundred percent. And then let me go ahead and go through some of the modes that this offers. Just kind of paging through some of the modes different sequences of flashing light, and then you can control that speed as well as I mentioned. So, again you got quite a few different options here based on what you're looking for and the mood you're in. Let me go ahead and choose my one of the first rhythm option. And as you can see, it's reacting to my voice and then I'm just gonna knock on the table here. So it's reacting to my voice, it's reacting to the knocking and you got different options for that as well. And here's the fourth one it's pretty intense as you can see. Again it's reacting to my voice and flashing accordingly. So it's very neat and a has some quite a few different options. I'm gonna go back to the white color here and let me go ahead and zoom out, just to kind of show you just how bright this is. Red, green, blue, back to white. And I'm really pleased with the consistency of the light strip itself. All of the LEDs are bright, consistent there's no dark spots throughout the strip. So, and it's a very bright light. So this is going to look really nice wherever you place it. And I think it's going to give you quite a bit of light. And I think the multicolored options is gonna be really great too especially in low light or dark conditions. As I mentioned, this strip is 33 feet long, it's three eights of an inch wide and instructions are included. And it includes everything that you see here on the table before me. So if you're looking for a light strip especially at this length of 33 feet and you're looking for quite a bit of functionality I mean you wanna bring a little bit of light to your party. I think this is going to be a great option for you to consider if it meets all those specifications that you are looking for. Well, that's gonna conclude our look today. I do hope that it was helpful for you. Again, my name is Andy. Thank you for joining me..

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